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PWA+PHP Picasa Web Albums for WordPress

The best rated Picasa plugin for WordPress, PWA+PHP, puts your public and private Picasa albums on your site in your language!


  • Added code to suppress notices from PHP


  • Replaced AuthSub private album authentication with OAuth2.


  • Fixed pagination bug in WP 4.0
  • Replaced deprecated split function calls with explode in showAlbumContents.php


  • New: Hide G+ (or any) albums by name via shortcode, e.g. [pwaplusphp hide_albums="Auto Backup,Another One"]
  • Bug fix: News item titles on settings page
  • Tested up to WP v3.9.1


  • Bug fix: Issue 145, Fixed caption now shown
  • Bug fix: Issue 170, Fixed pagination to support WP 3.4+
  • Updated settings page with current pro settings and purchase options


  • Bug fix: Issue 140, Fixes single quote problem for alt attribute.
  • Bug fix: Issue 124, Better integration with wptouch
  • Bug fix: Issue 122, one_random now supports thumbnail_size override


  • Added News & Announcements to settings page to communicate updates, known issues, and other important information.
  • New ability to override the username within shortcode to display any user's public album and albums for different users on each page.
  • Bug fix: Issue 98, API Bug causes first image in album to display full size
  • Bug fix: Issue 86, Caching broken for some installs
  • Bug fix: Issue 83, 404 error when clicking either thumbnail or text link.
  • Bug fix: Issue 73, Album title and 'back to album' link not displayed.
  • Bug fix: Issue 72, Setting 'Albums Per Page' not saved.
  • Bug fix: Issue 78, Paginated Albums Won't Open.
  • Bug fix: Issue 79, Drop Box Always Shown


  • Added ability to paginate the albums page for users with large number of albums
  • Added ability to override image size, images per page and thumbnail size within the shortcode to allow for individual albums to have specific settings.
  • Fixed Issue 63.


  • Bug fix: fixed issue where username is displayed as title when using tags


  • Bug fix: removed debug URL echo from the top the album page. User can also delete line: echo $file from dumpAlbumList.php.


  • Added new shortcode option, 'tag', to display photos matching tags in all albums or in a specific album when paired with 'album' option.
  • Added 'Settings' link underneath the plugin name on the Plugins page for easier access to the settings after install
  • Updated the settings page target so that the user is returned to the settings page after clicking Update button
  • Fixed problem with pagination so that the Pages div is not displayed unless there are multiple pages of results


  • Added new display mode 'Custom Style' with no hardcoded CSS style in the code. Users have complete control of the look and feel via style.css.
  • Renamed "Show Photo Caption" option on settings page to "Display Style"
  • Fixed display bug for captions with apostrophes.


  • Display tweaks for enhanced compatibility with WPtouch iPhone Theme in mobile browsers
  • Fixed display bug with Overlay caption mode in Firefox
  • Fixed Language variable issue in album cover shortcode when used in sidebar
  • Fixed several layout issues for better theme compatibility
  • Moved some remaining CSS in PHP files to CSS file for easier customization
  • Pro version: Added links to full image in recent comments block
  • Pro version: Fixed bug with comment image display


  • Slick new settings page with WP look and feel
  • Option to upgrade to Pro Version for comments, caching and new shortcodes
  • Fixed broken v0.5 Hide Video Option
  • Added ability to regenerate gdata token w/o remove re-add


  • New option allows for use of uncropped thumbnails
  • New "Overlay" display option, using CSS from MyPHPDropBoxGallery
  • New option to specify date format on album page
  • Updated images per page option to allow any integer value


  • New option allows for different size album and photo thumbnails
  • New options to set trim length for descriptions and captions via settings panel
  • Re-designed install panel with settings in groups
  • Forced "always" caption mode for IE6 users when using "hover" caption mode


  • Beta version - added filter functionality to shortcode and caption display options in gallery view


  • Alpha version - initial release.

Requires: 2.9.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.3
Last Updated: 2015-4-21
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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