This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



This plugin branched from version 1.1.3 of QF-GetThumb.
Added function and change configuration screen.
Thank you Q.F. and QF-GetThumb.

QF-GetThumb-wb is plugin to make the thumbnail and the cache of first image data in the content and the argument source.This plugin can make JPEG, GIF, a format of PNG, And makes the image of not only a local server but also the outside link a thumbnail and can become cache.
Outside RSS can be read depending on the application.
“The image of the article published in other blogs is read to my blog” Applied technique can be done.


Thank you to Q.F. and QF-GetThumb.


I can not speak english very well.

I would like you to tell me mistake my English, code and others.



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  1. Upload the entire QF-GetThumb-wb folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. The setting is automatic, and it is performed.

The control panel of QF-GetThumb-wb is in ‘Settings > QF-GetThumb-wb’.


It is very easy to use QF-GetThumb-wb.
You write in “” the source of theme.
Include various settings in a function, if necessary.

Example =>

num : Index of take out the image in the source of content.
(type: integer , defualt : 0)
width, height : Image-width and image-height.
If set width or height only one, The image size fits numerical value.
When You set both value, The image size is within both value.
(type: integer , default : 0,
It means automatic detection of size of the original image.)
tag : That you output the HTML tag of the image is the setting that you do not do.
When You set 1, the source of tag is output, and the URL of the image is output
when You set 0.
(type: boolean 0 or 1 , defualt / 1)
global : It is setting whether or not it limits an object of the extraction to data
in the local server.
(type: boolean 0 or 1 , defualt / 0 local server only)
crop_w : It is width when it does a crop of an image.
(defualt / 0, It means don’t crop.)
crop_h : It is height when it does a crop of an image.
(defualt / 0, It means don’t crop.)
find : Only an image according for the character string
that You appointed does this setting in an output object.
(defualt / Null)

default_image : The path of the image,
that is used when an image is not included in the source of content.
(default / The optional setting is used.)

source : HTML code of target,
The object of the image extraction is set.
the_excerpt and custom_field can be specified, and other codes specify it.
(default / the_content() is used.)

Contributors & Developers

“QF-GetThumb-wb” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • bugfix.


  • Supported Basic Authentication.


  • bugfix.


  • Supported WordPress version 4.1.


  • Attachment image support.


  • When arguments of getimagesize funciton is image url and WordPress be working on sub-domain, getimagesize function is failed get image. then replace URL to Path and be retry getimagesize.


  • Changed default image process.


  • Added option: don’t output default thumbnail image.


  • Added function random select image.


  • Measure against PHP4.


  • Be exclude setting class=”emoji_plugin” on image html tag.


  • Branched from version 1.1.3 of QF-GetThumb.
  • Change configuration screen.
  • Other website images support. update by 2 weeks, show website is displaying very slowly when updating. set option ‘global=1’. Example: