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Quiz Tool Lite

A light weight quiz tool aimed at academics wanting to create interactive learning content. Insert a single question or deploy an entire quiz.


  • Bug fix for text blank options with apostrophes on a quiz


  • Bug fix for allowing showing feedback correctly on individual responses


  • New option for changing Email notificatinos addresses and from names
  • Bug fix for allowing test with apostrophes to be shown as correct


  • Critical Bug Fix
  • Bug fix for showing time limit in quiz edit page
  • Bug fix for wrong char sets resulting in no users being shown on results page


  • Critical Bug Fix= 2.3.4 =
  • Removed all error messages if in debug mode
  • Bug fix for allowing shortcodes in grade boundaries


  • Bug fix for option ordering when manually assigning question IDs to quiz
  • Bug fix for allowing shortcodes in grade boundaries


  • Bug fix for HREF tags rendering in Boundary Feedback


  • Bug fix for fill in the blanks if additional 'blanks' were added to the question text
  • Fill in the blanks single question now does not show feedback box unless there is actual feedback text


  • Bug fix for rendering greek and other non A-Z characters.
  • New question type 'Fill in the blanks'


  • Bug fix for allowing "0" (zero) as a response option
  • New shortcode option for showing a students all their scores for a quiz
  • Fix so that a radio button answer for a student can be shown to them (in addition to reflective submissions)


  • Essential Bug fix for QUestion and Quiz Edit on the backend


  • Improved Shortcode handling for stricter servers. Thanks to sakra00 for pointing out the original limitations.


  • Added Grade Boundaries functionality so you can display feedback to users based on their score
  • Can now customise the images shown (tick and cross) shown when answers are correct or not
  • View detailed feedback on each users submitted answers for each quiz. Retains full version of their submitted answers for each attempt
  • New shortcode parameters for tick cross options and feedback messages
  • BUG FIX - single question embed now works with bootstrap based themes. Thanks to Gregor (humanbodylab) and brenthays for the help with this


  • Fix to remove redundant date picker code that broke some jquery functions


  • Fix to remove debug text for buttons


  • Added new shortcodes to view leaderboards and dispay the score of a quiz to the current logged in user
  • Added shortcode attribute to single question so you can change the text of the submit button (button="My Text")
  • Added the ability to make the plugin available to other roles (Editor / Author / Contributor)
  • Integrated feedback messages and main buttons with standard WP styles for consitency
  • Quiz list and resukts page has been combined for a more streamlined look
  • Quiz list now tells you how many people have taken a quiz
  • Major under the hood cleanup and all methods now in appropriate classes


  • Added the time limit option to quizzes
  • Added the free text option question type. YOu can now define possible answers typed into a box
  • Improved interface using jquery UI tabs
  • Added the ability to create a quiz from a defined set of question IDs as well as question pots


  • Added the option to email admins once a quiz has been completed
  • Added the option to redirect to a new page after the quiz has been completed
  • Fixed table formatting issue for certain question types


  • Fixed manual response option ordering bug
  • Fixed undefined vars errors appearing if debug mode was switched on for the front end
  • Added image examples for question types in the select question type page
  • Fixed problems for non logged in users taking quizzes from front end
  • Much improved colour picker for feedback style


  • Added div id="quizResults" to the results so this can be formatted as required using CSS
  • Question response options can now be ordered or disaplyed at random
  • Images now tranparent PNGs to work nicely with the new 1.8 grey background.
  • Please deactivate and then reactivate plugin to make drag / drop ordering work correctly!


  • Enqueue debug now fixed, CSS changed so H1 tags no longer global. Many other debug messages now fixed.


  • Bug fix to stop adding double BR tags


  • Bug fix when creating a quiz with only one question


  • Added options for copying questions to different pots


  • Added the option to email users their score after test completion


  • Now displays time until next possible quiz attempt e.g. 5 hours, 32 minutes


  • Bug fix that upped the attempt count incorrectly under certain conditions


  • Added loads more quiz options such as max attempts, time window, time between attmempts etc
  • Added jquery datepicker from WP core and imported smooothness theme from google CDN


  • Fixed minor bugs and imported jquery from google CDN


  • Improved UI
  • Added screen shots


  • First release

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.4
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 500+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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