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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Picasa and Google Plus Express

Browse and select photos from any public or private Google+ album and add them to your posts/pages.

Tag searches in albums returns inconsistent results

Google+ / Picasaweb tag searching currently contains a bug that causes images to slowly start dropping out of tag search results, causing fewer than expected images to be returned.

I have posted several issues and am following threads like the following: Google Groups: Picasa Data API

Hopefully Google will discover the cause of the problem soon.

After upgrade, selection dialog displays blank screen

If the upgrade to version 2 causes the selection dialog to no longer return albums and photos, this is probably caused due to changes in the token authorization process.

Changes were made to the token authorization process to fix issues on Google's side, and these changes have altered the URL used to generate the token. This can cause Google to think you're providing an invalid token.

To fix the issue, simply revoke access (through the plugin) and request it again.

After upgrade, images return a shortcode

After upgrading from version 1.x, single images selected in the dialog return a shortcode ([pe2-image ...]) rather than HTML.

This was intentionally done to allow for the plugin to compensate for changes Google is making as they transition Picasaweb to Google+. If you still wish to have the dialog return HTML rather than the shortcode, there is an option in the settings that can be changed to enable returning HTML.

Username validation fails

If when in the options and configuring the username, the "Checking user:" test returns an error, it could be related to changes Google has been making when migrating from picasaweb to Google+.

The error message provided should give you a URL you can click, which will then provide you with Google's error message. In most cases, the error appears to be related to older "short username" values that Google no longer supports.

Simply change the username you are using to your Google email address and save the settings.

If this still doesn't work, check your hosting provider's PHP preferences - some hosting companies disable connect functions and WordPress can not request data from other sites.

Error with media-upload.js

When attempting to insert an image into a post and receive the error:

"Error: Cannot insert image(s) due to incorrect or missing /wp-admin/js/media-upload.js"

There are several possible causes for this:

1 - if you attempt to open the selection dialog before the page has

completely loaded, some of the required JavaScript libraries may not be loaded yet. Refresh the page and wait for it to load completely, then try again.

2 - it is known that the "CKEditor for WP" plugin conflicts with the

media-upload.js file. Disable this plugin and try again.

How can I select several images to insert at a time?

When browsing the album's images you may click on multiple photos to insert at once. These images will be inserted into the post as using the thumbnail size you have defined in "Single image thumbnail size" in settings.

If you have selected the option to "Relate all of a post's images" and you are using a link type of one of the thickbox, lightbox or highslide libraries, all of the photos within the post will be related for next/prev navigation within the display window.

How can I select several images for "Gallery" display?

There are two options to filter images in a "Gallery" display:

#1 - Use tags to filter photos in an album so that only photos with a specific tag are displayed.

This is done by inserting an "Album" shortcode, but in the "Options" prior to inserting populate the "Photo tag options" to select photos with the "Featured" tag, or a customized tag name typed into the text box.

NOTE - filtering by tags requires private album access. This is a Google+/picasaweb requirement.

#2 - Manually select the photos (and optionally their sort order).

This is done while browsing an album's photos, click the "Image" button. After clicking the "Image" button, it will switch to "Gallery" indicating that any photos selected this time will be inserted into the post in "Gallery" format using the default blog thumbnail size.

I want private albums browsing

On the settings page press the link under the username field titled "Request proviate albums access". You will be redirected to Google and asked to grant access. If you press the "Grant access" button on Google, you will be returned to settings page and access will now be granted.

After successfully authorizing the access for the blog, the next time you open the album / image selection dialog, you will see all of your photos and albums, including any private ones.

I revoked access to my server on Google's site, and now the plugin doesn't work

On revoking access through Google instead of this plugin, Google will not inform your server. If you revoke access on Google's side, you have to clean the option 'pe2_token' in the DB or click the "Revoke access to private albums" link on the settings page.

Caption widths aren't determined correctly

If you're using a single-image thumbnail width dimension of "Height" or "Any", the width is dynamically based on aspect ratio. Thus the value generated for the caption is not terribly accurate, causing strange caption wrapping sometimes.

The best solution here is to change the single-image thumbnail dimension to "Width", because then the width of the caption can be determined precisely.

Another option would be to try a "Caption container style" setting of "width: auto;", although this isn't ideal either because it will scale the container to fit any size of caption text, and the text will never wrap. The recommended solution is using a thumbnail dimension of "Width".

Plugin has a bug. How can I fix it?

Open a support thread in the support forum:


I want another feature

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Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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