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Paid Memberships Pro - MailChimp Add On

Sync WordPress Users and PMPro Members with MailChimp lists.


  • ENHANCEMENT: Mailing Lists section of edit profile page doesn't show up if there are no lists set for "opt-in lists".
  • BUG: Not showing the "additional lists" options on the review page when using PayPal Express/Standard/etc. (Thanks, Christopher Souser)
  • BUG: Fixed some warnings.


  • BUG: Avoiding warnings when unsubscribing. (Thanks, Adam Shaw)


  • ENHANCEMENT: Won't try to subscribe/unsubscribe if the user doesn't have an email address. Doesn't come up often in WP, but can.
  • BUG: Fixed bug where if users unchecked all optional lists options, the plugin would not remove them from the lists. (Thanks, Darlene)


  • BUG: Avoiding warnings in some cases where levels have been deleted.


  • BUG: Removed add_settings_error call to avoid fatal error on front end. Wasn't using it.


  • BUG: Better error handling when invalid API keys are entered.


  • BUG: Fixed some warnings and fatal errors if site is run with an empty or invalid API key.


  • Admitting that we're officially released with a 1.0 version. :)
  • Now using Mailchimp v2.0 API.


  • Updated code to make sure that when checking out, sub adds run on pmpro_after_checkout instead of pmpro_after_change_membership_level.


  • Fixed some warnings that would show up if the plugin was not connected to the API yet.


  • Now 3 options for the "Unsubscribe on Level Change" option. No, Yes (Only old level lists.), and Yes (All other lists.).
  • Fixed possibly issues introduced in the .3.5 version.


  • Added the "Opt-in Lists" that will show up on the PMPro checkout page as checkboxes allowing the member to opt into one or more lists.
  • Instead of unsubscribing users from all lists when changing membership levels (before adding them back to lists for the new membership level), we only unsubscribe users from the lists that were selected for their old level. For example, if list #1 is given to a user for level 1, users changing away from level 1 will only be unsubscribed from list #1. They will remain on any other list they might have gotten outside of PMPro MailChimp.


  • Fixing SQL warning when running PMPro Mailchimp without PMPro. (Thanks, kateM82)


  • Added option to turn of unsubscribes entirely. If you manage multiple lists in MailChimp and have users subscribe outside of WordPress, you may want to choose No so contacts aren't unsubscribed from other lists when they register on your site.


  • Updated pmpro_mailchimp_listsubscribe_fields filter to pass the $list_user object along as well.


  • Updating email addresses in MailChimp lists if a user's email address is changed.


  • Added pmpro_mailchimp_listsubscribe_fields filters to add fields passed the listSubscribe API call.
  • Changed some things to make sure that the user cache is clean and the listSubscribe call happens late enough so that first and last name are populated.


  • First logged release with a readme.
  • Added a "Require Double Opt-in" setting that will determine if an additional opt in email is sent for confirmation before adding users to a list. Defaults to "No".

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.7
Last Updated: 2015-4-13
Active Installs: 3,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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