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Post Content Shortcodes

Adds shortcodes to display the content of a post or a list of posts.



  • Test for 4.0 compatibility
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Add "current-post-item" CSS class to the appropriate post within the post-list in response to request from thomas.mery
  • Add post ID and shortcode attributes to items that can be sent through the post-content-shortcodes-open-item filter
  • Add post object and shortcode attributes to items sent through most filters
  • Add new post-content-shortcodes-include-thumbnail filter to change the way the thumbnail is included in post content (if desired)

  • Minor bug fix: On multisite, when pulling items with a custom taxonomy from another blog, an empty list would be returned because the taxonomy wasn't registered


  • Implement admin options for plugin
  • Implement post content widget
  • Implement post list widget
  • Allow disabling default styles
  • Attempt to fix issue with unbalanced shortcodes and HTML tags in post excerpts
  • Add shortcode option to strip all HTML from post excerpts
  • Begin implementing option to show comments with posts
  • Remove manual database calls in favor of new, optimized switch_to_blog()
  • Improve performance
  • Fix bug that stopped images from being displayed on cross-site post lists
  • Added ability to specify blog name (slug) rather than blog ID to pull posts from another site
  • Added ability to specify post slug rather than post ID to pull post


  • Fix bug with the number of posts returned by post_list shortcode
  • Attempt to add tax_query args to post_list shortcode
  • Fix bug with category parameter
  • Test compatibility with 3.6
  • Fix image size bug when only width or height is defined (previously, the other dimension defaulted to 0; now, it defaults to 9999999px, instead, to ensure that the specified dimension is used)
  • Start to flesh out the widgets a little more

  • Fix image size bug introduced in 0.3.2


  • Fix bug with the way post-list transients were stored (and therefore retrieved)
  • Update class names to better match WP Coding Standards
  • Add pcsc-transient-timeout filter for transient timeout (to allow shorter or longer caching of data)
  • Add ability to display title at top of post-content shortcode using the show_title attribute.


  • Urgent bugfix (post-content shortcode wasn't showing content)


  • Added ability to display content of a post from another site in a multisite installation
  • Added ability to list posts from another site in a multisite installation (uses shortlinks rather than permalinks)
  • Fixed bug in orderby parameter of post-list shortcode
  • Reduced transient timeout from 24 hours to 1 hour
  • Added widgets to plugin (one to display a list of posts and one to display a single post)
  • Added ability to display excerpt instead of content in post-content shortcode
  • Added ability to limit length of content/excerpt shown in post-content shortcode
  • Added ability to display featured image with post-content


  • Attempted to fix issue with original readme file (no info from readme was showing up in the WordPress repo)


This is the first version of this plugin

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.5
Last Updated: 2014-11-3
Active Installs: 9,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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