Hub5050 Ranking and Competitor Tracking


Free website ranking tool for your keywords. Track your website ranking using the Hub5050 website keyword ranking plugin. Compare your competitors ranking and help identify opportunities. Download Hub5050 Rank Checker to monitor your SEO and rankings.


  • 10 free keywords tracked
  • Up to 3 competitors monitored
  • Google ranking options for different locations
  • Keyword ranking data displayed in tables
  • Website ranking history in graphs
  • SEO ranking and real competition data captured
  • A graphical representation of Market Leader Space displayed

Hub5050 FREE allows you to track up to 10 keywords with weekly ranking updates.


The Hub5050 Website ranking and competitor tracking plugin for WordPress allows you to monitor
* the keyword ranking of a site (domain) and
* the ranking for a list of competitors for each keyword
* the major competitors in your keyword space

This ranking is based on the search position (SERP) reported by the major search engines (like Google and Bing). Not only does the plugin track your ranking, it also monitors the ranking performance for up to 3 competitors.

Hub5050 – The WordPress website ranking plugin that also tracks your competitors

This website ranking plugin is easy to install using the WordPress interface and is intuitive enough to be configured in minutes. Keyword ranking results are provided in a number of tables and are easy to interpret. These results are included in the admin dashboard of your WordPress website.

For more information about our WordPress website ranking plugin, check out the plugin page on HUB5050 or see the Working demo on CreatorSEO.


  • Once the Plugin is activated, you will find a new menu item in the dashboard menu called 'HUB5050 insights'. Select the 'Setup' menu item.
  • Click the button labelled 'CLICK HERE to Start' to activate your copy of the plugin.
  • The domain name is the domain for your site and the license is an API license used to activate the plugin. Other fields allow the region, search terms and competitor URLs to be specified.
  • Enter up to 10 search phrases and up to 3 competitor URL's (leave fields blank if these are not needed) and press 'Save Changes'.
  • The ranking results will take a while to update (20 minutes or more). Once the results have updated the results will be visible in the Ranking Results menu (Dashboard > Hub5050 Insights > Ranking Results).
  • A list of the 'Real Competitors' (according to the Search Engines) for each search term is listed in the Competition menu (Dashboard > Hub5050 Insights > Competition).
  • If social media links are contending for the search term this also will be listed in a separate table.
  • The Ranking Results table, Contenders list and Social Contenders lists can also be included on site pages using shortcodes. Please visit our site for help on the shortcode formats.
  • Rank tracking charts, ranking values for the primary web site and for the named competitors over time will be available after sufficient results are gathered by the software.
  • Market Leaders in the key phrases (keywords) space can be identified for a particular search engine and region.
  • The update status can be seen in the 'Status Check' menu.


  1. Upload ranking-and-competitor-tracking to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on ‘Ranking Performance’ in the Appearance menu to define your keywords


Will this Plugin work with any theme?

Yes, the plugin is theme independent.

How often if the Ranking updated?

The Plugin will update the ranking every 3 days. More frequent updates are not necessary as changes in SERP are gradual.

How will I know when the Ranking is next to be updated?

The dashboard menu option labelled ‘Status Check’ shows the last run date and the approximate next due date for the Ranking update by search phrase.

How do I update the ranking?

The ranking is automatically updated continually (about every 3 days) by WordPress. A WordPress CRON job manages the updates.

Do all the updates happen at the same time?

No, the updates are staggered.

Are ranking results immediately available?

No, the first ranking results will take a little time to be collected and it may take an hour or two before a full set of ranking results are available. Trend charts can take a while longer because by their nature, they need to track the site over a number of days. Once the results are in place the data will remain up to date thereafter.

Can I increase the frequency of the ranking updates?

No these are controlled by the system. It is not advisable to measure more than once every 3 days as this allows a settling time between changes to the site pages.

Can the ranking performance be configured for a defined region?

Yes, there is a wide selection of distinct regions in this version. The site owner can select one primary region only.

Can more than 10 search terms be set up?

The current version allows only 10 search terms and 3 competitors. This will be extended in a future version.

What happens if a search term of competitor is changed after the software has been used for some time?

Any data from the old search term and / or competitor will be lost when a change is made. Therefore it is a good idea to carefully think through your key phrases before you start.

Is the API license necessary?

Yes, the software will not operate properly without registering the API. However, it is easily generated with a single click of a button and the only information gathered is the domain name of your site.

Is there any charge for the API licence?

The API licence will always be provided free of charge.

What is the purpose of the API license?

The API license provides a unique 5 character (case sensitive) id on the site that allows every registered domain to be uniquely identified. Our server uses this domain / api combination to communicate with your site in order to capture ranking trend data. Ranking trends can be viewed directly from your site.

Does the API licence capture any Personal data?

No, there is no personal information sent when the API is registered. No personal information is captured by any of the plugin processes. The Plugin is fully GDPR compliant.

Can this plugin be used to track ranking on a different site?

Once installed on a WordPress site, ranking is tracked for the site domain and for 2 competitor domains. It can be installed on any number of sites, but the core tracking is always for the domain of the site that it is installed on.

Can this plugin be installed on other content management systems?

This plugin is only available for WordPress sites.

If the specified competitors are not on WordPress CMS will the plugin still work?

Yes, the plugin does not care whether the competitor sites are static or operate on a different CMS. The only requirement is that ths plugin is installed on WordPress.

What is the keyword or key phrase space?

When you define a set of keywords or key phrases for a particular search engine and region, you are defining a search performance space. This is essentially a map of who the main ‘players’ (competitors) are for the search terms on the particular search engine.

How do I show a table of ranking results on the front-end of my site?

There are a number of shortcodes can be used to display ranking results. More information on the shortcode formats can be found in the plugin documentation

Can the ranking tables be styled to fit the theme?

Yes, the shortcodes allow a number of parameters including user defined style classes that allow styling to be changed.

What do I do if the ranking values are not updating?

There are 2 main reasons why ranking may not update: the first is if your developer has disabled CRON jobs, contact the developer to rectify this. The second is if your site IP address has been banned by a search engine (usually due to a spam site sharing the same IP address). Contact your hosting provider to resolve this.

What do I do if the trend charts are not updating?

Click the ‘Refresh licence’ button on the setup page. This will renew you licence and should fix the problem. All the data you entered for keywords and competitors will be retained so you will not need to re-enter these.


About time there was some way of getting Ranking

Great plugin, website performance can only be measured by the number of visitors attracted to the site and as organic search is the way that many users find the site, ranking is an important measure. Couple that with competitor rankings (which also are there) and there is the potential for a great plugin!

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Contributors & Developers

“Hub5050 Ranking and Competitor Tracking” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Market Leaders menu added
  • Charts showing leaders in your search space are now available from the site


  • Number of Competitors increased
  • Additional checks included
  • Minor fixes resolved


  • Number of SERP Phrases increased
  • Run status metrics included


  • Engine definition changed
  • Parameter management improved


  • Admin load of scripts and styles for the plugin pages only


  • User menu separated from the Tools menu
  • Start button UX improved
  • Additional on page help implemented
  • Ranking timeline charts implemented


  • Additional countries added


  • Domain option change to include scheme


  • Input form UI improved
  • CRON Jobs att bug fixed


  • Initial launch of this product in May 2018