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  • Exporting a MOBI file no longer requires you to export an EPUB file also.


  • Fixed a number of issues with multi-level TOC parsing.
  • Fixed an issue where internal links on subdirectory installs were not being properly modified for PDF output (props to @bdolor).


  • Added support for audio shortcodes in EPUB3 (props to @jflowers45).
  • Modified login buttons to redirect users to the page they were viewing after login rather than force redirecting them to their dashboard (props to @marcusschiesser for the feature request).
  • Fixed an issue where PDF exports were not respecting user-defined widow and orphan settings.
  • Fixed an issue where unsupported @font-face declarations where being used in mPDF exports (props to @jflowers45 for the bug report and @bdolor for fixing it).
  • Fixed an issue where updating a book's URL would break permalinks to front matter, back matter and parts (props to @programmieraffe for the bug report).
  • Removed the WordPress contextual help button to avoid confusion on the dashboard (props to @colomet for noting its presence).


  • Fixed issue with self-closing tags introduced in 2.6.1.


  • Fixed issues with character encoding and improperly formed
    tags introduced in 2.6.1.


  • Fixed issues with subsection parsing where


h1> tags had inline styles or were wrapped in other block elements. * Fixed an issue where changing a book's language to "English" as opposed to "English (United States)" would fail to override the network's language setting. * Updated documentation.


  • Requires WordPress 4.3.
  • The language selected on the book info page now applies to the book's webbook display.
  • The language selected on the network settings page now applies automatically to new books and users.
  • The language selected on a user's profile now overrides the network and book languages when they view the Pressbooks dashboard.


  • Requires WordPress 4.2.4.
  • Added Disable Comments (migrated from Pressbooks Textbook, props to @bdolor and the plugin's creators).
  • Added a warning message when users upload a cover image above the recommended size.
  • Optimized \PressBooks\Book::getBookStructure() so as to only fetch export status during export routines (props to @bracken).
  • Fixed a conflict with Jetpack (props to @programmieraffe for the bug report).
  • Fixed an issue where chapters were being number in mPDF TOCs regardless of user preference (props to @bdolor for the fix and to @sswettenham for the bug report).
  • Fixed an issue where sections would be parsed unnecessarily in webbooks (props to @bracken).
  • Fixed two issues related to permissive private content (props to @marcusschiesser for the bug reports).
  • Fixed an issue that caused a recursion during PDF export (props to @bseeger for the bug report).


  • Added option to allow logged-in subscribers, contributors and authors to view a book's private content (props to @marcusschiesser for the feature request).
  • Fixed an issue where the webbook TOC would not be displayed for any user who was not logged in (props to @sswettenham for the bug report).
  • Fixed an issue where the media folder was not being deleted after ODT exports without a cover image.


  • Added MCE Superscript & Subscript Buttons (migrated from Pressbooks Textbook, props to @bdolor and the plugin's creators).
  • Improved ODT export: temporary files are now deleted when export fails (props to @sswettenham for the bug report).
  • Improved user catalog: book covers are now clickable links (props to @kdv24).
  • Improved user catalog: sidebars are sized to fit content instead of being restricted to window height (props to @changemachine).
  • Fixed an issue where private chapters would appear in webbook TOC for logged-in users without the permissions to actually view them (props to @marcusschiesser for the bug report).


  • Added MCE Table Editor (migrated from Pressbooks Textbook, props to @bdolor and the plugin's creators).
  • Added support for excluding root domains and subdomains in show_experimental_features() function.
  • Added the ability to toggle social media integration on or off in webbooks (props to @bdolor).
  • Added the ability to restrict specific network administrators' access to some network administration pages.
  • Added a note in readme.txt indicating that php5-xsl is a required extension for certain exports (props to @jflowers45).
  • Added a function to intelligently load plugins in /symbionts so as to avoid conflicts (props to @bdolor and the Pressbooks Textbook team for providing the basis for this).
  • Forced Google webfonts to load via SSL (props to @bdolor).
  • Improved editor style so that large images fit the editing window (props to @hughmcguire).
  • Improved Javascript related to the sidebar table of contents in webbooks (props to @changemachine and @kdv24).
  • Improved logic related to maximum import size reporting (props to @jflowers45).
  • Improved styles associated with the accessibility plugin (props to @bdolor).
  • Improved XSL for ODT export.
  • Restored login screen branding in Pressbooks Publisher 2.0.
  • Restored user catalog links in Pressbooks Publisher 2.0.
  • Fixed a database error in user catalogs (props to @bdolor for the bug report).
  • Fixed an issue where books would overlap on the user catalog page (props to @bracken and @changemachine).
  • Fixed an issue where cover images and LaTex images would be omitted from ODT exports (props to @bdolor for the bug report and for assistance in solving this).
  • Fixed an issue where embedded audio files would be hidden in exports because of an inline style (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed an issue where the introduction class would not be applied in certain exports.
  • Fixed an issue where exports would fail because the get_user_by function was being improperly namespaced (props to @borayeris for the bug report).


  • Requires WordPress 4.2.2.
  • New root theme, Pressbooks Publisher 2.0. Pressbooks Publisher One has been deprecated and is now available (unsupported) here.
  • Added centralized show_experimental_features() function to control where such things appear.
  • Added experimental PDF export via mPDF as an open source alternative to Prince (props to @bdolor).
  • Added fallbacks for title, author and cover image fetching in getBookInformation() function.
  • Improved image fetching in ODT export (props to @bdolor).
  • Improved import of Pressbooks XML files (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed issue where the API could show chapters as appearing in the wrong part (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed issue where entities would be improperly loaded in XML document in ODT export (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed issue with the network administration menu in the admin bar.
  • Fixed issue with spacing and punctuation in webbook license module output.


  • Requires WordPress 4.2.1.


  • Requires WordPress 4.2.
  • Added experimental ODT export capability.
  • Fixed issue where useful backslashes were stripped on import (props to @lukaiser for identifying this issue).


  • Requires WordPress 4.1.2.
  • Removed Hpub export routines.
  • Made links inside the [footnote] shortcode clickable (props to @bdolor).
  • Added accessibility plugin to allow font size increases in webbook and PDF exports (props to @BakingSoda and @bdolor).
  • Added some instructional text to Book Info page.
  • Fixed character encoding issue with the TOC display of subsection titles.
  • Fixed internal links for subdirectory installs within PDF exports (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed issue with catalog page in WebKit browsers (props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed potential XSS attack via remove_query_arg (see: https://blog.sucuri.net/2015/04/security-advisory-xss-vulnerability-affecting-multiple-wordpress-plugins.html; props to @bdolor).
  • Fixed variable-related warnings on RESTful API when debugging mode is enabled (props to @julienCXX).
  • Fixed XHTML export issue with respect to determining the introduction part or chapter for page numbering.
  • Updated included custom-metadata plugin to fix array_reverse bug (@props to bdolor).
  • Swedish translation (props to @chrillep).


  • Fixed licenses.
  • Added child theme support to collapsible TOC functionality (props to @bdolor).


  • Fixed issue with improperly parsed sections in chapters and back matter.


  • Requires WordPress 4.1.
  • Refined export logic to ensure that parts are handled properly under all circumstances.
  • Refined parsing of chapter subsections; this feature no longer requires the use of the <section> tag.
  • Subsections are now parsed in front- and back-matter as well.
  • Support for a centralized fonts folder in the themes directory.
  • Fixed bug that broke the running head in PDF exports.
  • Fixed bug that broke internal links in PDF exports.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Chapter Types menu item to be displayed twice for certain users.
  • Beta Pressbooks API (props to @bdolor; see http://pressbooks.com/api/v1/docs).
  • Collapsible TOCs for webbooks (props to @drlippman).
  • Import enhancements (props to @bdolor).
  • EPUB export enhancements (props to @bdolor).


  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.0.
  • Fixed some issues with our experimental EPUB3 export (props to @bdolor).
  • Enhancements to WXR and EPUB import (props to @bdolor and @drlippman).
  • Added support for contributing authors in webbooks and exports (props to @bdolor).
  • Added some new translation files.


  • Cleaner print output from webbooks.
  • Ebook theme option to skip line between paragraphs is now honored in all themes.

Requires: 4.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-8-28
Active Installs: 90+


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