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PIKLIST | Rapid development framework

Piklist is the most powerful framework available for WordPress. Easy for beginners... built for developers. Piklist helps you build things - fast.

Release Date: June 20, 2016

  • ENHANCED: added support for PHP 5.2.
  • FIXED: Deprecate PHP4 style constructor in universal widget class.
  • FIXED: brought back piklist_admin::responsive_admin().
  • FIXED: duplicate name in widget class.

Release Date: June 16, 2016

  • ENHANCED: WordPress 4.5 compatible

  • FIXED: Updated upgrade script.

  • FIX: Sanitization plays nice with Validation.
  • ENHANCED: CSS updates.

  • ENHANCED: Added default editor style and removed theme style from non post content editors.
  • ENHANCED: Tightened save method to POST only.
  • FIX: Slashes issue with text fields.
  • FIX: Typo in setting name, shortocde_ui.
  • FIX: Lots of little fixes.

  • Requires WordPress v4.0.
  • NEW: WorkFlow Bar!
  • NEW: Save individual Options, not just serialized Settings.
  • NEW: Validation rule: 'disabled', to make a field disabled.
  • NEW: unset_value option for checkboxes.
  • ENHANCED: Removed old responsive_admin() function.
  • ENHANCED: Dragging the editor in add-mores is easier.
  • ENHANCED: Validation and Sanitization updates.
  • FIX: Validation and Sanitiztion in multi-level grouped add-mores.

  • ENHANCED: File field and Editor highlight better when required.
  • FIX: Settings tabs are now backwards compatible with the new Workflow system.
  • FIX: Piklist allows posts to save normally. Thanks Mehdi for letting us test on your site!
  • FIX: Validation rules within groups work as expected.
  • FIX: Validating certain fields within widgets work as expected.
  • FIX: Editors in add-mores now retain content markup.
  • FIX: Multiple User Roles are now saving.

  • FIXED: Updates run normally.
  • FIXED: Set args_order to 0 if not set.

  • Fixes
  • ENHANCED: Allow client-side and server-side validation to work together.


  • Tons of fixes and enhancements.
  • Started Unit Testing.
  • NEW: "Post Format" parameter for comment blocks.
  • ENHANCED: Changed how assigning sections to WorkFlows. Now they work like all other Piklist features.
  • ENHANCED: Data structure updated.
  • ENHANCED: Easily display post statuses in a select field. Demos updated as well.
  • ENHANCED: OPTGROUP support for Selects.
  • FIXED: Sometimes getimagesize can't get the image size.


  • NEW: Custom Post Statuses work in quick edit.
  • NEW: admin-login-message partial.
  • ENHANCED: URL Validation update. Props @jasontheadams


  • FIX: Security update for admin notices. @props joostdevalk


  • ENHANCED: 'limit' validation rule now support character and word count.
  • ENHANCED: Multiple templates can be assigned in comment block. Props @jasontheadams
  • ENHANCED: Revisions work as expected.
  • CHANGE: 'anchor' parameter is now 'anchor_id'
  • CHANGE: 'type' parameter is now 'post_type'
  • CHANGE: 'name' parameter is now 'title'
  • CHANGE: 'box' parameter is now 'meta_box'
  • CHANGE: 'ID' parameter for class-piklist-dashboard is now 'Extend'


  • Requires WordPress 3.8


  • NEW: 'list_table_filter' parameter adds taxonomy filter to list table.
  • NEW: 'meta_box_filter' parameter adds taxonomy filter to meta boxes.


  • NEW: Dynamic Meta Boxes


  • ENHANCED: Added easier pulling of Add-more data. Props @jasontheadams
  • ENHANCED: 'multiple' => false works with Media Uploader.
  • ENHANCED: 'sortable' => true/false works with Add-mores.


  • FIXED: Non-image files can be removed from file upload field.
  • ENHANCED: Updates to group fields.
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes.


  • ENHANCED: Query enhancements


  • ENHANCED: Add custom classes to widgets.
  • ENHANCED: Admin notices can now dismiss.
  • ENHANCED: Allow 'page' parameter to work on individual Workflow tabs.
  • FIXED: Notice on conditional scripts.
  • FIXED: Replaced wpdb::esc_like() for like_escape() in WordPress 4.0+


  • ENHANCED: WordPress Meta Query.
  • ENHANCED: Allow HTML5 inputs.
  • ENHANCED: Allow Piklist to set default Validation and Sanitization rules for fields.
  • ENHANCED: Add new Workflow position 'permalink', to support WordPress 4.1 'edit_form_before_permalink' hook.
  • ENHANCED: Demos are 100% localized.


  • ENHANCED: Allow targeting of Default page template


  • ENHANCED: Allow for different sizes of images previews.
  • FIXED: Updated editors
  • FIXED: Better Javascript wrapping
  • FIXED: Drag and drop issues work as expected.
  • FIXED: Editors work nicely in grouped add-mores.
  • FIXED: Tool tips look great in the main post column and the side sortables.
  • Lots of bug fixes.


  • NEW: Admin notices
  • FIXED: show_admin_column works for User Taxonomies
  • FIXED: Front end forms work with media_handle_sideload()
  • Lots of bug fixes.


  • NEW: username_exists validation rule
  • NEW: email_exists validation rule


  • NEW: Front end forms!
  • ENHANCED: WordPress 4.0 support.

  • NEW: Admin notices
  • FIXED: Notice on Piklist about page.

  • ENHANCED: WordPress 4.0 support.

  • FIXED: Duplicate "Settings Saved" messages are gone.

  • FIXED: Broken link on About page.

  • ENHANCED: CSS tweak for ul.piklist-tab-bar

  • NEW: Pointers!

  • FIXED: Typo in Demos

  • ENHANCED: Updated Widgets

  • ENHANCED: Editor enhancement for group fields.

  • FIXED: Added Taxonomy support for non-multiple fields.

  • FIXED: Update to save_post action.

  • FIXED: Post Relationships work as expected.

  • FIXED: Radio buttons save properly in Settings.

  • FIXED: Removed object_id from fields.
  • FIXED: Language files load properly.
  • FIXED: Locked notice works correctly on Multisite.
  • ENHANCED: Field conditions support add-mores.
  • ENHANCED: Field conditions support serialize groups.
  • ENHANCED: Field Columns switch to right margins.
  • ENHANCED: Right Now widget css update.


  • The most stable version of Piklist yet.
  • Tons of performance updates.
  • NEW: Field validation.
  • NEW: Field sanitization.
  • NEW: label_class attribute
  • ENHANCED: Field conditions.
  • ENHANCED: Faster, reengineered Widget system.
  • ENHANCED: Piklist Widgets work better in Theme Customizer.
  • ENHANCED: Filter everything by user role.
  • ENHANCED: Tooltips match WordPress default themes.
  • ENHANCED: index.php files are ignored in parts folders.
  • FIXED: Quick edit buttons work properly.
  • FIXED: Textarea values do not carry over in Add-Mores. Props Daniel Rampanelli
  • FIXED: Preview button only shows for Public Post Types. Props Daniel Rampanelli
  • FIXED: Adding fields to an already save Add-More works properly. Props Daniel Rampanelli
  • FIXED: Autosaves triggered by "Preview Changes". Props Daniel Rampanelli
  • FIXED: Field attributes properly accept a zero value. Props @jasontheadams
  • FIXED: piklist_empty_post_title filter now works as expected.
  • Lots and lots and lots and lots of bug fixes.

  • FIXED: Language files load properly.
  • FIXED: Menu icon size no longer conflicts with other plugins.

  • FIXED: Upgrade script works on older version of mysql.

  • FIXED: Update to class-piklist-user

  • FIXED: User registrations emails no longer conflict with other plugins (i.e. BuddyPress)
  • FIXED: check_update function respects new plugins.
  • FIXED: notice from post_row_actions function.

  • FIXED: Addmore field bug fix.


  • FIXED: Checkboxes save properly.


  • NEW: Multiselect field.
  • NEW DEMO: Post Editor in an Add-more.
  • IMPROVED: Add-mores are better than ever.
  • FIXED: Dashboard widgets drag-and-drop properly.
  • FIXED: Fixed Notices.


  • FIXED: Add-mores can now contain empty values.
  • FIXED: body_class function works better with Jetpack.


  • NEW: Add Tooltip Help to any Piklist field.
  • NEW: post_states parameter.
  • NEW: Set page icon on Taxonomy and User Taxonomy pages.
  • NEW: Dashicons now included.
  • NEW: Piklist grid css.
  • IMPROVED: Comma-seperated list of Taxonomies can be passed in a term file.
  • IMPROVED: Comma-separated lists of Post Types or Taxonomies in meta-boxes or term files can contain spaces.
  • IMPROVED: Use $page_icon instead of $icon.
  • IMPROVED: Use $menu_icon instead of $icon_url.
  • FIXED: Editing text boxes for Add-mores work in Firefox.
  • FIXED: Dashboard widget layout saves properly.
  • FIXED: $attributes in Editor field should be $options.
  • FIXED: Custom Post Statuses retain order when used with multiple CPTs.


  • IMPROVED: Multiple Author Roles are turned off by default.
  • IMPROVED: Add-mores are now even more awesome.
  • FIXED: Checkboxes.
  • FIXED: Tab Spacing.
  • FIXED: User Taxonomy data saves properly.
  • FIXED: WorkFlow tabs save properly for Post Types.
  • FIXED: Widgets work better than ever.
  • FIXED: Lots of bugs squashed!


  • NEW: Comment Field.
  • IMPROVED: Assets for Javascript fields only load when the field is in use.
  • FIXED: Windows Path Error.
  • FIXED: Image upload for Widgets.


  • NEW: Replace standard Right Now widget on WordPress dashboard.
  • FIXED: REALLY fixed the Javascript error that broke visual editor and Help Tabs.
  • FIXED: Widgets


  • FIXED: Javascript error that broke visual editor and Help Tabs.


  • NEW: Upload File field!
  • Bug Fixes


  • Now requires WordPress 3.4+.
  • NEW: Infinite Add-Mores!
  • NEW: Relationship field!
  • NEW: Multiple User Roles!
  • NEW: User Taxonomies!
  • NEW: Work Flow!
  • NEW: Help Tabs!
  • NEW: Dashboard Widgets!
  • NEW: Required option for fields!
  • New: Remove Meta Box around custom fields!
  • NEW: Show meta fields by Page Template. Props @James_Mc.
  • NEW: hide_screen_options parameter when registering Post Types.
  • NEW: admin_body_class parameter when registering Post Types.
  • NEW: Remove Save functionality for settings page.
  • NEW: Change Save button text.
  • NEW: French translation by Daniel Ménard.
  • NEW: Slovak translation by Branco.
  • IMPROVED: Extended admin_body_class for Post Types and Taxonomies.
  • IMPROVED: Better display for settings page for both Tabs/no Tabs, and single line.
  • IMPROVED: Add or auto generate Form ID.
  • IMPROVED: Stops Webkit browsers from auto-filling user fields in the admin.
  • IMPROVED: More localized strings. Props @Daniel Ménard.
  • FIXED: HTTPS works properly.
  • FIXED: Comment field no longer duplicates comments.
  • FIXED: Administrators can edit other users meta.
  • FIXED: HTML escaped neccessary fields.
  • FIXED: Better garbage collection.
  • FIXED: CSS for h2.nav-tab-wrapper.


  • NEW: Plugin updates...the Piklist way.
  • FIXED: Long Post Status lists now wrap nicely.


  • FIXED: Add-mores save correctly when adding/deleting rows.
  • FIXED: Media meta saves without errors.
  • FIXED: Settings save properly when using multiple tabs.
  • FIXED: Logged-in user can now save user meta for any user.
  • FIXED: Fixed typo in self:: function in class-piklist-taxonomy. Props @James_Mc
  • FIXED: Empty Time and Date fields no longer return "false".


  • NEW: Disable Piklist Deactivation.
  • NEW: Customize the "Enter Title Here" text in Post Type Titles.
  • FIXED: Error when saving Media meta. Props @James_Mc
  • FIXED: Removed legacy less_styles() function.
  • FIXED: Added Text Domain to all localized strings.


  • FIXED: Metaboxes jQuery conflict fixed for Firefox.


  • IMPROVED: Better upgrade notice in admin.
  • IMPROVED: Nicer jQuery animation for certain fields.
  • IMPROVED: Update uninstall.php to remove Piklist tables.
  • FIXED: Conditionals now working.


  • Our most significant update since the initial release:
  • NEW: Add Taxonomy Meta!
  • NEW: Add User Meta!
  • NEW: Add Media Meta!
  • NEW: New super powers for tax_query and meta_query!
  • NEW: Add meta box to a specific Page/Post ID. Props @kattagami and @James_Mc
  • FIXED: Network Activated plugins did not work properly.
  • FIXED: In function post_type_labels, view_item should be singularize. Props @James_Mc
  • FIXED: Allow creating of field-less meta boxes. Props @James_Mc
  • FIXED: Register Taxonomies before Custom Post Types. Props @Daniel Ménard


  • NEW: uninstall.php file added.
  • NEW: Language folder added.
  • FIXED: Stopped some installs from receiving upgrade notices.
  • FIXED: Settings Tabs in submenu's didn't always work.


  • IMPROVED: Taxonomy save function.
  • NEW: Auto-columns for checkboxes and radio buttons.
  • NEW: Asset loader supports admin.


  • NEW: Save button can be removed for individual Settings pages.
  • NEW: Show file uploads in Piklist Demos.
  • FIXED: Publish box fixes.
  • FIXED: Taxonomy save/edit.
  • FIXED: 3.3.2 support.


  • NEW: New field! Upload files.
  • NEW: Added new Piklist XML class.
  • NEW: Updated Piklist get_terms function.
  • NEW: Removed ability to run any shortcode in a widget. Moved to WordPress-Helpers plugin.
  • FIXED: notice issues.


  • FIXED: Publish box wasn't always publishing.
  • FIXED: Fixed settings issues with multisite.
  • FIXED: Grouped fields were not laying out properly.


  • FIXED: Group fields stying


  • NEW: Field names and ID's are now prefixed on frontend.
  • FIXED: Published posts revert to draft on save.
  • FIXED: Tabbed Settings page were not saving.


  • NEW: Allow multiple nested fields.
  • NEW: Implemented GET Field value function.
  • FIXED: add-more fields.
  • FIXED: Conditonal fields.
  • FIXED: Auto update fields.
  • FIXED: issue with plugin folders alphabetically higher than "piklist".
  • FIXED: path issue on Windows server.


  • NEW: Implemented GET Field value function.Advanced Search capabilities function.


  • FIXED: Publish box set to Priority:Core, so meta boxes can be added before it.


  • IMPROVED: Forced Publish Meta Box to always be at top right.
  • IMPROVED: Added has_archive to register_custom_post_types function.
  • FIXED: PHP Notice issues.
  • FIXED: Added rule to flush permalinks when registering a new post type if needed.
  • FIXED: default post title fallback.
  • FIXED: Taxonomy scope bug on show value.
  • FIXED: bug with Post-to-Post relationships.


  • FIXED: Child theme support.
  • FIXED: bug with frontend forms.


  • NEW: Added support to register a plugin with Piklist by using the Plugin Type comment.
  • IMPROVED: Updated fields so that post_meta is the default scope for meta-boxes.
  • FIXED: Meta Box Sort for non-ordered meta boxes.
  • FIXED: Updated Theme Path.


  • IMPROVED: Meta Boxes now respect new theme folder structure.
  • IMPROVED: Global meta boxes now work on default post types.


  • FIXED: Conditional Tag for Style Loading.
  • FIXED: Add-On Registration.


  • IMPROVED: Updated Status Ranges.
  • FIXED: Directory Parse Bug.


  • Initial release!

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.6
Last Updated: 8 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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