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Preserve Code Formatting

Preserve formatting of code for display by preventing its modification by WordPress and other plugins while also retaining whitespace.

3.7 (2016-03-29)

Highlights: * This release largely consists of minor behind-the-scenes changes.

Details: * Change: Update plugin framework to 041 * Change class name to c2c_PreserveCodeFormatting_Plugin_041 to be plugin-specific * Set textdomain using a string instead of a variable * Don't load textdomain from file * Change admin page header from 'h2' to 'h1' tag * Add c2c_plugin_version() * Formatting improvements to inline docs * Change: Add support for language packs: * Set textdomain using a string instead of a variable * Don't load textdomain from file * Remove .pot file and /lang subdirectory * Remove 'Domain Path' from plugin header. * New: Add LICENSE file. * New: Add empty index.php to prevent files from being listed if web server has enabled directory listings. * Change: Declare class as final. * Change: Explicitly declare methods in unit tests as public or protected. * Change: Minor tweak to description. * Change: Minor code reformatting (spacing). * Change: Minor improvements to inline docs and test docs. * Change: Note compatibility through WP 4.5+. * Change: Remove support for WordPress older than 4.1. * Change: Update copyright date (2016).

3.6 (2015-02-24)

  • Cast some variable as array to avoid potential PHP warnings
  • Add more unit tests
  • Update plugin framework to 039
  • Explicitly declare activation() and uninstall() static
  • Reformat plugin header
  • Minor code reformatting (spacing, bracing)
  • Change documentation links to w.org to be https
  • Minor documentation spacing changes throughout
  • Note compatibility through WP 4.1+
  • Update copyright date (2015)
  • Add plugin icon
  • Regenerate .pot

3.5 (2014-01-11)

  • Add setting to control if code should be preserved in posts (default is true)
  • Don't wrap 'pre' tags in 'pre' despite settings values
  • Update plugin framework to 037
  • Better singleton implementation:
    • Add get_instance() static method for returning/creating singleton instance
    • Make static variable 'instance' private
    • Make constructor protected
    • Make class final
    • Additional related changes in plugin framework (protected constructor, erroring __clone() and __wakeup())
  • Add unit tests
  • Add checks to prevent execution of code if file is directly accessed
  • Re-license as GPLv2 or later (from X11)
  • Add 'License' and 'License URI' header tags to readme.txt and plugin file
  • Use explicit path for require_once()
  • Discontinue use of PHP4-style constructor
  • Discontinue use of explicit pass-by-reference for objects
  • Remove ending PHP close tag
  • Minor documentation improvements
  • Minor code reformatting (spacing, bracing)
  • Note compatibility through WP 3.8+
  • Drop compatibility with version of WP older than 3.6
  • Add comments explaining use of base64_encode and base64_decode
  • Update copyright date (2014)
  • Regenerate .pot
  • Change plugin description (to make it shorter)
  • Change donate link
  • Omit final closing PHP tag
  • Add assets directory to plugin repository checkout
  • Update screenshot
  • Move screenshot into repo's assets directory
  • Add banner


  • Fix bug with settings form not appearing in MS
  • Update plugin framework to 032
  • Remove support for 'c2c_preserve_code_formatting' global
  • Note compatibility through WP 3.3+
  • Drop support for versions of WP older than 3.1
  • Change parent constructor invocation
  • Create 'lang' subdirectory and move .pot file into it
  • Regenerate .pot
  • Add 'Domain Path' directive to top of main plugin file
  • Add link to plugin directory page to readme.txt
  • Add text and FAQ question regarding how shortcodes are prevented from being evaluated
  • Tweak installation instructions in readme.txt
  • Update screenshot for WP 3.3
  • Update copyright date (2012)


  • Fix to properly register activation and uninstall hooks
  • Update plugin framework to version v023
  • Save a static version of itself in class variable $instance
  • Deprecate use of global variable $c2c_preserve_code_formatting to store instance
  • Add __construct(), activation(), and uninstall()
  • Explicitly declare functions public and variable private
  • Remove declarations of instance variable which have since become part of the plugin framework
  • Note compatibility through WP 3.2+
  • Drop compatibility with version of WP older than 3.0
  • Minor code formatting changes (spacing)
  • Update copyright date (2011)
  • Add plugin homepage and author links in description in readme.txt


  • Re-implementation by extending C2C_Plugin_016, which among other things adds support for:
    • Reset of options to default values
    • Better sanitization of input values
    • Offload of core/basic functionality to generic plugin framework
    • Additional hooks for various stages/places of plugin operation
    • Easier localization support
  • Full localization support
  • Change storing plugin instance in global variable to $c2c_preserve_code_formatting (instead of $preserve_code_formatting), to allow for external manipulation
  • Rename class from 'PreserveCodeFormatting' to 'c2c_PreserveCodeFormatting'
  • Remove docs from top of plugin file (all that and more are in readme.txt)
  • Note compatibility with WP 2.9+, 3.0+
  • Drop compatibility with versions of WP older than 2.8
  • Add PHPDoc documentation
  • Minor tweaks to code formatting (spacing)
  • Add package info to top of plugin file
  • Add Upgrade Notice section to readme.txt
  • Update copyright date
  • Remove trailing whitespace
  • Add .pot file


  • Fixed some borked code preservation by restoring some processing removed in previous release


  • Fixed recently introduced bug affecting occasional code preservation by using a more robust alternative approach
  • Fixed "Settings" link for plugin in plugin listing, which lead to blank settings page
  • Changed help text for preservable tags settings input to be more explicit


  • Fix to retain any attributes defined for tags being preserved
  • Fixed recently introduced bug affecting occasional code preservation


  • Fixed newly introduced bug that added unnecessary slashes to preserved code
  • Fixed long-running bug where intended slashes in code got stripped on display (last remaining known bug)


  • Fixed long-running bug that caused some preserved code to appear garbled
  • Updated a lot of internal plugin management code
  • Added 'Settings' link to plugin's plugin listing entry
  • Used plugins_url() instead of hardcoded path
  • Brought admin markup in line with modern conventions
  • Minor reformatting (spacing)
  • Noted compatibility through WP2.8+
  • Dropped support for pre-WP2.6
  • Updated copyright date
  • Updated screenshot


  • Completely rewritten
  • Now properly handles code embedded in comments
  • Created its own class to encapsulate plugin functionality
  • Added admin options page under Options -> Code Formatting (or in WP 2.5: Settings -> Code Formatting). Options are now saved to database, negating need to customize code within the plugin source file.
  • Removed function anti_wptexturize() as the new handling approach negates its need
  • Changed description; updated installation instructions
  • Added compatibility note
  • Updated copyright date
  • Moved into its own subdirectory; added readme.txt and screenshot
  • Tested compatibility with WP 2.3.3 and 2.5


  • Initial release

Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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