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Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

Add a "Pin It" button over your images, so users can add it to Pinterest easily.


  • Released 2013-1-10
  • Feature: New engine running - no longer JavaScript / JQuery will be needed to show the pin-it button.
  • Feature: Annoying "Image is thought to be 1024 pixels" message removed
  • Feature: Plugin translation (currently available : Brazilian Portuguese. Please help translating this plugin!)
  • Feature: Opt-out option on single post and pages
  • Feature: Select what classes of images won't have a button
  • Feature: Show button only on images with class="pinthis"
  • Feature: Uninstalls properly, removing options and cleaning stuff after removal
  • Bugfix: CSS exported to a separate file (not anymore showing in the )
  • Bugfix: Now works with short_open_tag disabled
  • Bugfix: Now option fields are sanitized
  • Bugfix: Exclude- and opt-in- classes now correctly detected
  • Bugfix: Button won't show on non-WP-inserted images (i.e. other social media icons, "buy this" buttons, etc.) anymore
  • Bugfix: Post title / descriptions with ? and & would break Pinterests' description
  • Bugfix: <?php is now being used instead of <?
  • Bugfix: Now working with Lazy Load plugin
  • Bugfix: On image hover wouldn't change the button's opacity in some cases
  • Bugfix: HTML code in "Exclude classes" causing crashes
  • Bugfix: My coffee machine was broken


  • Released 2012-8-15
  • Security: index.php file created, so directory won't be visible.
  • Security: PHP files protected from direct loading.
  • Feature: Warning is shown if content width is WordPress standard, or no width detected.
  • Feature: Ability to set content width on plugin settings page.
  • Bug: "All pages" bug, selecting all checkboxes on screen.
  • Bug: Text shadow in plugin settings page removed
  • Feature: Plugin translation-ready
  • Feature: Exclude certain classes from showing the button (such as "wp-smiley")
  • Feature: Only show button on images with "pinthis" class


  • Released 2012-8-07
  • Code re-written from scratch.
  • Images won't be anymore inside DIVs.
  • SPANs are appended to the image, not ruining the code or layout.
  • All code run by jQuery, avoiding slowness on servers side.
  • Settings window created.
  • Change which pages the Pin It button will show on (single, index, category, page).
  • Change how to button will react (open in new tab, same tab, popup window).
  • Won't load if mobile version is being viewed (avoids crashing)
  • Now working with captioned images
  • Ability to opt-out on singles and pages
  • Works with most well known image galleries / shortcodes


  • Released 2012-5-30
  • Fixed bug that will, in some cases, crash the site.


  • Released 2012-5-29
  • Pinterest will open in a new, pop-up window (so the user doesn't have to click to go back)


  • Released 2012-4-9
  • Make sure the plugin only loads in the blog, not the WordPress Admin page.
  • Images with links will have the original link preserved
  • Works with Fancybox (Thanks gleenk for the heads-up)


  • Released 2012-3-25
  • Open beta test

Requires: 3.2.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.18
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


2.6 out of 5 stars


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