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Q and A Focus Plus FAQ

A powerful and easy to use full-featured FAQ with comments, tags and ratings for your WordPress site.

  • Added author option to FAQ page.

  • Fixed missing closing divs when viewing a single category.

  • Fixed the updated date display to show the format selected in the WordPress admin settings.

  • Partially corrected a problem with the Recent FAQs widget that caused it to not display the recent FAQs on category archives.

  • Added option to the Recent FAQs widget to hide it on category archives, in the event that it does not function properly.

  • KNOWN BUG: the Recent FAQs widget may display posts from different categories, as well as the recent FAQs when displayed on a category archive. The cause of this is undetermined at the time of this update.

  • Fixed problem with expand/collapse indicator not working correctly with accordian behavior off. Thanks [t3rra]

  • Changed STYLESHEETPATH back to TEMPLATEPATH because it broke search results on some themes.

  • Changed the sort order of the FAQs on the Recent FAQs widget from date to modified. Thanks GeoffM1968.

  • Changed TEMPLATEPATH to STYLESHEETPATH for better child theme support. Thanks Ccile.

  • Made some minor code optimizations.

  • Fixed translation issue with the "person/people found this helpful" part of the ratings.

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent 0 (zero) from showing up as the number of ratings.

  • Removed code that caused notices in WP debug mode when no categories are shown on the FAQ home page.


  • Made settings page title translatable.

  • Stopped translation of shortcode settings in documentation.

  • Fixed bug that prevented some of the shorcode attributes from overriding the settings.

  • Added true/false option and [qafp catdesc] shortcode to show the category description under category titles.

  • Added option and [qafp homelink] shortcode to show the link to the main FAQ page above, and/or below categories, or not at all.

  • Added option and [qafp catorder] shortcode to change the order that categories appear on the main FAQ page.

  • Fixed bug that prevented enqueued scripts from displaying version. Thanks AugusGils.

  • Corrected front end script enqueueing code, which was copied from another file in an older version and never changed. Thanks AugusGils.

  • Fixed two bugs where ratings caused undefined offset, and undefined variable errors. Thanks unreal4u.

  • Some minor bug fixes.

  • Changed developer branding from Spectrum Visions to Lanexatek Creations.

  • Updated the documentation.

  • Improved communications with the Easy Taxonomy Support plugin. Easy Taxonomy Support 1.0.2, or higher is recommended when used with Q and A Focus Plus.

  • Overrides versions 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 of Easy Taxonomy Support to prevent conflicts.

  • Added a rate and review link to the bottom of the admin page.

  • Cosmetic improvements to admin page.

  • Added option to set the indentation of the FAQ answer.

  • Made some more minor cosmetic improvements.

  • Changed width of the horizontal rule below each question to match the width of the entire question and not just the answer.

  • Appearance adjustments for WordPress 3.8 compatibility.

  • Added option and [qafp plusminus] shortcode to show plus and minus signs next to FAQ titles to indicate the expanded and collapsed states when show/hide behavior is enabled.

  • Added option to indent FAQs.

  • Moved the "view category" link from below the entire category to below the category title.

  • Various minor cosmetic changes.

  • Changed WordPress version requirements to 3.6.1 since some people with versions older than that were having problems with some of the new features.


  • Removed FAQ last updated information from categories to prevent it from showing multiple times when there is more than one category on a page.

  • The link to FAQ home will now only appear when viewing a single FAQ, or category. It will no longer appear when using the shortcode in regular posts and pages.

  • Added [qafp_show_home_link] shortcode to add a link to the FAQ home anywhere on the site.

  • Added [qafp_show_last_updated] shortcode to display the FAQ last updated date anywhere on the site, even when disabled in the options.

  • Optimized some more code.

  • Made minor cosmetic changes to the FAQ last updated information CSS.

  • Updated documentation.


  • Removed unnecessary and redundant excerpt functions that were left over from the old version and did weird things with some themes.

  • Tested for compatibility with WordPress 3.7.

  • Added option to show, or hide the FAQ last updated line.

  • Changed the name of the .pot file to match the text domain.

  • Minor changes made to the documentation.


  • Fixed: forgot to update the .pot file in version 1.3.5.


  • Fixed: search button translation problem.

  • Updated the readme file.


  • Removed breadcrumbs option.


  • Improved communications between Q & A Focus Plus and Easy Taxonomy Support.

  • Changed the comments link at the bottom of FAQs in page and category views to the WordPress default.

  • Fixed old bug: the excerpts option would not be checked after saving the settings.


  • Reverted back to global post_tag support because the changes in 1.3.1 did not work correctly.

  • Added option to disable tag support. This is useful if you do not want to use tags, or you have a plugin that provides post_tag support for custom post types.

  • Added option to hide post tags so they do not display on the FAQs.

  • Updated the documentation.


  • Improved tag support. It now only adds post tag support to Q & A Focus Plas FAQs without filtering all other post types.

  • Removed obsolete code, such as the authorization options.

  • Made some minor cosmetic changes.

  • Updated the documentation.

  • Removed changes prior to 1.2.0 from the readme file to shorten it up.


  • Added option to restrict ratings to logged in members only, or allow anonymous visitors to rate questions.

  • Added option to set the number of minutes an anonymous visitor must wait before rating a question again. This option can be left blank to restrict anonymous visitors from rating the same question more than once from the same IP address.


  • Converted "true/false" string values from the original Q & A to boolean values.


  • Fixed version update bug.

  • Fixed comments link style issues.


  • Added comment support.

  • Added a Recent FAQs widget.

  • Added FAQ last updated date and time at the top of the FAQ home page and category views.


  • Removed ratings shortcode.

  • Included taxonomy support in the plugin.

  • Moved ratings options to their own settings group.

  • Fixed bug that caused the selected ratings icon color option to get lost when turning off ratings.


  • Fixed breadcrumbs. When enabled, breadcrumbs replace the category in the "Posted in:" meta field. The title is no longer converted to breadcrumbs.

  • Corrected problems with the way the front end JavaScript and CSS files were being enqueued.

  • Removed the jQuery option, since WordPress comes with jQuery there is no need to force load it from another source.

  • Updated the documentation.


  • Updated the documentation.

  • Added CSS input checks.

  • Added links to header and CSS information.

  • Corrected code for better language translation support.


  • Added settings are now imported from Q and A Plus during installation.


  • Added focus behavior, setting and shortcode. This works like an anchor link, so the question jumps to the top of the page when opened.

  • Added setting and shortcode to include ratings at the bottom of each answer for logged in users.

  • Added setting and shortcode to sort questions on the FAQ homepage by menu order, or ratings (if ratings are enabled).

  • Added setting and shortcode to have a horizontal rule placed at the end of each answer.

  • Added setting to change the category header (H1, H2, H3, H4).

  • Added setting to customize the question title CSS.

  • Added links back to FAQ homepage in single post and category views.

  • Added support for post tags when used with our Easy Taxonomy Support plugin.

  • Minified front end CSS and JavaScript and optimized some of the code for better performance.

Requires: 3.6.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.14
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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