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Simple Book Production


  • Requires WordPress 4.5.3.
  • Feature: Structural SCSS and supports are in place for the new book theme model (see http://pressbooks.org/core/2016/05/16/rethinking-book-themes/).
  • Feature: Clarke 2.0 has been rebuilt on the new book theme model (see https://pressbooks.com/themes/clarke).
  • Feature: Themes built on the new book theme model can display publisher logos on the title page via add_theme_support( 'pressbooks_publisher_logo', [ 'logo_uri' => $logo_uri ] ).
  • Feature: Themes built on the new book theme model define support for global typography using add_theme_support( 'pressbooks_global_typography', [ $language_codes ] ).
  • Feature: Custom post types, built-in taxonomies and custom taxonomies can now be imported from a Pressbooks or WordPress XML file using the filters pb_import_custom_post_types and pb_import_custom_taxonomies (props to @monkecheese).
  • Feature: Filter hooks have been added which allow content to be appended to front matter, chapters and back matter via pb_append_front_matter_content, pb_append_chapter_content and pb_append_back_matter_content (props to @monkecheese).
  • Feature: Network administrators can now clear all of a book's exports (this is useful for testing).
  • Enhancement: The Export page is now responsive.
  • Enhancement: script.js is no longer required for Prince exports (if the the file is not there it will no longer trigger an error).
  • Enhancement: The <base href=""> tag has been removed from XHTML outputs, which should make these files more functional in some cases (props to @bdolor).
  • Fix: Search and Replace is now accessible to book administrators, not just network administrators.
  • Fix: The broken Forum link in the Pressbooks menu has been replaced with a link to our Help page.


  • Feature: Login screen logo and color scheme can now be changed via filters (see https://github.com/pressbooks/pressbooks/commit/d09a104bfbbe3ad00a108004d0375ad1f7057ae0).
  • Enhancement: Google Fonts are now requested over https under all circumstances.
  • Enhancement: Added some functionality to the Disable Comments plugin (props to @bdolor).
  • Fix: Imports will no longer fail in certain environments (props to @monkecheese for the bug fix).
  • Fix: Subsection titles are now properly sanitized for XHTML output.


  • Requires WordPress 4.5.2.
  • Fixed: Resolved a formatting issue on the Export page (props to @bdolor).
  • Under the Hood: Added anchor, superscript and subscript buttons to core MCE routines (eliminating dependencies).


  • FEATURE: Search and Replace functionality has been rebuilt and more closely integrated with Pressbooks core.
  • FEATURE: Pressbooks plugins (specifications forthcoming) can now be activated at the book level by book administrators.
  • FIXED: Some image asset paths were updated.
  • FIXED: Default mPDF options were updated.
  • UNDER THE HOOD: Pressbooks now bundles the WordPress API feature plugin (more to come on this front).
  • UNDER THE HOOD: Our namespace is now \Pressbooks.


  • Requires WordPress 4.5.1.
  • FEATURE: OpenDocument (beta) is now available as an export format.
  • ENHANCED: Plugin assets are now managed using Bower and compiled using gulp. Your Pressbooks dashboard will now load more efficiently (thanks to the @rootswp team for their development of this workflow).
  • ENHANCED: All symbionts except for that weird ICML one are now managed using Composer.
  • ENHANCED: check_prince_install() now tries to run prince --version instead of looking for the executable file.
  • FIXED: The Tweet button had stopped working, so we replaced our previous sharing script with @ellisonleao's excellent sharer.js.
  • FIXED: Our fork of @johngodley's Search Regex plugin has been updated for PHP 7.0 compatibility (props to @r66r for the bug report).



  • FIXED: The custom logo feature introduced in v3.3.0 now displays logos at a more reasonable size.
  • FIXED: Some extraneous files were bundled in v3.3.0. They are gone now.
  • FIXED: An extra line break was introduced to the Export screen in v3.3.0. It is gone now too.


  • Requires WordPress 4.5.
  • ICML is now an experimental export format (see http://pressbooks.com/blog/discontinuing-support-for-icml-exports-on-april-12/).
  • Added support for WordPress core's custom logo in Pressbooks Publisher.
  • Added the TinyMCE background color button.
  • Allow a user to choose their password when registering.
  • Allow a network administrator to replace the Pressbooks News dashboard feed with their own RSS feed or disable the dashboard feed entirely.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Show Title" checkbox on the "Organize" page had no effect (props to @sswettenham for the bug report).
  • Fixed an issue where uploaded media were not attached to their parent Front Matter, Chapter or Back Matter.
  • Internal dependencies are now managed using Composer.


  • Requires WordPress 4.4.2.
  • Added Google Analytics support at the network level (subdomain and subdirectory installs) and the book level (subdomain installs only).
  • Added support for installs that use SSL (props to @bdolor for contributions).
  • Added localization support for strings (currently, "Chapter" and "Part") in book stylesheets.
  • Added localization support for the Pressbooks "freebie" notice.
  • Clarified new user and book registration text.
  • Set timezone on export page based on root site settings (props to @chrillep for the bug report).
  • Enhanced image display in exports.
  • Expanded code coverage.
  • Fixed an issue where footnote anchors would not be properly created when importing a Word document (thanks to @crism for the report and the contribution).
  • Fixed an issue where clicking 'Show in Catalog' would not work (props to @colomet for the bug report).
  • Fixed an issue where the "My Books" button would appear in Pressbooks Publisher for logged-in users with no books.
  • Fixed the way the PB_PLUGIN_DIR and PB_PLUGIN_URL constants are defined to support installations of Pressbooks where plugins and themes are symlinked.


  • Requires WordPress 4.4.1.
  • Added internal links (anchors) to the built in 'Insert/edit Link' dialog.
  • Added admin notices to indicate the success or failure of some AJAX actions which do not produce a visible result.
  • Fixed an issue with EPUB validation introduced by WordPress 4.4's implementation of the srcset attribute.
  • Fixed an issue where a dynamically-generated webBook stylesheet would be erroneously loaded.
  • Fixed an issue with image paths in Luther webBook stylesheet (props to @bdolor for the bug report).
  • Fixed an issue that caused ODT exports to fail in a particularly undignified manner.
  • Fixed an issue where PDF themes would not be imported for editing properly when using the Pressbooks Custom CSS theme.
  • Expanded test suites.


  • Fixed an issue where custom web book themes would not be properly loaded.
  • Updated the PB_PLUGIN_VERSION constant, which slipped under our radar when we released Pressbooks 3.1.


  • Requires WordPress 4.4.
  • Added a new Textboxes menu in TinyMCE which supports some new types of textboxes in addition to standard and shaded.
  • Added support for assigning classes to tables within the TinyMCE Table Editor and removed some unnecessary features from it.
  • Added a new Greek language font.
  • Moved the mPDF library to an external plugin, Pressbooks mPDF.
  • Localized strings within some of our TinyMCE plugins. More to come.
  • Improved SCSS theme structure and SCSS compilation routines.
  • Improved XSL file for ODT export.
  • Improved some TinyMCE styles.
  • Fixed an issue where activating a non-SCSS theme would cause an error.
  • Fixed an issue where loading the Search and Replace tool would cause an error (props to @rootl for the bug report).
  • Updated some assets.


  • SASS-y themes: book themes are now built with SASS (specifically the SCSS variant) and compiled for export or web display using either the bundled scssphp compiler (https://github.com/leafo/scssphp/) or the SASS PHP extension if installed (https://github.com/sensational/sassphp). See /docs/themes-book.txt for details if you are developing your own themes.
  • Global Typography: users can add fonts to display Ancient Greek, Arabic, Biblical Hebrew, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), Coptic, Gujarati, Japanese, Korean, Syriac, Tamil or Tibetan in any theme across all standard export formats via the Theme Options page.
  • EPUB 3: the current version of the EPUB standard is now fully supported and will soon become Pressbooks' default EPUB export format.
  • Added support for importing book information from a Pressbooks XML file.
  • Added support for persistent export format selections on the Export page.
  • Added the ability to show or hide front matter, chapter and back matter titles on the Organize page.
  • Added initial support for unit testing.
  • Requires PHP 5.6 (this can be overridden by setting $pb_minimum_php in wp-config.php, but we do not encourage this).
  • Updated the Prince command line wrapper to support Prince 10r5.
  • Updated export icons to support Retina screens.
  • Fixed an issue where Norwegian localization files were not being properly loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where the xml:lang attribute would set to en regardless of the book language.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Prince from loading its built-in hyphenation dictionaries.
  • Fixed an issue with Kindle exports in bundled book themes.
  • Fixed an issue with multi-level TOC styling in bundled book themes.
  • Fixed an issue with EPUB images.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings.
  • Refactored some code for consistent namespacing and other improvements.
  • Various localization updates.
  • Various performance enhancements.


  • Requires WordPress 4.3.1.
  • Added MCE Anchor Button (migrated from Pressbooks Textbook, props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed an issue where the book language could be incorrectly set to Afrikaans if the network language was undefined.
  • Fixed an issue where loading a user's catalog would call memory-intensive functions repeatedly (props to @connerbw).
  • Suppressed unhelpful errors when calling getSubsections() function (props to @connerbw).


  • Fixed an issue where changes made with the Search & Replace tool would not be saved (props to @connerbw).
  • Fixed an issue where users without super admin privileges would be incorrectly prevented from using the Import or Search & Replace tools.
  • Fixed a display bug in recent builds of Google Chrome (props to @connerbw).


  • Major cleanup of the administration interface.


  • Added the ability to edit a table's class in the MCE Table Button's properties editor.
  • Fixed an issue where Chinese would appear as the default user interface language.
  • Fixed an issue where disabling social media sharing buttons would only disable Facebook (props to @colomet for the bug report).
  • Updated localizations.


  • Exporting a MOBI file no longer requires you to export an EPUB file also.


  • Fixed a number of issues with multi-level TOC parsing.
  • Fixed an issue where internal links on subdirectory installs were not being properly modified for PDF output (props to @bdolor).


  • Added support for audio shortcodes in EPUB3 (props to @jflowers45).
  • Modified login buttons to redirect users to the page they were viewing after login rather than force redirecting them to their dashboard (props to @marcusschiesser for the feature request).
  • Fixed an issue where PDF exports were not respecting user-defined widow and orphan settings.
  • Fixed an issue where unsupported @font-face declarations where being used in mPDF exports (props to @jflowers45 for the bug report and @bdolor for fixing it).
  • Fixed an issue where updating a book's URL would break permalinks to front matter, back matter and parts (props to @programmieraffe for the bug report).
  • Removed the WordPress contextual help button to avoid confusion on the dashboard (props to @colomet for noting its presence).


  • Fixed issue with self-closing tags introduced in 2.6.1.


  • Fixed issues with character encoding and improperly formed
    tags introduced in 2.6.1.


  • Fixed issues with subsection parsing where


h1> tags had inline styles or were wrapped in other block elements. * Fixed an issue where changing a book's language to "English" as opposed to "English (United States)" would fail to override the network's language setting. * Updated documentation.


  • Requires WordPress 4.3.
  • The language selected on the book info page now applies to the book's webbook display.
  • The language selected on the network settings page now applies automatically to new books and users.
  • The language selected on a user's profile now overrides the network and book languages when they view the Pressbooks dashboard.


  • Requires WordPress 4.2.4.
  • Added Disable Comments (migrated from Pressbooks Textbook, props to @bdolor and the plugin's creators).
  • Added a warning message when users upload a cover image above the recommended size.
  • Optimized \Pressbooks\Book::getBookStructure() so as to only fetch export status during export routines (props to @bracken).
  • Fixed a conflict with Jetpack (props to @programmieraffe for the bug report).
  • Fixed an issue where chapters were being number in mPDF TOCs regardless of user preference (props to @bdolor for the fix and to @sswettenham for the bug report).
  • Fixed an issue where sections would be parsed unnecessarily in webbooks (props to @bracken).
  • Fixed two issues related to permissive private content (props to @marcusschiesser for the bug reports).
  • Fixed an issue that caused a recursion during PDF export (props to @bseeger for the bug report).


  • Added option to allow logged-in subscribers, contributors and authors to view a book's private content (props to @marcusschiesser for the feature request).
  • Fixed an issue where the webbook TOC would not be displayed for any user who was not logged in (props to @sswettenham for the bug report).
  • Fixed an issue where the media folder was not being deleted after ODT exports without a cover image.


  • Added MCE Superscript & Subscript Buttons (migrated from Pressbooks Textbook, props to @bdolor and the plugin's creators).
  • Improved ODT export: temporary files are now deleted when export fails (props to @sswettenham for the bug report).
  • Improved user catalog: book covers are now clickable links (props to @kdv24).
  • Improved user catalog: sidebars are sized to fit content instead of being restricted to window height (props to @changemachine).
  • Fixed an issue where private chapters would appear in webbook TOC for logged-in users without the permissions to actually view them (props to @marcusschiesser for the bug report).


  • Added MCE Table Editor (migrated from Pressbooks Textbook, props to @bdolor and the plugin's creators).
  • Added support for excluding root domains and subdomains in show_experimental_features() function.
  • Added the ability to toggle social media integration on or off in webbooks (props to @bdolor).
  • Added the ability to restrict specific network administrators' access to some network administration pages.
  • Added a note in readme.txt indicating that php5-xsl is a required extension for certain exports (props to @jflowers45).
  • Added a function to intelligently load plugins in /symbionts so as to avoid conflicts (props to @bdolor and the Pressbooks Textbook team for providing the basis for this).
  • Forced Google webfonts to load via SSL (props to @bdolor).
  • Improved editor style so that large images fit the editing window (props to @hughmcguire).
  • Improved Javascript related to the sidebar table of contents in webbooks (props to @changemachine and @kdv24).
  • Improved logic related to maximum import size reporting (props to @jflowers45).
  • Improved styles associated with the accessibility plugin (props to @bdolor).
  • Improved XSL for ODT export.
  • Restored login screen branding in Pressbooks Publisher 2.0.
  • Restored user catalog links in Pressbooks Publisher 2.0.
  • Fixed a database error in user catalogs (props to @bdolor for the bug report).
  • Fixed an issue where books would overlap on the user catalog page (props to @bracken and @changemachine).
  • Fixed an issue where cover images and LaTex images would be omitted from ODT exports (props to @bdolor for the bug report and for assistance in solving this).
  • Fixed an issue where embedded audio files would be hidden in exports because of an inline style (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed an issue where the introduction class would not be applied in certain exports.
  • Fixed an issue where exports would fail because the get_user_by function was being improperly namespaced (props to @borayeris for the bug report).


  • Requires WordPress 4.2.2.
  • New root theme, Pressbooks Publisher 2.0. Pressbooks Publisher One has been deprecated and is now available (unsupported) here.
  • Added centralized show_experimental_features() function to control where such things appear.
  • Added experimental PDF export via mPDF as an open source alternative to Prince (props to @bdolor).
  • Added fallbacks for title, author and cover image fetching in getBookInformation() function.
  • Improved image fetching in ODT export (props to @bdolor).
  • Improved import of Pressbooks XML files (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed issue where the API could show chapters as appearing in the wrong part (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed issue where entities would be improperly loaded in XML document in ODT export (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed issue with the network administration menu in the admin bar.
  • Fixed issue with spacing and punctuation in webbook license module output.


  • Requires WordPress 4.2.1.


  • Requires WordPress 4.2.
  • Added experimental ODT export capability.
  • Fixed issue where useful backslashes were stripped on import (props to @lukaiser for identifying this issue).


  • Requires WordPress 4.1.2.
  • Removed Hpub export routines.
  • Made links inside the [footnote] shortcode clickable (props to @bdolor).
  • Added accessibility plugin to allow font size increases in webbook and PDF exports (props to @BakingSoda and @bdolor).
  • Added some instructional text to Book Info page.
  • Fixed character encoding issue with the TOC display of subsection titles.
  • Fixed internal links for subdirectory installs within PDF exports (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed issue with catalog page in WebKit browsers (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed potential XSS attack via remove_query_arg (see: https://blog.sucuri.net/2015/04/security-advisory-xss-vulnerability-affecting-multiple-wordpress-plugins.html; props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed variable-related warnings on RESTful API when debugging mode is enabled (props to @julienCXX).
  • Fixed XHTML export issue with respect to determining the introduction part or chapter for page numbering.
  • Updated included custom-metadata plugin to fix array_reverse bug (@props to bdolor).
  • Swedish translation (props to @chrillep).


  • Fixed licenses.
  • Added child theme support to collapsible TOC functionality (props to @bdolor).


  • Fixed issue with improperly parsed sections in chapters and back matter.


  • Requires WordPress 4.1.
  • Refined export logic to ensure that parts are handled properly under all circumstances.
  • Refined parsing of chapter subsections; this feature no longer requires the use of the <section> tag.
  • Subsections are now parsed in front- and back-matter as well.
  • Support for a centralized fonts folder in the themes directory.
  • Fixed bug that broke the running head in PDF exports.
  • Fixed bug that broke internal links in PDF exports.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Chapter Types menu item to be displayed twice for certain users.
  • Beta Pressbooks API (props to @bdolor; see http://pressbooks.com/api/v1/docs).
  • Collapsible TOCs for webbooks (props to @drlippman).
  • Import enhancements (props to @bdolor).
  • EPUB export enhancements (props to @bdolor).


  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.0.
  • Fixed some issues with our experimental EPUB3 export (props to @bdolor).
  • Enhancements to WXR and EPUB import (props to @bdolor and @drlippman).
  • Added support for contributing authors in webbooks and exports (props to @bdolor).
  • Added some new translation files.


  • Cleaner print output from webbooks.
  • Ebook theme option to skip line between paragraphs is now honored in all themes.

Requires: 4.5.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 100+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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