Premmerce Multi-currency for Woocommerce


The Premmerce Multi-currency for Woocommerce plugin allows you to start a multi-currency store with flexible settings and a number of additional unique features.

The main plugin features and its key advantages:

This plugin differs from the existing on the market solutions and allows you to work with currencies at a more professional level. You’ll definitely like its key features:

The ability to display a product price in different currencies (Premium)
The most popular plugins, that are available today, work on the following principle – you can specify the product price in only one main currency, and when switching the currencies use the conversion at a given rate.

This approach isn’t very flexible, because it doesn’t solve the following problems:

  • For importing several price lists from different international suppliers in different currencies and maintaining product prices updated, it’s best to run import with the prices specified in the original price list.
  • Avoid losses from the exchange rates fluctuations when selling products that you’ve purchased abroad in a foreign currency, it’s best to display a product price in the purchased currency and to change the exchange rate in the store dashboard.

Premmerce Multi-currency for Woocommerce solves these cases as it allows you to set the price for each product in different currencies.

The ability to create two identical currencies with different exchange rates
It will enable import of several price lists with different rates of the same currency from different suppliers.

Automatic updating currency rates (Premium)
We’ve added automatic currency rates updating from servers like Currencylayer and Free Currency Converter.

Supporting geolocation (Premium)
Automatic currency selection depending on the customer’s country improves the usability of the site.

Creating an internal currency
It gives the ability to display only the currency needed for sale thus making currency management more flexible.

Importing products in different currencies
Updating product prices in different currencies will reduce your losses when exchange rates fluctuate. Your prices will always be actual and updated. The correct products importing in different currencies need the following plugins: WP All Import Pro, WP All Import – WooCommerce Add-On Pro

Additionally, this plugin supports the following standard multi-currency features:
* Adding currency rates and automatic conversion
* Displaying the currency switch widget
* Unlimited number of currencies
* Formatting a price display on the frontend
* Displaying a currency symbol, for example, ‘UAH’ for the Ukrainian hryvnia (the standard symbol – ₴)
* The shortcode [multicurrency]
* Supporting caching plugins

The plugin is tested for compatibility and it adds the functionality:
* WooCommerce – all core features for working with products and prices
* Premmerce WooСommerce Wholesale Pricing
* WooСommerce SEO Addon

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  • The plugin settings in the administrative area.
  • The currencies list in the administrative area.
  • The currencies switcher displaying on the frontend.



Full documentation is available here: Premmerce Multi-currency for Woocommerce

Installation Instructions

Go to Plugins -> Add New section from your admin account and search for Premmerce Multi-currency for Woocommerce.

You can also install this plugin manually:

  • Download the plugin’s ZIP archive and unzip it.
  • Copy the unzipped premmerce-woocommerce-multi-currency folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Contributors & Developers

“Premmerce Multi-currency for Woocommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Release Date: Jan 24, 2018

  • Initial release


Release Date: Aug 2, 2018

  • Added wholesale pricing compatibility
  • Added price filter compatibility
  • Updated freemius sdk
  • Updated translations


Release Date: Nov 26, 2018

  • Updated freemius version to 2.1.3
  • Added WooCommerce 3.5 support
  • Added rates auto update to premium version
  • Added geo location support
  • Added new hooks
  • Fixed woocommerce reports
  • Fixed wpml support


Release Date: Mar 1, 2019

  • Security fix
  • Added OceanWP integration


Release Date: Apr 9, 2019

  • Added Free Currency Converter Authorization
  • Updated currency switcher option names
  • Fixed issues with WPML
  • Fixed mini cart displaying issue
  • Fixed bug with order currencies in admin dashboard
  • Fixed bugs with Premmerce Frequently Bought Together
  • Fixed bugs with Premmerce Woocommerce Wholesale Pricing
  • Fixed bugs with Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter


Release Date: Apr 10, 2019
* Removed geolocation check from free version