Quizzes for LearnPress


This is a quiz connector between the quiz plugins Watu, WatuPRO (and more plugins coming soon) and the LMS LearnPress.

Use the quizzes from powerful third party quiz plugins in LearnPress courses. LearnPress is a great learning management system but its built-in quiz is simple.

What if you could use powerful quiz plugins inside LearnPress? Now you can: not just include a quiz from another plugin and make it work, but actually evaluate the result of the quiz the same way as LP quizzes are evaluated to complete a course.

Currently Supported Plugins

How Does It Work

It’s fairly simple:

  1. Create a quiz in LearnPress normally. Don’t create any questions (you can but it’s pointless).
  2. In the quiz description box insert the quiz shortcode from the connecting plugin – for example [watu 1] and save
  3. Go to Quiz Connector link under the LearnPress menu (for LP version older than 3) or to Quizzes For Learnpress link in in your main WP menu (for LP versions newer than 3). Select the quiz plugin you want to connect to. You need to install and activate the connected plugin.
  4. On the same page create a relation between the LearnPress quiz you created in step 1 above and the real quiz in Watu or WatuPRO. Select desired grade (if any) and/or percent correct answers from the connecting quiz.
  5. When the user visits the LearnPress quiz link they’ll get the shortcode processed and the quiz displayed. The connector will evaluate the quiz result as LearnPress requirement and if passed, the user will have passed the LearnPress quiz as well!

See this guide with more details and pictures here

The integration is work in progress, your suggestions and contributions are most welcome!

This is a third party integration by the authors of Watu and not an official release by LearnPress


Install and activate like any regular WordPress plugin.


None yet, please ask in the forum.

Installation Instructions

Install and activate like any regular WordPress plugin.

Contributors & Developers

“Quizzes for LearnPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Version 0.8.6

  • Check referrer post type to avoid nasty errors when the connecting quiz is not submitted via LP
  • Added integration for Chained Quiz
  • Fixed bug: the drop-down selector for LP quizzes was showing only 5 quizzes
  • Updated the JS to hide the wrong LP quiz messages from pages that use connected quizzes.
  • Updated for compatibility with LP 3+. Hide irrelevant / incorrect buttons and values from the display.
  • Moved the menu link as a main WP menu link
  • Fixed front-end integration with Watu and Chained quiz for LP 3+

Version 0.7

First public release.