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Are you trying to import products into WooCommerce store or export WooCommerce products from the store. This Product import export plugin allows you to import or export WooCommerce simple products ( other pproduct types such as variable products are available only in premium version). It is super simple!

  • Export Simple Products in to a CSV file.
  • Import Simple Products in CSV format in to WooCommerce Store.

Highlights: WooCommerce Product Export, WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite, WooCommerce bulk product upload, WooCommerce import products with images, import amazon products to WooCommerce, Export Products to xls. Pro Version supports both Simple and Variable products.

How does it work?

The WooCommerce Product Import Export Plugin takes CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file as input. You must create a CSV ( UTF-8 Encoded ) file and enter the product details in a structured format as explained in the tutorial. This is to match each field of CSV file to the field of a particular product that otherwise Admin need to input manually. For example: the post_title field gets mapped to the product name and the regular_price field gets mapped to the regular price of the product. For the plugin to work correctly, you must map headers of all of the column correctly and you must ensure that all of the fields you enter must be in the correct format.

You can create the CSV from scratch or you can export the product to get the format of CSV. You can use a spreadsheet program, such as LibreOffice , Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or Google Spreadsheets for creating and modifying the CSV file. Save this file with extension .CSV. After entering all details about products in spreadsheet, you can import product to your online store. With this plugin, you can also export and download product details as a CSV file.

Premium version video demo

Premium version Features

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce is the leading tool for Woocommerce product export and WooCommerce product import. Some of the major features are listed below

  • Export WooCommerce Products (Simple, Group, External and Variations) in to a CSV file ( Basic version supports only Simple Products ).
  • Import Products in to WooCommerce (Simple, Group, External and Variations) in CSV format in to WooComemrce Store.
  • Export WooCommerce Products by Category.
  • Various Filter options for exporting WooCommerce Products.
  • Map and Transform fields while Importing WooCommerce Products.
  • Change values while importing WooCommerce products using Evaluation Fields.
  • Choice to Update or Skip existing imported products.
  • WPML Supported. French and German (Deutschland) language support Out of the Box.
  • Import/Export file from/to a remote server via FTP.
  • Supports Product Reviews Export Import.
  • Excellent Support for setting it up!

Please visit Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce for more details

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce Premium Features

WooCommerce import products & WooCommerce export products functionalities made easy.

woocommerce export products

There are multiple cases where one need to export WooCommerce products. It could be either for sending the details to someone else or integrating with a third-party system. For example, you can export woocommerce products as csv file in to an ftp folder on a regular basis using the cron job. This can be read by any third-party application to update its data.

Export WooCommerce Products: Export and download product data in CSV file format. Plugins supports,

WooCommerce Simple Products
WooCommerce Variable Products.
WooCommerce Group Products.
WooCommerce External Products.

In addition, the plugin helps you export Categories, Tags, Products and other Product details into WooCommerce. You can export prices, descriptions, images etc apart from the custom fields (meta), taxonomies and attributes.

How to export woocommerce products

It is as simple as clicking a button. But if you need to customize your export we have enough advancec customization options built in to the woocommerce product export plugin.

WooCommerce Import Products

WooCommerce bulk product upload is one of the main use case where Woocommerce product import functionality is used. ‘How to import products into woocommerce’ is one of the common question people ask. Our WooCommerce product csv import suite is the perfect answer for this. With is plugin you can import products from any xml or csv to WooCommerce. This saves lot of time and minimises errors.

Woocommerce product import: You can use the import functionality to:

Import by selecting file from your computer
Import by providing file path on the server
Import from file in a remote server via FTP
Export Variable Products: Once you export variable product, you will have a simple single CSV which will have both variable and it’s parent details. It will help you to do any changes easily and enables faster import to any WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce import variable products

WooCommerce variable product import allows you to import all variations of the products easily. It imports all variable products and it’s properties from a single CSV file. This single CSV file will have both variable and parent data. WooCommerce csv import variable products is key feature of the WooCommerce product import plugin.

WooCommerce import products with images

A WooCommerce product importer which supports ‘woocommerce import products with images’ feature is common requirement. The premium plugin has this feature buit into it.

Other features

Export Products by Category: You can even choose desired product categories from the Plugin Settings Page and those Products belongs to selected categories will be exported.

Export Products by Type: You can selectively export products belonging to specific product types. All you need to do is choose the required product types from the plugin settings page while exporting.
Merge Products: This feature is useful for adding more information to existing products, for example when your existing products get modified. To get the modified product details into your online store, you can update the current product by importing modified product CSV file.

Map and Transform: You can map the fields ( WooCommerce fields ) with column headings ( CSV file header ). To map, select the required field under “Map to Column” by using drop-down list for a particular column heading. An Evaluation field is used to fix/update the required value for the particular field.

Cron Job / Scheduled Import Export: WooCommerce Product Import and Export plugin facilitates to schedule the Import and Export of the products. You can auto import the products at regular intervals from CSV which is present on FTP Server by providing starting time and intervals between import. There is an option to skip new products in scheduled import too. You can also auto export the products to FTP in a CSV file at regular intervals. There is also option to use saved mapping files for auto export.

Supports WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin.
Supports Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin.
Supports WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugin.
Supports Scheduled Cron Job.


XAdapter creates quality WordPress/WooCommerce plugins that are easy to use and customize. We are proud to have thousands of customers actively using our plugins across the globe.


  • WooCommerce Product Import Screen

  • WooCommerce Product Export Screen

  • Premium Export Settings Screen


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Thats it! you can now configure the plugin.


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Thats it! you can now configure the plugin.
Does this plugin support of images?

Yes. You can import or export product images along with other details


Free Version Perfect for Simple Products

Transferred all simple products from one site to another sites very easily.

There was one simple issue though. Two products had same id as two already existing posts. So Both products were skipped. It would be great if there is an option which can change product id automatically instead of skipping it. I haven’t read documentation, so i wonder if not assigning id would make new id automatically for each product. If that is the case, then its perfect.

Overall, great experience.

This IS the solution for variable products…

I was in need of a plugin that could really do a good job of exporting and importing my 700 products. I decided to give Product Import Export for WooCommerce a try, and I’m so glad that I did. I’m not very skilled at database work and felt overwhelmed with the daunting task of getting all of my products online – without having to do them one by one. Product Import Export for WooCommerce really made the whole process something I could do. I will admit I needed some hand-holding and guidance on how to make the product work for my needs. But, the developer provided incredible customer service and was very patient with me. I really appreciate that level of commitment and service. It speaks so very well of his integrity. I want anyone reading this review to feel comfortable that this plugin is the real deal, and you won’t be left “hanging in the wind” with a product you can’t get to work. This plugin works! Give it a try – you’ll be doing a happy dance.

Helpful Plugin

This plugin is helpful for managing a large amount of products. The uploading can time out from time to time but doing another upload has got it working again for me. Just make sure to download the products that were already uploaded previously so you don’t get duplicates. Support is great! The response time is very fast and the developer will work with you to resolve your issues.

Brilliant plugin

I’ve just did quick export/import for my client, and I am impressed.
Thank you so much and keep up good work

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  • Enhancement: Improved help text for Post name and Stock quantity.
  • Enhancement: Improved label text for Product type, category , tags and shipping class.
  • Enhancement: Included links to Documentation and sample CSV.


  • Import /Export Woocommerce Products.