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PTA Volunteer Sign Up Sheets

Easily create and manage sign-up sheets for volunteer activities, while protecting the privacy of the volunteers' personal information.

Version 2.0.0

  • Added option in email settings to send clear emails when a signup is cleared from the admin pages
  • Add option in email settings to disable emails to chairs/contacts. This will stop all signup and clear emails from being copied to the specified chair/contact emails for a sheet. Global CC emails will still be sent.
  • Added email template tag for chair/contact names (previously only had tag for contact emails)
  • Minor tweak for clear sign-up links when used with the calendar view extension
  • Refactor all public display lists and tables into their own accessible functions, for easier customizing
  • Added option to create output using divs instead of tables, for easier styling and better responsive design (when customizing the CSS)
  • Added option to disable loading the plugin's CSS styles. Use this when you want to create your own CSS styles for layout and messages.
  • Added code to check if the signup form and any messages (errors or signup notices) have already been displayed on a page, and to suppress them from being output more than once for those people who want to put more than one sign-up sheet shortcode on one page without using the redirect option for sign-up forms.
  • Added required attributes to first name, last name, and email fields on signup form. Browsers that support the required attribute will show a message if they try to submit the form without filling out those fields.
  • Added option to set whether the phone fields is required, allowing you to have it on the signup form but still allow people to sign up without filling it out. If set to required, the required attribute will also be added to the html form field inputs.
  • Added new check box on the task fields to set if the details field is required. This check box will only show if you first check "details needed". Setting it as not required (un-checked) will allow you to use the field to collect optional info from the volunteers, without forcing them to fill out the field.
  • Added Norwegian translation

Version 1.13.1

  • Bug fix for event date value when checking date against the number of days that users are allowed to clear their own sign ups.
  • Switched to alternate output sanitation for sign up names to allow certain latin language characters that the regular WordPress sanitation function was stripping out (and making the names blank).


  • Signup Date display fix for emails


  • Signup Date display fix in list of tasks the volunteer has signed up for (broken in


  • Minor typo bug fixes


  • Re-factored code so that clear links will work on pages where a sheet id argument was used in the shortcode to show only a specific sheet


  • Updated French translations

Version 1.13.0

  • Added new "Login Required for Signup" option. If you un-check the regular "Login Required?" option, but then check this new option, guests can view the sign-up sheets, but they will not be able to sign-up. Includes option to specify the "Login to Signup" message text.
  • Added new "Hide Details and Quantities" option. Checking this will not show the item details or quantity columns in the tasks list (single sheet display). Useful if you are using the details field to collect info from the volunteer that you don't want shown to anyone else. This will affect all sheets.
  • Added new "Redirect Sign Ups to Main Page" option, which will be checked by default to be compatible with previous versions behavior. If you un-check this, sign-up links will NOT go to the main volunteer page, but will stay on the current page. Useful if you are using different shortcodes on different pages to display specific sheets and want to keep volunteers on that page when signing up.
  • Added an email volunteers form page (admin) where you can send an email message to either all volunteers, or volunteers for a specific sheet.
  • Additional code to allow multiple groups and restricted access when using the soon to be updated PTA Volunteer Sign Up Sheet Groups extension at: https://stephensherrardplugins.com/plugins/pta-volunteer-sign-up-sheet-groups/
  • Database update to allow MANY more dates to be added to recurring dates field.
  • Added phone number template tag for emails
  • Email template tags can now also be used in subjects
  • New option added in Email Settings to send all CC/BCC emails as separate TO emails, potentially bypassing issues on some servers that do not like the default formatting of multiple CC/BCC emails in the header when using default server Sendmail (wp_mail) function, as opposed to bypassing Sendmail by using an SMTP plugin to send all WordPress emails via SMTP (much more reliable)
  • Updated French translations, including France and Canada versions

Version 1.12.5

  • Updated French translation files
  • Missing file for Admin Add Ons page added to WordPress.org repository.

Version 1.12.4

  • Fixed output display of text strings in admin side text input fields when certain characters were used.
  • Admin Add Ons page added, with quick links to available add on extensions.

Version 1.12.3

  • Added ORDER BY clause to database query that gets the list of user signups (on public side main volunteer list page), so that they will now be displayed in chronological order.
  • Tweaked the function that checks for overlapping time tasks to allow volunteers to sign-up for a task that starts at the same time that another task ends (e.g., shift 1 from 8AM to 10AM and shift 2 from 10AM to 12PM).

Version 1.12.2

  • NEW feature to Export ALL Data as CSV. You can find the button at the top of the admin All Sheets page. All sheet, task, and signup data from the database is exported in one simple CSV format (even expired signups if you didn't delete them).
  • Added additional output filters for public side text, including # of Open Spots in main sheet list, and # Filled on individual sheet task list. If you are using the Customizer extension to modify or hide text fields, be sure you update that plugin to version 1.1.8 for compatibility with the new filters. If you previously used the Customizer to modify the "Filled" text, please note that you'll need to update your modified text to know include the placeholder for the # of filled spots.
  • Moved remaining « and » characters inside text filters so they can be changed by translators or with the Customizer extension (translations will need updating)
  • Added extra filter hooks for the soon to be released Calendar display extension (almost finished!)
  • Updated Danish translation files
  • Added separate .pot and updated template file for translators (instead of working from en_US .po file)

Version 1.12.1

  • Modified overlapping time range function to allow for and properly check overnight tasks (where end time is earlier than start time)
  • Added integration functions for soon to be released Calendar display extension
  • Fixed sign-up query arguments when you are on a page that is NOT the main volunteer page set in the settings
  • Fixed validation for Quantity input on sign-up forms. Broken in previous release.

Version 1.12.0

  • Add new sheet option and function to check for overlapping time ranges for tasks when a user signs up. By default, a person will not be able to sign up for a task if it overlaps with the time frame for another task they have signed up for on the same sheet and same date. Note that this only works if both start time AND end time are entered for tasks (if either time is blank for a task, it will be skipped when checking for overlaps).
  • Fixed text input validation so it will not return an error if there are extra (multiple) spaces anywhere in the entered text field
  • Minor code improvements

Version 1.11.0

  • Minor change to get_signups function to sort by the order that users signed up.
  • Added option to make the name and email sign-up form fields "read only" when login is required (except for volunteer admin).
  • Better logic to show initials for a name
  • Added a second CSV export function to show the info transposed (simplified output), with rows for tasks and columns for dates and signed up names only in the cells.

Version 1.10.3

  • Fixed the remaining spots display option to not show when there are no remaining spots
  • Fixed logic for number of remaining slots to show when not consolidating, and for bottom border classes
  • Added extra code logic to consolidate the sign-ups and the remaining spots into one simple row, IF you are not showing names AND there are no item details needed for the task AND you have it set to consolidate remaining spots. In that case, the row will be something like "10 Filled, 5 Remaining" and then the sign-up link.
  • Added extra CSS class names to rows/cells for consolidated/remaining to make it easier to style these elements separately.

Version 1.10.2

  • Added a new "Consolidate remaining slots" option. When enabled, instead of showing a separate row for each remaining slot for tasks, they will all be consolidated to a single row showing the remaining quantity and a single sign-up link. Makes your list a lot shorter if you have large quantities for your tasks/items.
  • Added an option to show a login link under the login required message. After login, user will be redirected back to the same page.
  • CSS image file path fix for error/success messages
  • Fix for undefined jQuery autocomplete on sign-up form after signup submitted
  • Added additional check in reminders function to ensure no reminders are sent for expired events.

Version 1.10.1

  • CSV Exporter fix to resolve PHP notice for undefined variable

Version 1.10.0

  • Added a "No Signup Event?" option to the sheets, which allows you to create non-volunteer events for display only (no signup links or available spots will be shown). You can still create tasks/items with start and end times for these sheets, which could be useful for showing the schedule/agenda for an event, but you won't be able to specify quantity or other normal task options. This is useful for a combination volunteer sign-up and event calendar type of list/display (monthly calendar view add-on coming soon!).
  • Updated widget with new option to show just volunteer events (those that have sign-ups), no sign-up events, or both.
  • Confirmation email field added to sign-up form (enter email twice to make sure there are no typos)
  • Don't send mails if subject or content are empty (set the email subject or content area blank in the email settings if you don't want an email sent)
  • Allow tasks to be moved to another sheet. The tasks will be deleted from the current sheet and merged with the tasks in the sheet you select to move them to. Further editing and re-saving the tasks on the sheet they were moved to will be required. Useful if you want to merge two or more sheets into one.
  • Added some additional class elements for easier custom styling
  • Refactored and improved CSV exporter function (code contribution)
  • Minor code clean-up

Version 1.9.0

  • Added option show_time to the shortcode pta_sign_up_sheet, to hide all start and end time info from sheets/tasks if not needed. Add show_time="no" to the shortcode to hide times.
  • Live search and auto-complete of user/volunteer fields on sign-up form if you are admin, sign-up sheet manager, or have the manage_signup_sheets capability. Allows admin/managers to quickly sign-up other users from front end.
  • New options in Main Settings section to enable live search on sign-up forms (default is disabled), and to select which tables are searched (Sign-ups table, WordPress Users table, or both)
  • Clear links added to tasks lists on individual sign-up sheets to allow users to clear themselves from there (instead of from just the main sign-up sheet list page). Admin and Sign-up Sheet Managers can see clear links for all sign-ups to allow them to clear sign-ups from the front end.
  • Minor fix to avoid a php notice if you hide the phone field from the signup form

Version 1.8.13

  • Added Italian translation from Jacopo Belluz, founder and member of OpenRing.net. Thanks Jacopo!

Version 1.8.12

  • One more minor fix for tasks lists to use WordPress date/time instead of PHP date function (server time) to decide if a task has expired or not.

Version 1.8.11

  • Modified SQL database queries to use WordPress current date/time instead of the SQL NOW() function so that sign-up sheets or tasks won't be hidden early when the server's time is different than the WordPress time (such as when the server is in a different time zone).

Version 1.8.10

  • Minor Fix to use the WordPress current time as opposed to the PHP/Server time when calculating when to show sheets and tasks
  • Added German translation

Version 1.8.9

  • Fix capability check in CSV exporter class to allow Sign-Up Sheet Manager role users to export sheets

Version 1.8.8

  • Fix settings page to allow deletion of CC email field

Version 1.8.7

  • Added manage_signup_sheets capability to super admin users, due to rare conflict where super admin could not access the settings or menu pages for the plugin
  • Add public accessor functions for other extensions

Version 1.8.6

  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 4.2.1
  • Confirmed that all public side URLs generated with add_query_arg were already being properly escaped, so no public side issues with the recently discovered XSS vulnerability with the add_query_arg function.
  • Properly escaped the URLs in two locations for the admin side of the plugin to address the XSS vulnerability, but would only be an issue if someone else had access to your admin dashboard.

Version 1.8.5

  • Fix an issue with the "Show Clear Links" checkbox field not saving when unchecked.
  • Updated/Corrected Dutch translation files
  • A few additional action/filter hooks for extensions
  • Renamed CSV exporter action to avoid conflict with another plugin

Version 1.8.4

  • Minor fix in the admin all sheets list table file that was causing dates to show up in the ID column.

Version 1.8.3

Version 1.8.2

  • Add div wrapper around sign-up sheet form so output elements can be more easily targeted with custom CSS for styling, and cleaned up the text output formatting a bit.
  • Fixed a couple of minor CSS class declaration typos
  • Updated the admin sheets list table so that the Event Type for each sheet can be translated
  • Includes Croatian translation files. THANKS to vipteam!!
  • PLEASE send me any other language translations and help me keep them up to date!!

Version 1.8.1

  • Changed parameters passed to the WordPress Editor to fix issue with WordPress stripping paragraph and line break tags out of the text of the Sheet Details.
  • Updated English translation file. Other translation files are outdated, and I would be very happy to receive any up to date translation files for other languages!!

Version 1.8

  • You can now specify, on a per sheet basis, if you want to let volunteers clear their own signups. Additionally, you can specify a minimum number of days before the event after which they can no longer clear their signups. Note that this will only work if your volunteers have user accounts on your site and are either logged in when they sign up, or use the same email associated with their user account (if not logged in when they sign up).
  • Added option to remove chair contact info from public sheets display
  • Database table update to explicity specify character set as set in WordPress, and to add new fields for the new signup clear options.

Version 1.7.1

  • Missed version number update

Version 1.7

  • Added option to remove the phone field from the public sign-up forms
  • Updated jquery-datepick to latest version (5.0) and changed the way it is registered/enqueued to resolve conflict other plugins using the same script.

Version 1.6.6

  • Missed an updated script file

Version 1.6.5

  • Minor validation bug fix for sheet trash value on admin side
  • Minor jQuery script updates
  • Put div wrappers around the tables the plugin generates so that you can target them more easily with CSS, or add some custom responsive CSS to change the way the tables are displayed on small screens
  • If you're using a responsive theme that doesn't handle tables well on small screens, you can create your own CSS styles to restyle the plugin tables using the CSS table classes and the new div containers. If that doesn't work for you, I have created a simple and lightweight plugin that simply loads the jQuery Stacktable plugin from John Polacek and applies that to ALL tables on the public side of your site (it automatically stacks table columns on smaller screens). You can download that for free at my plugins site.

Version 1.6.4

  • Main sheet list will now show Ongoing events at the bottom when that setting is checked (main settings). Setting text was wrong as initially the ability to show Ongoing events at the bottom was intended just for the widget. Now that setting will affect the main sheet list as well (to reflect the wording of the setting).

Version 1.6.3

  • Fixed broken nonce check for visibility toggle on admin sheets list
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Additional filter hooks for extensions


  • Minor change to properly sort dates on sheet date/task list


  • Minor changes/fixes.
  • Added/Updated filters for all public side output text to allow easy changing of default text using the customizer extension, or by adding your own filter hooks in your theme's functions.php file.

Version 1.6.2

  • Added email notifications when a user clears themselves from a volunteer spot. There is now a custom email subject and email templated for these cleared signup emails in the email settings. These emails will be copied to the event chairs as well as the new global CC Email (see below) so that they will be immediately informed when someone clears themselves from a signup.
  • Added CC Email in the Email Settings. Here you can specify an email address to CC for all signup notifications as well as when a user clears one of their signups. This email will be IN ADDITION to the chair contact emails you specify for each sign-up sheet. This was added so the admin or head volunteer coordinator can receive sign-up/clear notifications without having to enter their email for every sheet you add.
  • Fixed issue of Ongoing type events that others have signed up for showing up in user's list of signups
  • The "Disable Login Notices?" option in the main settings will now also turn off the "Please login..." message at the bottom of the main list of volunteer sheets. If you are not using user accounts for your site, you should probably disable these notices to avoid volunteers asking how to login.


  • Another Small logic fix to allow there to be only one contact name, but more than one contact email, for a sheet without getting the "No Event Chair contact info provided" message on the public side.

Version 1.6.1

  • Small logic fix to make sure the PTA Member Directory is actually activated before trying to display contact info from the member directory. If you had integration features and Member Directory contact info set for a sheet, but then deactivated the PTA Member Directory, it would give you the message that No Event Chair contact info was provided, even if you type in a name and email on the edit sheet page.

Version 1.6

  • New "Allow Duplicates" task checkbox field to allow more than one signup from the same user for a task. Set per task.
  • New "Enable Quantities" task checkbox field to allow volunteers to specify quantity of items they are bringing
  • New task field to enter label for "Needs Details" field of each task to prompt volunteer on what to enter
  • Updated email template tags for new fields and options
  • Added option to turn off the "strongly recommended" login notice on the sign-up page

Version 1.5.6

  • Updated database table setup to fix an issue that could occur with null field values on some servers.

Version 1.5.5

  • Renamed admin style sheet to avoid conflict with a theme that used the same name.

Version 1.5.4

  • Changed how current time is retrieved in email reminders CRON functions, in case the server is in a different time zone than the WordPress site is set to. Current time is now taken from WordPress site time.

Version 1.5.3

  • Fixed bug with duplicate task signups check for recurring events

Version 1.5.2

  • Fixed translation function for dates in widget
  • Added check to prevent duplicate signups for a task. Checks first and last name fields against other signups for same task.
  • Updated French translation

Version 1.5.1

  • Fixed bad nonce checked that wouldn't allow you to clear a signup on admin side

Version 1.5

  • Fixed additional validation fields to allow foreign language characters
  • Added additional nonce/security checks on admim side forms
  • Additional hooks and filters for extensions

Version 1.4.7

  • Fixed text input validation to allow foreign language characters
  • Fixed display bug that tried to show a date for Ongoing event types on individual sheets

Version 1.4.6

  • Changed the way the signup form is processed to prevent double sign-ups that can happen in rare cases with certain themes or plugins

Version 1.4.5

  • Changed the way the signup input form and signup form error messages are displayed to fix issues with certain themes.
  • Includes French & Spanish translations by Simon Samson at http://sitestraduction.com

Version 1.4.4

  • Fix corrupted directory structure in the repository

Version 1.4.2

Version 1.4.1

  • Remove some debug code accidentally left in the email function

Version 1.4

  • After a user signs up, save the firstname, lastname, and phone in user's meta if it doesn't exist so it will be pre-filled on future signups
  • Modified to work with WordPress Multisite installations
  • Added reply-to email option for confirmation & reminder emails
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Version 1.3.4

  • Tweak for admin side permissions

Version 1.3.3

  • Fixed bug dealing with sheet visibility & trash settings

Version 1.3.2

  • Patch for people with PHP versions < 5.3 who were getting fatal errors for str_getcsv function

Version 1.3.1

  • Small rework/fix to ensure reminder emails function is run every hour with the CRON job

Version 1.3

  • Added WordPress editor for sheet details textarea to allow rich text formatting.
  • Added option to show "Filled" instead of the volunteer's first name and last initial for filled spots on a sign-up sheet.
  • Small change for compatibility with older PHP versions
  • Added hooks, filters, and CSS classes for easier extension & customizing
  • Additional translation coding prep

Version 1.2.2

  • First public release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 5 days ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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