Product Table For WooCommerce


WooCommerce Product Table plugin helps to showcase your products in table layout rather than the default grid layout of WooCommerce. These tables are easily customizable and responsive and can be added using a simple shortcode.

This WooCommerce plugin comes with a powerful editor and top-notch UX and enables you to easily create Product Tables for WooCommerce which can be filtered, sorted, and paginated. You can just add a product table on any page or post of your website using a shortcode. In fact you can create unlimited product tables as and when you require.

WooCommerce Product Tables plugin, by Acowebs, helps your website visitors to easily navigate through various product attributes and make it pretty simple to compare them all on a single page, which can in turn help to increase your conversion rate.


After activating “Product Table For WooCommerce” plugin, go to the menu “WC Product Tables” in WordPress left menu bar.

Product Table For WooCommerce FEATURES

πŸ”Ή Powerful table editor to customize table elements and their properties
πŸ”Ή Product details like Title, Image, Attributes, Category, Tags, Quantity, Stock status, Dimensions and Date can show in the table as columns.
πŸ”Ή Action buttons with features like Ajax add to cart, redirect to the product page, refresh cart etc.
πŸ”Ή Support Ajax and non Ajax paginations.
πŸ”Ή Support load more feature for table data.
πŸ”Ή ‘Add all to cart’ button support for customers to quickly add multiple simple products to the cart using a checkbox instead of the typical button system.
πŸ”Ή Custom field support as table columns.
πŸ”Ή Search and filtering options.
πŸ”Ή You can show filters as the left sidebar next to the product table.
πŸ”Ή Filter by category, price and result count options
πŸ”Ή Lightbox support for product image.
πŸ”Ή Option to control search target fields.
πŸ”Ή Custom text and HTML support in table columns.
πŸ”Ή You can adjust the visibility of columns based on device type(tablet and mobile).
πŸ”Ή WPML string translations support
πŸ”Ή Custom CSS writing options


πŸ”— Backend Demo
πŸ”— Frontend Demo



WooCommerce Product Table premium version is supercharged with a bunch of cool features and offered at a nominal one-time cost. Below are some of the features in our pro plugin:
πŸ”Ή All features of the free version.
πŸ”Ή Option to show variations of a particular variable product in a table.
πŸ”Ή Remove from cart option along with ajax add to cart buttons
πŸ”Ή Gallery element for display thumbnails from the Product Gallery. Also, customers can see the full-size image on click.
πŸ”Ή Total cost column to show the quantity * price calculation figure for each product as the customer changes the quantity.
πŸ”Ή ACF integration
πŸ”Ή Variation form for selecting product variations.
πŸ”Ή Option for showing Customers Ordered Products in a table.
πŸ”Ή Shortcode element for more 3rd party plugin compatibilities.
πŸ”Ή Attribute and custom field filters.
πŸ”Ή Rating and availability filters.
πŸ”Ή Advanced search.

And many more features

Why do you need a WooCommerce Product Table plugin?

If you are a WooCommerce store owner, WooCommerce Product Table plugin will help you to create beautifully crafted tables that display your products in an easy-to-read table format, which will make it much more intuitive and user-friendly than the default grid layout of WooCommerce.

This WordPress plugin for WooCommerce helps your website visitors to easily navigate through various product attributes and make it pretty simple to compare them all on a single page. This plugin automates many tasks related to displaying your products in a table format. It automatically handles pagination, sorting, searching and filtering.

They can be used to showcase different product types, shelves, collections, brands, product categories, and more.

What kind of online stores need WooCommerce Product Tables plugin?

This plugin basically improves the user experience by a lot and thus it’s a useful plugin for any WooCommerce store that sells products with multiple variants or categories.

Our plugin is currently used by businesses in various industries like Apparel stores, Restaurants or Takeaways with food menu, Spare parts stores, Electronic Product stores, Mobile or Mobile Accessories stores, Music stores, Online Book shops, Affiliate sites, Coupon sites, Online Courses websites, Travel websites etc, to name a few. To cut short, if you’re looking to enhance the UX of your WooCommerce store and to improve your conversions, this top-class plugin is a must-have.


πŸ”— Backend Demo
πŸ”— Frontend Demo


  • General Settings
  • Table List Page
  • Add New Table
  • Add New Column
  • Edit Column Properties
  • Table Basic Configurations
  • Table Filters
  • Add New Table Filter
  • Edit Table Filter
  • Table Design Settings
  • Table Column Responsive Settings
  • Custom CSS


Installing “Product Table For WooCommerce” can be done either by searching for “Product Table For WooCommerce” via the “Plugins > Add New” screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by using the following steps:

  1. Download the plugin via
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


How to create a new table?

Go to the menu “WC Product Tables” in WordPress left menu bar. Where click “Add New Table” button. Then you can configure table settings.

How we can show products of a specific category?

On the table settings page go to the “Configurations” tab where you can see the “Products By Categories” option. Please choose your category there.

What is the shortcode for displaying the table?

Default Shortcode is [aco_product_table id=”107″]

How do add filters to the table?

In the table settings page go to the “Navigation” tab where you can see add filters by clicking the “Add element” button.

How to manage table columns?

From the “columns” tab in the table settings page, you can add and edit table columns.


November 30, 2021
I was searching for a nice WooCommerce Product Table plugin and this one from Acowebs is outstanding. I really liked the UX of this - adding new product tables is really nice compared to the other plugins I tried. Keep up the good work guys!
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Contributors & Developers

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  • WooCommerce 5.9.x and 6.0.x Support
  • WordPress 5.8.2 & 5.8.3 Support


  • WooCommerce 5.8.x support


  • WooCommerce 5.7.x support


  • WooCommerce 5.6.0 support
  • WordPress 5.8.1 support


  • WooCommerce 5.5.2 support


  • WooCommerce 5.5.0 & 5.5.1 support
  • WordPress 5.8.0 support


  • Bug fixes
  • WooCommerce 5.4.0 & 5.4.1 Support


  • Bug fixes
  • Table width field in config tab
  • WooCommerce 5.3.0 support
  • WordPress 5.7.2 support


  • Initial release