This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Pubble Realtime Q&A Plugin


Pubble is a real-time Q&A platform that lives on websites, blogs & Facebook pages to crowdsource the best FAQ’s for anything. Pubble enables visitors to your site to quickly ask a Question. And if you have answered the question already, Pubble will prompt an instant answer. As your Q&A dataset grows, Pubble aggregates the Q&A threads from across your site &/or Facebook page to build a killer FAQ page for you. That’s why we call it crowdsourcing your FAQ’s!

Top 5 features Pubble include:

  1. Answer prompt for previously answered questions, which reduces repetitive questions and delivers instant answers to your visitors.

  2. Facebook Q&A app. that works with your web site. Questions asked on Facebook show on your FAQ page. Answers are also prompted into Facebook.

  3. Full configuration options (moderation, custom themes, community management, etc.)

  4. Easy setup. Just create your account, grab your code and add to your site.

  5. Speech input for question submission (Chrome browser only)

To add Pubble Q&A to your site now, just click Get Started


To add Pubble Q&A to your site now, just click Get Started

Get Started includes two steps:

  1. Create the Super Admin account

  2. Build your first App.

When you output your app, choose the WordPress logo to get the installation details for WordPress. To include the same app on Facebook, just click the Facebook logo.

Ready to try Pubble on your site? Get Started Now

Some Important Notes

Pubble is very easy to setup and configure on your WordPress blog. Its important that you create your admin account on Pubble first. To do this, please visit: Get Started Now

Once you create the account, you can then grab the codes to enable the Pubble Q&A plugin on your blog or web site.

Don’t forget that you can also add the same Pubble Q&A app to your Facebook page. Details are included in the Pubble admin section.


Developed by Pubble

Pubble is a real-time Q&A platform that lives on your WordPress blog, website, &/or Facebook page to crowdsource the best FAQ’s for whatever it is that you provide. Pubble includes answer prompt, up voting, social logins, full moderation, Q&A for Facebook, Custom FAQ page, along with many other great features.

The Pubble for WordPress plugin allows any WordPress site to enable realtime Q&A where users can ask questions and site owners can respond.

Pubble for WordPress Features include:

▪ Questions and answers indexable by search engines (SEO-friendly)

▪ Threaded questions and replies

▪ Notifications and reply by email or Pubble interface

▪ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Integration

▪ Full moderation – no spam

▪ Increased social interaction and readership

▪ Automatic email forwarding system

▪ Easily install QA on all site pages.

For more on the full feature set included in Pubble, see: Pubble Features


If you are new to Pubble and want to install the Pubble Q&A widget on your WordPress blog or Facebook page, you can Get Started here

If you already have a Pubble account, Sign in on Pubble to create a new app for your or add an existing app to your WordPress site.

To add Pubble Q&A to your site, just click Get Started

After you create your admin account, you can build your first app. The final step in the app creation flow, is to choose the output code type. If you are installing on a WordPress blog or Website, choose the ‘Install Code’ option for WordPress (just click the WordPress logo). You will then need to complete 3 steps:

1 Install Pubble Social Q&A plugin from the WP admin section.As shown in the image, Click “Plugins” >click “Add New”> search “Pubble”

2 Pubble Social Q&A plugin will be listed >click “Install Now”

3 Click Settings of Pubble Q&A plugin.

4 You can add Pubble to your WP site in one of two ways. The default set up is to add Pubble across your complete site (in one go) however you also have the option to override this and add Pubble manually to specific pages if required. To do this, you simply add the code to each page you require Q&A to appear on.
To configure these settings, see options below;

4.1 Your “AppID” – make sure you input your appID here.
4.2 “Manual Q&A”: Pubble’s Q&A is an alternative solution designed to replace WP comments module. As explained above, the default setting is to deployQ&A across your site i.e. wherever you have previously enabled commenting on your site. If you select “Manual Q&A” option, you can manually add Q&A to selected pages instead of across your whole site.
4.3 Q&A layout: Two options to choose from (i) “Embedded” option – display your Q&A on your page or (ii) “Modalbox” option– display your Q&A in a Pop Up box. You can switch these settings in your admin panel later if required.
4.4 List same question across your site: Once you select this feature, Pubble will list the same set of questions across your sites. The default setting is for different pages to have its own set of questions which relate to the content of each page.
4.5 Make sure your Pubble Q&A plugin is active!

5 Optional Step: If you need to add Q&A to specific pages (instead of all pages), you need to tick “Manual Q&A” box as mentioned in 4.2 above. Then, simply add the Pubble code to pages where you need our Social Q&A features in HTML mode. The Pubble system will use your WordPress Article ID as the default identifier for each page.

For Custom clients (i.e. Paid for platforms) if you want to include multipleQ&A app’s, please add the following Pubble code to your pages in HTML mode.In this instance, please make sure you change the following“change_to_appID” to a real “AppID” (as detailed in 4.1 above)

Pubble is really easy to install. If you need help, our support section is available on: Pubble Support Questions


Q: Does Pubble have a free plan?

A: Yes. See details on: Get Started

Q: What is pubble Q&A all about?

A: Pubble is about helping sites to create communities online, and also about helping people to get answers to commonly asked questions, using “The world’s best FAQ” We are rolling out new features so we’ll keep you informed as we grow!

Q: Do you support custom styling?

A: Yes. You can customise the look and feel to match the style of your WordPress blog / site.

Q: Do you support moderation?

A: Yes. You can assign moderators right down to the individual page level.

Q: Does Pubble help with my SEO?

A: Yes. We get this question a lot. Google will index the threads in the plugins directly but if you wish, we also support options for you to include the Q&A threads (content) natively on your pages.

Q: Are questions answered in realtime?

A: Depends on how quick the moderator can type! Pubble supports realtime posting for Questions and Answers.

Q: How does this work? It is a plugin?

A: Yes. We support various “plugin” options depending on which platform that you run your site on.

Q: How does this differ from WordPress Comments?

A: Commenting and Q&A might look similar when they are presented in the threaded layout that Pubble supports. However, the purpose of Q&A is very different to Commenting. For example, some people will want to add their question privately. Pubble supports this. For moderators, they get tired of answering the same questions over and over. To reduce duplicate questions, Pubble includes an answer prompt for questions that have already been answered. Such functionality would be totally at odds with what a commenting platform is designed to achieve.

Q: Does Pubble support social sharing?

A: Yes. Questions or answers can be tweeted / posted to Facebook / shared to LinkedIn.

Q: How to disable Pubble QA in specfic pages?

A: You can directly disable pubble Q&A on individual wordpress pages and posts. Here’s how:

  1. Go to pages in wordpress.

  2. Click on any one page (ie about)

  3. Click on ‘Screen Options’ at the top and enable the ‘Discussion’ option.

  4. At the bottom of the page you will have a ‘Discussion’ window with an ‘Allow Comments’ option. Simply uncheck that and all is fine.

You can use the same procedure to disable comments on any post. The confusing thing is only that WordPress hides the Discussion options on page and posts pages by default.

Contributors & Developers

“Pubble Realtime Q&A Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Initial Release

▪ New interface to configure pubble QA on WP admin section.
▪ Allow to list same questions across sites or different questions list on each of pages.
▪ supporting pubble QA to be added on all site pges.
▪ supporting shortcode on specfic pages.

▪ fixed modalbox option bug.
▪ SSO signin available, need to contact pubble team for bussiness sso key.