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Make Money on Your Blog with a Full Shop, Product Inserts, and Direct-to-Merchant Links from Prosperent.

  1. How do I make the ProsperShop my front page?
    • After you have set a page with the ProsperShop short code as a Static Front Page, there are a few things you'll have to do to make everything work correctly. First, create another page, name it anything you want. This will be the secondary shop page. Add the ProsperShop short code to this page as well from the Gear icon dropdown. Save this new page. Remember the Permalink for this new page, //YOURBLOG.com/NewShop. Copy the portion in your URL that is bolded here (NewShop), you'll need that in a second. Now go to Prosperent -> Advanced and check the box for Change Base URL Manually. Save the settings. A new Text Box has appeared under that check box. Enter the part you copied earlier (NewShop). Save the Settings again. Now deactivate and reactivate the Prosperent Suite plugin.
  2. Why isn't the Content Inserter showing up on some pages?
    • This is usually due to the title being used as the query is not producing results. Try using [prosperNewQuery="YOUR_NEW_QUERY_HERE"] to use a new query for that page.
  3. What is Prosperent?
    • Prosperent is a company that is serious about getting you the tools that simplify your life as an affiliate marketer. We manage relationships with merchants, clean datafeeds, and provide a variety of publisher tools to get products on your site quickly and easily.
  4. How many merchants does Prosperent work with?
    • Currently over 45,000 and growing.
  5. How many products does Prosperent have?
    • We currently index and search against almost 50 million products.
  6. Where can publishers go to get help?
    • Our Community Forums are a fantastic resource. Our entire team is active on a daily basis, and we are always here to lend a helping hand no matter what the question may be.
  7. How do I get paid?
    • Prosperent pays publishers net30 which means we pay you 30 days after commission event takes place. This gives merchants time to see if a product is returned, or otherwise needs to be delayed for whatever reason.
  8. How can we track our earnings?
    • We have a comprehensive reporting system in place that allows you to see which pages are generating earnings, which city/state/country the sales are coming from, and which individual products and retailers are providing those sales.
  9. What is the revenue split?
    • We take a 30% commission and pay you the other 70%. If you are a larger publisher this split changes to 80/20.
  10. What are the commissions paid and terms?
    • The commission rates vary from merchant to merchant, but we are always negotiating the highest rates in the industry. We pay out net30 like most networks. The only exception is when a merchant that we work with extends a commission based on their return policy. Our reporting interface reflects this and allows you to see the status of each commission. It's the same as what you would experience with any of the other affiliate networks like commission junction.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 3 days ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


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