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Quick Event Manager

Simple event manager. No messing about, just add events and a shortcode and the plugin does the rest for you.


  • Registration form styles (pro version only)
  • Notifications bug fix


  • Bug fix in Custom styles
  • Czech Translations


  • Custom styles now an external file
  • Bug fixes to Upgrade function
  • CSV Event uploader


  • The Pro version: comes with in-context checkout, loads of reports, event templates and guest events
  • Some under hood improvements to the plugin structure


  • Google Maps API key
  • Upgraded event image handler
  • Option add registration form to all new events
  • Bug fix to category display


  • SMTP option
  • Captcha label
  • Option to use featured image (comes with a caveat)
  • Honeypot spambot trap


  • Bug fix for registration form display
  • Option to take a deposit not the full amount
  • Fixes conflict with Mailpoet
  • Widget categories bug fix


  • Improved field ordering management
  • Admin options now in the right places
  • Columns and Masonry options for the event list
  • Registration form submit button styling
  • Styles for responsive YouTube video
  • Fixes the missing custom.css and colour.js warning
  • Bug fix on widget read more link
  • Fixes missing parameter on duplicate events
  • Puts back missing widget category colours
  • Fixed the list image bug
  • Show full month on vanilla dates
  • Fixes calendar Prev/Next bug
  • Fixes duplicate event creation error
  • Fixed redirection bug
  • Option to redirect all events after registration
  • Link from event list to defined URL for specific categories


  • Improved popup management
  • Set cutoff date for registration
  • Set when places remaining display


  • A number of registration bug fixes
  • Improved styling for images and maps
  • Drag and Drop event contents
  • No notifications options
  • Payment on arrival option


  • Option to display links to months on calendar
  • Field selector on widget
  • Option for T&C on the registration form
  • Option to add more names if places required is greater than 1
  • Widgets updated for WP 4.3


  • Bug fix for payment quantity
  • Category shorcode fixed
  • Registration link added to sub-menu
  • Images option on Calendar
  • Event title and description popup option on Calendar


  • Improved confirmation email
  • Bug fixes for calendar download
  • More categories
  • Updated linking options
  • Shortcode to only show today's events.
  • Shortcode for single events
  • Posting date can now be the same as the event date
  • Extra info field on the registration form
  • Multiple categories in shortcode
  • Option to float the registration form on the right
  • Full editing autoresponder


  • Options to remove links from event list
  • Month formatting on the event list
  • Add category name options to event
  • Build email confirmation message
  • Updated Payment options
  • Instant Payment Notification
  • Add calendar download to event list
  • Fixed Missing widget bug
  • Various styling bugs sorted


  • Added option to show numbers attending
  • Option to remove duplicate dates
  • Option to add captions to date icons
  • Widget settings for the calender event key
  • Styling options for cell spacing and borders on the calender
  • Updates to payment options
  • Display number attending on the dashboard event list
  • Allow multiple registrations
  • Allow attendees to deregister
  • Fixed fullevent shortcode bug
  • Bug fix in Author selection
  • Stripslashes bug fix
  • Fix to event field ordering


  • Akismet spam filtering
  • Sortable registration form fields
  • User defined fields
  • Open events in a lightbox (a bit iffy this one)
  • Option to display maps and images
  • Integrate paypal into the registration form
  • Option to limit registration to registered users.
  • Category lists and links
  • Category selection in Widget
  • Fixed the date language problem in the event editor
  • Other minor bug fixes and coding cockups
  • Probably more options that I've fogotten about


  • Fixed ics bug
  • Added 'hide event' option
  • Fixed bug in month/year seperators
  • Option to combine start and end dates if they are in the same month
  • You can now open external links in new window
  • Improved registration reporting
  • Added navigation icon options
  • Counter now resets properly when you delete registrants


  • Added new 'organiser' field
  • More shortcodes options
  • Option to display timezones
  • Event templates for your theme
  • New 'not attending' field on the registration form
  • Option to clear calendar icon styles (just display a plain date)
  • More options on date ordering in the icon


  • Bug fixes to the sidebar widget
  • Added ICS download option.
  • Places available counter now displays on payment forms
  • Delete registered people
  • Copy event details to registrant
  • Add titles to both sidebar widgets
  • Fixed 'pm' bug when calculating times


  • Bug fixes to the Event registration reporting
  • Added feature to display maps on event list.


  • Event registration reporting and downloads
  • Added widget feature to link to full event list


  • Option to edit 'prev' and 'next' anchor text in calendar
  • Added shortcode to display images in event list
  • Option to display month and year as separators in the event list
  • Events now list by date and start time
  • Lots of shortcode options to display list by month and year
  • Fixed 'number of places bug'
  • Improved registration form validation
  • Option to add 'go back to event list' link on events.
  • Calendar widget (might need a bit more work)


  • Bug fix for the Registration form and Counter
  • Option to link to an external website rather than the event post


  • Event key on the calendar
  • Fixed calendar bug if permalinks aren't used
  • Styling options to fix padding/margins
  • Attendee Counter


  • Repeat Events
  • More styling options on the Calendar
  • Option to show continuing events on the calendar
  • Set image size on event list and event
  • Registration form auto completes is user is logged in


  • Optional payment form
  • Whole bunch of ways to display dates
  • Show calendar categories
  • Fixed number of bugs with event images
  • More fields on the registration form
  • Cleaned up a lot of the code


  • Display atttendees on events
  • Fixed issue with clearind event image
  • Option to display old events on the calendar


  • Introduction of a color picker
  • Add images to events
  • Display start and end dates side by side
  • Colour coding for event
  • Better event styling
  • Cleaned out a load of duplicate code
  • Better WordPress 3.8 support


  • Removed the need to resave permalinks


  • Updated for WordPress 3.8 compatibility
  • Added colour options for calendar events
  • Improved event title display on calendar
  • Code reduction


  • Extracted scrpts and styles to external files
  • Added mini form for event registraton
  • New field to add end date to events
  • Option to display end date on event list
  • Cleaned out a whole bunch of code


  • Added option to display anchor text on website links
  • Awsome French translation
  • Calender can start the week on a Sunday or Monday
  • Duplicate weekly or monthly events


  • Fixed an issue with categories


  • Calendars! You can now display events in a calendar


  • New Settings interface
  • Loads of styling options
  • Improved calendar icon options
  • Date picker


  • Improved widget and shortcode options allows you to set the number of events to display
  • Fixed code to display all events (overrides reading settings)


  • Added option to display old events
  • Added option to display events in descending order (new to old)


  • Minor tweaks to the CSS
  • Fixed a float problem with the event title
  • Solved the problem with displaying today's events.
  • New events now show today's date


  • Added shortcode to list old events
  • Fixed CSS bug in the calendar icon
  • Fixed bug in the map marker
  • Optimised the code so it loads much faster


  • Allows captions on all options
  • Editable 'read more' label


  • Added comment support for events


  • Added sidebar widget


  • Added styling option for the month display


  • Added locale for the date format


  • Removed a div that shouldn't be there and was causing alignemnt problems


  • Initial Issue

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.4
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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