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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Rate This Page Plugin

Wikipedia Style Rate This Page Plugin - a plugin which allows registered user and visitor to rate an article posts or pages.


  • Added Top Rated Posts/Pages Widget.
  • Updated aft_plgn_save_ratings() using initialized variables on using some data.
  • Updated aft_plgn_calculate_summary() on some variables that used array variables instead of initialized variables.


  • Added viewing results of current average rating on posts/pages
  • Added option variables rtp_can_rate and rtp_logged_by
  • Added rtp_can_rate function used to check if guests or registered users are allowed to rate.
  • Added rtp_logged_cookies function used in cookie logging method
  • Added rtp_logged_ip function used in ip logging method
  • Added rtp_is_rated function used to check rated posts/pages if logging method is enabled.
  • Added settings to specify plugin visibility to either on registered users or guests only.
  • Added viewing log data on reports page allowing also admin to delete log records.
  • Added rtp_count_rated_item function to be use to count # of user who rate
  • Added new define variable RTP_COOKIE_EXPIRATION2 which set into 7 days cookie expiration.
  • Added new define variable RTP_COOKIE_LOGNAME used as cookie name for logging methods.
  • Added $is_delete on aft_plgn_calculate_summary function to be used as flag on recalculating summary data if log data is deleted.
  • Added shortcode for the plugin.
  • Updated jQuery Raty plugin into 2.1.0
  • Updated jQuery plugin TableSorter into 2.0.25
  • Updated aft_plgn_fetch_article_rate() function removed redundant sql select query string on querying list of rated posts/pages.
  • Updated calculation on getting the average rating of posts/pages that has been rated.
  • Updated aft_plgn_save_ratings function included ip and host values to be saved on rating data.
  • Fixed table sorting not properly sorted from highest to lowest in average ratings report.
  • Fixed table layout on admin settings for Insertion and Reports Tab.
  • Fixed pagination on admin settings for Insertion and Reports Tab.
  • Fixed bug on pagination on which it prevents getting value on checkboxes that was checked if not visible.
  • Renamed do_ajax_save to rtp_process_save including rewritten codes to save posts/pages rating data.
  • Removed $session_key parameter on aft_plgn_calculate_summary function which was not used ever since.
  • Rewritten rtp-admin.php code split up to rtp-admin-main.php and rtp-admin-reports.php both files contains the Configuration and Reports page.
  • Rewritten rtp-main.php.
  • Using add_action instead of add_filter to instantiate plugin display to content
  • Initialization of scripts for user and admin are now separated.
  • Cookie rtp-cookie-session variable will now include registered users on its value.
  • Admin settings now using cookies to store the last selected tab.


  • Fixed jQuery initialization on plugin admin page. It will now load only on its specific page.


  • Added Label Customization.
  • Added Custom hints on settings page if custom label is selected to yes.
  • Added the ability to select theme display for the plugin.
  • Updated admin settings page into new layout using Cupertino jQuery UI theme.
  • Updated display strings into a translation ready.
  • Used JSON parsing to retrieve array data from php file to jQuery script.
  • Minor clean up on initializing jquery scripts and css codes.
  • Removed extra divs on plugin design which are never been used.
  • Removed some unused or commented syntaxes on CSS files.
  • Fixed an issue where some CSS codes was included on RSS feeds.
  • Fixed some CSS codes which can be overridden by other css layout like on some template being used.
  • Renamed feedback.css to rtp-style.css.
  • Renamed feedback-admin.css to rtp-style-admin.css.
  • Renamed feedback.js to rtp.dev.js.
  • Renamed feedback-ajax.js to rtp-ajax.dev.js.
  • Used minified js files on loading required jscripts of the plugin.
  • Will work on latest WordPress version 3.3.


  • Fixed image of rating stars not properly loaded if site using permalinks.
  • Added the ability to display the rating in WordPress Selected Pages and selected By Category blog posts.


  • First Release.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 5 years ago
Active Installs: 100+


3 out of 5 stars


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