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Add quick social sharing functions to your content. Challenge social sharing norms with a flexible design and fast performance.


  • Improved Twitter sharing, with ability to include your username in the tweet by default (enter name on the settings page)
  • Add support for Reddit and Stumbleupon with the Genericons display type
  • Update Genericons to version 3.0.2 (includes redesigned email icon)
  • Prevent QuickShare from displaying in widgets by default (with CSS, easy to override), for better compatibility with Twenty Fourteen's Ephemera Widget


  • Introduce a shortcode for custom QuickShare output. You can now use [quickshare] anywhere in your posts/pages, even if QuickShare is disabled for that post type by default.
  • Allow QuickShare to be excluded (hidden) from specific pages or posts, by id, in the settings page.
  • Don't display QuickShare on the_excerpt, which can get especially nasty if themes strip out html in a later filter. You can manually add QuickShare back to these places in your templates.
  • Hide QuickShare when printing web pages.
  • Remove the opacity filter when using monochrome Genericons; you can set these colors to exactly the values you want for normal and hover states, so you don't need an opacity change to highlight it on mouseover.
  • Tweak defaults to help encourage users to play around with the design options. The QuickShare Design settings page is meant to be fun, you can't really "break" anything there!
  • Make the admin preview position draggable.
  • Update Genericons to version 3.0.


  • Fix php error from silly missing line of code


  • Improve the logic for whether or not to display QuickShare on a given object, fixing several hidden bugs in the process
  • Improve base styling of text display type, with better padding and improved small icon positioning
  • Add a small share icon before "Share" text when genericons are being used
  • Add "skew" hover effect, in place of "spin" effect, for text display type
  • Switch from deprecated jQuery live function to jQuery on function on admin settings page
  • Update plugin banner image


  • Change plugin output html structure from <ul><a><li> to <ul><li><a><span>. This allows the output to be valid html (<a>s aren't allowed as direct children of <ul>s). Refactored plugin CSS accordingly and was able to remove much of the styling for the share text. Custom CSS will probably also require some minor refactoring.
  • Hide the responsive-small option when the size is already set to small.
  • Add help text for the responsive design feature.
  • Prevent QuickShare from displaying in feeds (ie, RSS).
  • Fix broken updating of visible fields when initially changing display type.
  • Add a reminder to always use if_function_exists() in conjunction with do_quickshare_output() to the FAQ


  • Added the ability to shrink and/or hide QuickShare in smaller viewports/devices (defaults to off), on order to optimize display with responsive themes.
  • Remove a stray javascript alert() from the admin page (which was leftover from debugging and occasionally created a popup window with the text "undefined" every time you changed an option...)
  • Fix the spelling of "Pinterest" (was "Pintrest" everywhere)
  • Note that Google+ also uses Open Graph data, like Facebook, so this option is highly recommended. It could help out with SEO too.


  • First publicly available version of the plugin.
  • Compatible with WordPress 3.5-3.6

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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