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POWr Video Slider

A simple slideshow for YouTube and Vimeo videos!

Do I need to create a POWr Account?

Yes, you need a POWr Account. Your account allows you to edit plugins right in your live webpage, and to recreate plugins across many different sites.

How do I add Video Slider to a page or blog post?

Add the shortcode [powr-video-slider label='Enter any label here'] to any page or post. Then visit your live site to edit.

Can I add more than one Video Slider?

Yes, absolutely! To clone your Video Slider, just add the exact same shortcode to pages or posts. To create a new version of Video Slider, add a different shortcode to each page or post, for example: [powr-video-slider label='first form'], and [powr-video-slider label='second form'].

Will my users see the settings icon in the corner of the Video Slider?

No! You only see the settings icon because you own the plugins. To temporarily hide it, click on your page and then type 'p + down arrow' (the letter p followed by the down arrow). You can show the icon again by typing 'p + up-arrow'.

I can't see the settings icon anymore, what happened?

You are just logged out of POWr.io. You can show the icon again by typing 'p + up-arrow'.

Is POWr Video Slider Free?

Yes, the basic version of Video Slider is completely free!

Why should I upgrade?

Upgrading gives you access to advanced features, removes all POWr watermarks, speeds up widget loading speed, gets you premium support, and supports the creation of more great plugins!

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.4
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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