This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery


Add a hover button to any Word Press image to enable your visitors to buy prints and photo gifts such as magnets, frames, mousepads and more. Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery pays site owners 85% of the markup above printing and shipping costs on any ordered product.

  • 10-Second installation, Preconfigured optimally for your site
  • An additional way to monetize your website, without getting in the way of normal business operations
  • You monetize your images when your visitors order your images on gifts, prints, magnets, frames and more with a click of the ‘Print Me’ button
  • By default, the button will appear when a visitor hovers over an image of the minimum size or greater, and invites them to ‘Print Me’.
  • Automatic tracking of site sales by dotPhoto, a long time host of Professional and Amateur Photographers, assures you of payment
  • Ability to choose where the button is placed and on which Posts and Pages it is seen
  • Specially developed for the free NextGen Gallery, the “Print Me” hover button will appear in displays of Basic Thumbnails, SlideShows, ImageBrowsers, TagClouds, Compact Albums, and Extended Albums
  • The “Print Me” button will appear automatically on Lightbox displays
  • Protect your images from drag and drop and right clicks
  • Customize the ‘Print Me’ button appearance


Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery is built to work with your favorite Themes and Plugins in mind
*Works with WordPress posts
*Works with WordPress pages
*Works with Justified Grid!

If you have a compatibility issue, lets us know, and we’ll look into it for you.

Special Notes

*Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery adds a button that hovers over your photos as specified by you. It does not have to appear on every photo on your site, just the photos on the pages you select. When users click on the “Print Me” button they are sent to to purchase from a selection of 4” x 6” prints, a luggage tag, a coffee mug, and more. dotPhoto then handles the order processing for you.
*You earn 85% of the markup above printing and shipping costs on any ordered product! And, you can set your own prices!
* manages all account withdrawals and site earnings. There is no fixed or minimum withdrawal amount! Withdraw any amount, any time.
*Withdrawing your earnings is very easy, simply sign in to verify you are the site owner with and provide account information for your payouts.
*When “Print Me” is clicked your image is sent to to choose and build the desired product.
* assumes you have ownership, copyrights, or permission for images used on your site that display the “Print Me” button


  • Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery shows when hovering over an image
  • Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery button on a photography site
  • Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery button showing over a space image
  • Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery buttons work very well on Meme and Viral Sites
  • Click "Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery" on the Dashboard Menu and customize your Backend Settings
  • Monetize your logo into goods
  • Works well on family photo sites


Install the plugin like any other WordPress plugin. Installation is preconfigured out of the box.


Is it compatible with the latest WordPress version?

Yes, it is, as well as with the latest version of PHP.

How do I apply a button to a photo?

Install the Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery plugin. By default, a hover button will appear in a corner of a photo when a mouse rides over the photo. You can change the corner in which the “Print Me” button appears by changing the settings. You can have it appear in the top right, top left, bottom right, or bottom left corner. You reach the settings by clicking on Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery in the left hand menu of your Dashboard.

How do I prevent a button from appearing on a photo?

In the settings of Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery, scroll down to “Button will appear on all pages except…” and check any pages you wish to prevent the button from appearing on.

How do I make a hover button (a button that appears only when a mouse rides over the photo)?

This is the default setting. Only in the NextGEN Gallery Lightbox does the “Print Me” button appear automatically.

How do I change the look of a visible button?

You can change the text, the color of the text and the background color in the settings. If you wish to change the actual appearance, you will need to know basic css and css attributes. You can add CSS inside of wp-admin or to our stylesheet within the plugin’s samplestyle.css file.

How do I get paid?

Click on the Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery menu item in the Dashboard and you’ll be taken to the Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery Plugin page. At the top of the page you will see “Create your DotPhoto Account”. Click it to sign up for your FREE dotPhoto Account. Once you’re signed up and visitors are purchasing products with your photos on them you can come to this page and click on “view your earnings” to do just that. You can also scroll down until you reach the View/Withdraw Your Earnings link in the Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery Stats section. You can also click this link to sign in and check and withdraw your earnings.

How are prices and markups set?

The markup is the price for the product over and above printing and shipping costs. dotPhoto has set default prices for each of the products, but you may change them. You will see that there are larger markups on the more expensive products. Higher markups result in higher profits for you. Lower markups mean your visitors pay lower prices.

The button is not showing for us?

Please contact and describe your issue further.

How did you decide to offer 85% of the product’s markup to the site’s registered Account owner?

We at dotPhoto believe that the creative people responsible for the site deserve the major share of profits. We believe that a minimum of 85% is a major share. dotPhoto earns any remaining percentage for its role in acting as the host and agent for all the backend processing.

Can I earn a lot?

If visitors want your photos, this is a very easy way of integrating a powerful, yet easy, money making system into your site.

How does installing the Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery plugin change the appearance of my website?

The look of your site does not change, but visitors who hover over a picture will see a “Print Me” button. On mobile devices, a long tap shows the “Print Me” button. As the site owner or administrator, you can determine which pages display the print button, and how the button looks. One exception to the hover effect is on a photo displayed in a NextGEN Gallery Lightbox. The Lightbox effect, when active, allows your photos to be viewed center-stage in a larger format whenever they are clicked on. When the Lightbox effect is activated on a page that is set to display the “Print Me” button, visitors will always see the “Print Me” button on the photo even without hovering.

What is the minimum size my photos must be to allow them to be printed on one or more products?

The minimum size picture that can be placed on an order is 400 x 400 pixels. This is roughly 4 inches x 4 inches. Larger photos will be offered more products to print on.

What happens when a photo is too small to be printed on a product?

The Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery plugin will measure each picture for you and will not display the “Print Me“ button if the photo is too small.

Can customers buy more than one photo in an order?

Print Foto Money for NextGEN Gallery is based on the idea that most people are printing one special picture on one chosen product at a time. However, we intend to add the ability to choose more than one photo and product per order in the future.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is based on the actual cost of shipping by UPS or US mail. dotPhoto does not mark up shipping.

How much should I sell products for and which products should I sell?

The default product set and their prices are determined by dotPhoto to be the most popular products at attractive prices. Most people start with this collection of products and prices and then adjust their own prices on their merchandise over time.

What is the best size for a company logo?

If you’re displaying your company logo as a JPG image of at least the minimum size set to display the “Print Me” button (400 x 400 is the smallest) the “Print Me” button will appear on it when it is hovered over. If your site visitors want to click “Print Me” to place your logo on products then be sure it’s a high res image. We recommend a 2000 x 2000 pixel image with a 375 pixel margin around your logo in the center.

Can I set the markup to zero so that I make no money on the sale?

Yes. If you are only selling to friends and family, you may want to provide the ability to print photos for as little as possible. dotPhoto sells 4 by 6 prints for as little as 9 cents and provides very competitive prices on a wide variety of photo merchandise. To set the markup to zero, go to your dotPhoto Account’s pricing page.

Can I provide a coupon to give my friends a discount?

Not at this time. We will add coupon-ing and promotional capabilities in the future.

What is the Ordering Process?

Once the “Print Me” button on your photo is clicked the Ordering Process takes your visitors to the dotPhoto website where they are led through the selection and purchasing process. You can view the pages in the Ordering Process by viewing the process at

What file types are currently printable

Currently only .JPG files can display the “Print Me” button and be printed.


work but dont

the plugin block drag and drop and right clicks clicks but once you clic the print button it takes you tu another site where the image apears and you can save the image with right clicks .. so protec the image in one sreen but leve vulnerable in another two yeah big plugin

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