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Post Affiliate Pro

This plugin integrates Post Affiliate Pro software into any WordPress installation. Post Affiliate Pro is the leading affiliate tracking tool with mor

Q: After update, all menus are gone and plugin is not working at all

A: In situation like this you should check your PapApi.class.php file in your PostAffiliatePro plugin directory. In most of the cases, this file was missing after update and that caused plugin malfunction. Without PapApi.class.php file plugin can not operate correctly and because of thet it disable its self to prevent damaging the main pages with error or warning messages etc.

What is Post Affiliate Pro?

Post Affiliate Pro is an award-winning affiliate tracking software designed to empower or establish in-house affiliate program. For more info check out this page

Can Post Affilate Pro user use same passowrd as in WordPress?

No. This is not possible at the moment. Passwords will be always different.

How can I use affiliate shortcode?

Here are few examples of usage:

[affiliate item="name"/] - prints name of currently loaded affiliate.

[affiliate item="loginurl"/] - prints link "Affiliate panel" that affiliate can use to login to his panel

[affiliate item="loginurl" caption="Log me in!"/] - prints link "Log me in!" that affiliate can use to login to his panel

[affiliate item="loginurl_raw"/] - prints raw url link: http://www.yoursite.com/affiliate/affiliates/panel.php?S=sessionid

[affiliate item="OTHER_ATTRIBUTES"/] - prints other affiliate attributes. OTHER_ATTRIBUTES can be one of these items:

  • userid - ID of user
  • refid - user referral ID
  • rstatus - user status
  • minimumpayout - amount of the minimum payout for user
  • payoutoptionid - ID of the payout option used by user
  • note - user note
  • photo - URL of user image
  • username - username
  • rpassword - user passwrod
  • firstname - user first name
  • lastname - user last name
  • parentuserid - ID od parent user
  • ip - user signup IP address
  • notificationemail - user notification email
  • data1 to data25 - user data fields

example of getting user notification email:

[affiliate item="notificationemail"]

You can get the same values of affiliate parent, instead of 'affiliate' shortcode call 'parent' and then the needed item. E.g. for parent name call this: [parent item="name"/]

Is it possible to integrate this plugin with s2Member?

Yes it is. But keep in mind you should not use any mandatory fields in Post Affiliate Pro signup. You have to use optional fields only.

Is it possible to integrate this plugin with MagicMembers?

Yes it is. But this feature is just experimental at this time.

How to use the TopAffiliates widget?

If you want to publicly display affiliate statistics in your WordPress, simply navigate to Appearance> Widgets section and add the Top Affiliates widget. When added, you can configure how many affiliates should be included in the result, set which value to use for ordering and you can also define the template of the result. You can use these variables: {$firstname} {$lastname} {$userid} {$parentuserid} {$clicksAll} {$salesCount} {$commissions}

Requires: 3.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 500+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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