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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Ping.fm Custom URL

Receives blogs, micro-blogs, and status updates from Ping.fm and posts them to your blog in the best way possible.


  • Fixed edge case where "Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_create_category()" would be triggered if the pingfm_options record was manually deleted from the wp_options table.


  • Transitioned away from a separate database table holding status updates to WordPress's new "custom post types" that were introduced in 3.0. This had the added bonus of providing "real" single post pages for status updates and micro-blogs, and a native WordPress interface for managing it all.
  • Added true support for images sent from Ping.fm. They're now downloaded locally and given first-class treatment (like any other uploaded media).
  • Redesigned the entire settings page and rewrote much of the help content.
  • Rewrote much of the code and split it out into separate classes for performance and organizational reasons.
  • Fixed timestamp offset bug (again). Hopefully fixed for good this time.
  • Added robust upgrade functionality designed to be extended to future releases as well as this one.


  • Fixed timezone handling throughout the plugin. Be sure to set a named timezone (the city closest to you) in General Settings, or else your timestamps might not be correct.
  • Fixed invalidly-nested </li> element in the widget.
  • Minor code beautification. Very minor.


  • Further tweaking of the way rewrite rules are filtered and flushed. In some cases, rewrite rules weren't taking affect immediately after a brand-new installation of the plugin, but that should be remedied with this release.


  • Tweaked the rewrite rules a little more. There were some edge cases where other things would overwrite our rules, but that should be fixed now.


  • Added support for displaying images associated with pings. A corresponding option has been added to the settings page.
  • Added specific check for PHP 4 to prevent code from even being parsed if an insufficient version of PHP is found.
  • Failure for PHP 4 now handled gracefully instead of with a syntax error.
  • Moved flushing of rewrite rules to only happen on plugin activation and not on every page load. This should have a noticeable positive impact on performance. The only downside is that the plugin will have to be deactivated and reactivated if pretty permalinks are enabled (a worthy trade-off in my opinion).
  • Cleaned up the code in various places to make it more readable (especially with regard to the error message pseudo-constants).


  • Primarily a documentation release. Lots of stuff in the README was clarified, fortified, beautified, and just plain shifted around.
  • Fixed a small bug related to a new option that was added in 1.2.0. After saving the options twice, the problem would have fixed itself anyway.
  • Added screenshots for the benefit of the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • Moved the changelog off of my site and into the Plugin Directory to give people a more central point of contact.


  • Added option to force all status updates to become actual posts.
  • Added option in widget to "permalinkify timestamps" (archive page is editable via tmpl-single.php).
  • Invented new English word: permalinkify.
  • Tried to make the settings page clearer and easier to understand.
  • Did some code housekeeping.
  • Added Ping.fm logo to settings page.


  • Complete code rewrite (PHP 4 procedural to PHP 5 OO) and new way of storing settings in the database.
  • Did away with external ping.php file for receiving updates.
  • Added native WordPress URL hooks and internal support for mod_rewrite.
  • Added RSS feed containing 20 most recent status updates.
  • Added archive/permalink pages for individual pings (mostly in conjunction with RSS feed, but can be used elsewhere as well). Page is templated for easy customization.
  • Provided interface for user-supplied widget styles (CSS).
  • Widget HTML/CSS makes more sense. Widget container has an ID of wp-pingfm and a class of wp-pingfm-widget.
  • Added wp_pingfm_status() for people using non-widgetized themes. See Other Notes section for docs.


  • CSS is now targeting #pingfm in a less specific way (because it broke on themes with multiple sidebars).
  • Fixed random bug only seen in WebKit where a space preceding a status update was considered significant whitespace. (Don't ask me---I don't build it, I just code to it.)


  • The first non-beta release!
  • Modified CREATE TABLE for installer after reports of it failing on MySQL versions < 4.1.
  • Added check for widget to determine if database table was created properly.
  • Tweaked a few textual things here and there.


  • This version was never released publicly and the changes made for it were rolled into 1.0.0.


  • Added this page as a home base for the plugin on my site.
  • Made the README more readable (hopefully). The documentation should be easier to understand now.
  • Fixed the mod_rewrite example to include the [L] flag. The entire line didn't get copied from my conf file the first time around.


  • Minor textual changes and a speed enhancement (eliminated a DB call using some crafty coding).


  • Added widget options to specify colors used in injected style sheet (CSS).
  • Reorganized, streamlined, and beautified some code.


  • Fortified README with some additional information and a mod_rewrite example for shortening the inevitably long URL.
  • The plugin now auto-detects the directory it's running from. Anything under /wordpress/wp-content/plugins should work reasonably well. If the WordPress Plugin Directory wants to create a really long folder structure, so be it.


  • Added support for all types of Ping.fm updates. Blog and micro-blog posts now show up as actual entries in WordPress.


  • The initial public release! After being hacked together with loving care during a couple late nights, the code finally sees the light of day. Cue angelic choir and bright background light...

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.0.5
Last Updated: 6 years ago
Active Installs: 300+


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