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This Plugin Allow to show all your Facebook Album & Photos with the tag #Portafolio in the album name at your site. when you click on any Album its shows the photos, you can save space and broadband in your server, for this you have to only put your Facebook Account ID (and APP ID and SECRET app configuration). The Picture Gallery Shows with Lightbox jQuery effects, when you click on the Album Photos.

SPANISH: Este plugin permite extraer albums con la palabra clave Portafolio desde tu fanpage para ser mostradas en tu sitio web de tal manera que siempre mantendras actualizado tu Portafolio sin tanto esfuerzo.

More Information

Visit the DEMO for more information about Portafolio Facebook Plugin.

Visita el Demo y la Ayuda para mas detalles sobre el Plugin Portafolio Facebook.

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Obten la version PREMIUM en www.magiabinaria.com

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  • Facebook Album Pictures - Showing the Facebook Album Pictures / Mostrando los albums de portafolio.
  • Facebook Photo - Showing the Facebook Photos, when you click on the facebook album / Mostrando las imagenes del album.


  1. Upload the portafolio-facebook folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress and click in Configure.
  3. Enter your Facebook Acount ID by clicking the Facebook Photos link under Settings menu.
  4. For the Facebook App Id and Secret code, go to the facebook Developer section: https://developers.facebook.com/apps/
  5. Register your App
  6. edit the line in the file portafolio-facebook.php: YOUR-APP-ID and YOUR-APP-SECRET with your data.
  7. Enjoy it !!!


IMPORTANT: For the Use of this plugin , create the new page and place the simple code as following :


Please Use above code in the post or page.

It’s work online because does not allow to fetch the data as offine, show the session error.

Where can I get support?

Remember, for any type of support, only drop a mail Contact us or leave a tweet on Twitter Support Page.

Contributors & Developers

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