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Reaction Buttons

Adds buttons for very simple and fast feedback to your post. Inspired by Blogger.

Are there any shortcodes?

My reaction buttons don't update

  • Is your PHP installation new enough? Reaction buttons require at least PHP 5.2.
  • Do you use a cache plugin? When the page is cached as soon as you reload the page your vote isn't shown anymore until the cache is cleared. See below.
  • (This shouldn't apply since version 2.0.0 anymore.) Do you use any special characters like exclamation marks in your button names?

I want to deactivate reaction buttons in certain situations

  • Next to the normal options (categories, page types, post options, ...) you can set the global variable $reaction_buttons_deactivate to true e.g. in your plugin or certain theme regions to deactivate reaction buttons during the execution of that code. But don't forget to set it to false again when you are done!

How can the plugin work with plugins that cache the posts to increase page performance?

  • I added an option to refresh the cache of a page after a button was clicked. But the cache plugin has to be supported by reaction buttons.

What cache plugins are supported for automatic cache refresh?

My plugin isn't listed, can you add support?

  • Sure, use the wordpress support forums with a link to the plugin and I'll check it out next time I've got time for the plugin. If you want it fast, check the documentation of the cache plugin and find me the function to delete single page caches. Then it shouldn't be a problem to implement shortly.

How can I prevent users from voting twice?

There is an option "Use cookies" in the settings that sends cookies to prevent the user to vote twice on the same post/button (depending on other settings).

It surely is not secure against somebody with bad intent, since they can just delete the cookie and reload the page. If I would save the IP instead, most users could reconnect their internet connection and get a new IP and sometimes on high traffic sites, a user wouldn't be able to react, because somebody else with this IP already clicked. This plugin wants to make it easy to get the users reactions and easy and secure don't work together. The only secure way is letting them log in, but then you wouldn't get any reactions at all, since 99,9% wouldn't bother.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.4
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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