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PowerPress Posts From MySQL

Have a bunch of podcasts stored on your server and aren't excited about creating each post manually? This can help.

v 0.9.9

  • Changed the way media_handle_sideload was being used

v 0.9.8

  • (note: Most of this work was done months ago. I got busy and forgot about it)
  • Rewritten from the ground up
  • Learned a lot about WordPress
  • Learned a lot about Git, too.

v 0.9.4

  • Added check to ensure BluBrry PowerPress is installed and activated
  • More CSS and HTML changes in an attempt to pretty this thing up a bit
  • Changed code to allow for localization
  • Used Google Translate to create .mo files for:
  • French
  • Spanish - Spain/Ecuador
  • Italian
  • Danish - Denmark
  • German
  • Turkish

v 0.9.2

  • Included a Primary Key field in the settings page
  • Added ability to set the status of posts as either Published or Draft
  • Made some aesthetic changes to the settings page using some CSS and jQuery
  • Removed some unused code and comments from process.php

v 0.9.1

  • Added database connectivity checking.
  • Added check to prevent posting same podcast twice based on the podcast/post title.
  • Added ability to post from a range of records in the table based on a specific database field.
  • Added display of total records in table.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.11
Last Updated: 2014-1-29
Active Installs: 30+


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