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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Promotion Slider

Promotion Slider is a jQuery slideshow populated by the promotions you enter into the WordPress admin area.


  • Toned down z-index for slider transition to minimize menu overlap issues.
  • Fixed bug where slider shortcode attribute wasn't working.
  • Changed time delay option to a numeric input.
  • Fixed bug where navigating back one slide at a time would fail when you came to the first slide.


  • Bug fix for JS in IE - removed accidentally committed console.log line


  • Updated slide transition to be smoother
  • Added tabbed navigation
  • Added thumbnail images to the admin promotion listing screen


  • Updated .pot file
  • Bug fix: Updated the way id was assigned to main slider div.
  • Completed the contextual help for the slider options page.


  • Simplified the plugin options page so that it is less confusing. Added a sidebar with helpful information.
  • Added several attributes to the shortcode: display_nav, display_title, display_excerpt and pause_on_hover.
  • Allowed users to optionally pause the slider when the mouse is over it.
  • Added a category column and filter to the promotions listing page.
  • Added filters for image sizes.
  • Added filter to allow for more complex queries, so users aren't forced to use get_posts().
  • Added ability for slider to pull images from a URL, intended for use with a CDN.
  • Added the ability to filter image and thumbnail sizes.
  • Added the option to load the plugin javascript in the header rather than the footer.
  • Added contextual help to all of the plugin admin panels.
  • Cleaned up the code and created created more advanced handling of new and legacy options.
  • Made sure that the activation function will run when the plugin is updated.
  • Added a version check for PHP and WordPress so users will get an error message on activation.
  • Fixed a bug where the slider thumbnail nav was pulling full sized images.
  • Fixed a bug where the slider would disallow comments on the page where it was inserted.


  • Fixed bug where promotions would disappear on upgrade.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from pulling posts from a particular category.


  • For those of you getting this error: 'Fatal error: Class 'ps_legacy_options' not found', this update should get you back up and running.


  • Overhauled the code to make it more modular and easier to manage.
  • Ensured proper support for post thumbnails and made the plugin load last so other plugins can't overwrite my theme support.
  • New install runs an update on the post type and changes it to a properly namespaced post type.
  • Condensed individual plugin options into a single array after transferring previous settings. Plugin removes legacy options afterward.
  • Wrapped default navigation separators in tags with their own class for easy styling.
  • Wrapped each instance of the slider in a


div> to allow better use of the before_promoslider and after_promoslider hooks. * Added option to start slider on the first or a random slide when the page loads. This can be set site-wide from the options page or on a per slider basis with the shortcode. * Fixed a bug where auto advance was enabled if the panel count was set to one. * Updated the title attribute for the span elements in the nav to use the post title. * Added a new thumbnail navigation layout. * Removed the grey background image from the slider div and added it to the panel divs to avoid the slightly odd transition between fade in and fade out.


  • Added the ability to easily insert third party ad code into the slider using the meta box at the bottom of the promotion editing page.
  • Added the 'numberposts' attribute to the promoslider shortcode so users can set the number of posts or promotions to display.
  • Fixed a bug from version 3.0.1 where the slider would only pull posts and not promotions.
  • Fixed a bug where the slider would not properly display posts of a specific category when using the default WordPress post type.


  • Removed an invalid argument from the promoslider_query filter.
  • Added the promoslider_query_by_id filter for more advance customization of individual sliders.
  • Updated the readme.txt file to reflect the changes to the hooks and the need to use the word 'echo' prior to the do_shortcode() function.
  • Added an argument to the default get_posts() query to remove the post limit.
  • Slimmed down the code used for loading our jQuery and CSS files and ensured they only load for the front end of the site.
  • Fixed some minor, behind-the-scenes, notices when creating a new promotion.


  • Cleaned up the jQuery code to be more compact and made sure that it properly handles values for individual slider settings.
  • Fixed the issue where additional sliders would not automatically advance.
  • Added ability to set the width, height, time delay and auto advance using the shortcode.
  • Added action hooks before and after the slider.
  • Fixed the way that the shortcode is output on the page. The shortcode content will now display exactly where it is put on the page.
  • Added an alternate slider navigation option with custom css.
  • Ensured that all text is prepared for I18n processing later.
  • Added option to disable all links for a given promotion.


  • Properly activated support for post thumbnails within the plugin for users whose themes do not support it.
  • Added the following options to the options page: Enable title display, enable excerpt display, disable slider navigation display.


  • Replaced bad function call apply_filter() with apply_filters()


  • Fixed issue where slider would not advance unless the disable auto advancement option was set.
  • Fixed issue where slider would not progress because time delay option was not set.


  • Added an options page where users can change the time delay and disable the automatic slide advancement.
  • Reset the time delay when a user clicks on a navigation link in the slider.
  • Fixed issue where the back button on the slider nav would perform the action for all sliders on the page.
  • Fixed the issue where forward and back buttons on the slider nav would progress slides in the wrong direction.
  • Added some basic CSS to highlight which image the user is viewing in the slider nav.
  • Added support for all post types, including custom post types.
  • Added a query filter to allow advanced users to customize the slider even more.
  • Added the 'promoslider_add_meta_to_save' filter for easier saving of promotion meta; for users who may add their own meta boxes.
  • Changed the functionality so that if a requested category does not exist, all promotions/posts are shown.
  • Changed the way values are passed to the 'promoslider_content' action. Values are now passed as an associative array for ease of use and flexibility in future updates.
  • Added a 'Support this Plugin' box to the options page.


  • Added automatic flushing of rewrite rules via 'register_activation_hook' (still needs work)
  • Replaced content of slider panels with an action hook.
  • Created actions that allow users to easily add or remove the title, excerpt or image
  • Replaced slider navigation with an action hook.
  • Created an action so users can easily add or remove the slider navigation.
  • Updated CSS to include default styling for the title and excerpt.
  • Simplified instructions for hardcoding the slider in a theme.
  • Updated processing of post meta so that empty meta box values are removed from the postmeta table.
  • Updated the readme.txt file to reflect changes relating to the action hooks.


  • Added ability to use external links with slider promotions.
  • Added a custom taxonomy for the promotion post type.
  • Added ability to use the promotion slider with the WordPress default post type.
  • Added ability to show only promotions or posts from a particular category.
  • Added attributes to shortcode.
  • Added ability to display multiple instances of the promotion slider on a single page.
  • Added ability to easily change the time delay and disable automatic slide advancement.
  • Provided detailed instructions on how to display the title and/or excerpt in the slider.


  • Promotion Slider is now available for download!

Requires: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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