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Link to posts and pages within your blog using shortcodes, similar to a wiki or cms. No need to remember full URLs, post ids or slugs with the wysiwyg

v2.0.14 (07/05/2011) - Links without a title given string '{{empty}}' between shortcode tags (wp shortcode bug) v2.0.13 (08/03/2011) - Added support for custom post types - WIKI style support for posts that don't exist when logged in as an admin - Class of "missingLink" applied to anchor of links with no post/page - Show posts with a status of 'post', 'draft', 'pending' or 'future' in UI list - Italian translation file v2.0.12 (09/06/2010) - Removed dependency on wp_enqueue_scripts and include jquery direct (fix even more compatibility issues) - Include wp-load.php instead of wp-config.php v2.0.11 (21/02/2010) - Tinymce plugin template no longer uses wp_head (should fix a lot of compatibility issues) v2.0.10 (14/02/2010) - Portugese translation files v2.0.9 (12/02/2010) - German translation files - Ajax error handling v2.0.8 (07/12/2009) - Added be_BY translations (thanks to fatcow) - Error supression in tinymce-plugin.php for compat (thanks to matthew.oriordan) v2.0.7 (17/11/2009) - Fixed conflict with WP-Super-Cache - Fixed encoding issues with preselected text, particularly foreign characters - Moved js and css for tinymce plugin to seperate files - Temporary work around for wp_enqueue_script with tiny_mce_popup.js - Post, page and category names printed using _e on tinymce plugin v2.0.6 (02/05/2009) - Gettext support, with .pot file in languages/ - Removed li background gradient in favour of block colours v2.0.5 (19/04/2009) - compat.php file with json_encode function for PHP versions < 5.2 - Cursor and foreground change to notify user that next section is loading

v2.0 (22/02/2009) - Complete rewrite, a few new features, some removed but same core functionality

v0.22 (28/12/2008) - tinyMCE language file using new format, compatibility with wordpress version 2.7

v0.15 (27/01/2008) - Fixed bug with visual mode insertion hiding newly inserted link - Added anchor parameter for linking to anchors within pages

v0.14 (19/12/2007) - Changed CDATA comment tags from /* */ to //, which should resolve issues with the tinymce icon

v0.13 (23/10/2007) - Changed charset to utf-8 for tinymce plugin (thanks to vanco) - Put in option for ID or slug returned to editor, default to be ID (good idea, thanks again vanco) - Support for creating an internal link with an image - The intlink code is now hidden in visual mode, replaced with the highlighted text - The parsing engine has been completely rewritten for speed and scalability - Some code changes that should help people with problems related to the wysiwyg icon not turning up - Added filter for 'the_content_rss'

v0.12 (21/10/2007) - Stopped selected text with quote marks in from breaking the wysiwyg plugin

v0.11 (19/10/2007) - Updating some spelling mistakes - Added debug information for missing wysiwyg icon

Requires: 2.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.11
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 8,000+


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