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PHPLeague lets you managing your leagues without any hassles.


  • FIX: Missing argument wpdb: in 3.5 final


  • CHG: All characters are authorized
  • FIX: Database structure upgrade system has been improved
  • NEW: Database structure checking system
  • NEW: Spanish is now available
  • NEW: Portuguese is now available


  • NEW: Polish language is now available
  • CHG: Removed the admin top bar links
  • CHG: Updated the RSS feed


  • NEW: Add a new method to detect the file extension
  • CHG: Removed the "hide" feature for category
  • CHG: Can now use "jpg" images for logos
  • CHG: The notification messages are now grouped together
  • CHG: The valid_length method has been improved
  • CHG: Birthdate, height and weight are not mandatory anymore
  • FIX: Replace click() by focusin() in the readonly inputs


  • CHG: Change the editor button description
  • FIX: Correct an issue with the editor button


  • NEW: Pages available in the admin bar
  • NEW: Possibility to create 2 clubs with identic name
  • CHG: French countries list has been updated
  • FIX: Admin CSS updated to work with WP 3.3+
  • FIX: The wp_tiny_mce method is deprecated from WP 3.3+
  • FIX: Deprecated variable in the widget ranking table


  • FIX: Correct an issue showing SQL errors


  • NEW: Get the latest PHPLeague news directly on your dashboard
  • NEW: New date hint system when required
  • NEW: Show how many matches a team play at home or away
  • NEW: Redirect automatically users to the plugin homepage after activation
  • NEW: Add the new tables to manage Player and Prediction modules
  • NEW: Possibility to delete a club and all data associated
  • NEW: Possibility to delete a league and all data associated
  • NEW: Possibility to get the ranking table as widget
  • NEW: Plugin translated in German (thanks to Michael F├╝rst)
  • NEW: Possibility to show the 5 latest results in the table
  • NEW: Possibility to show a mini ranking table as widget
  • CHG: When we remove a team from a league, all data associated are now deleted
  • CHG: Don't show a link in the table when links are disabled in the settings
  • CHG: Remove edition name in the database
  • CHG: The fixtures interface has been rebuilt with dropdown lists
  • CHG: Remove input values when it's a field by default
  • CHG: FRENCH language has been updated and countries list added!
  • CHG: No more Premium Edition! FREE for life...
  • FIX: If someone try to access a non-existing fixture, he can't no more!


  • NEW: Possibility to display all the fixtures
  • NEW: Possibility to display all the fixtures for a specific team
  • NEW: Links available to the club if enabled in the league's settings
  • CHG: Removed the "create" method from the sidebar
  • CHG: Add an option to hide a section by default
  • CHG: jQuery code refactoring
  • CHG: Don't display club information if coach and venue are missing
  • CHG: Global source-code refactoring
  • FIX: Don't show (0-0) if the match hasn't been played yet


  • FIX: Correct an issue with the club creation (thanks to Nicoletta)


  • NEW: 2 new fields in the settings (team_link/default_time)
  • NEW: Added the PHPLeague's Edition in the database
  • NEW: Possibility to show club information in front-end
  • CHG: Possibility to set the default time
  • CHG: ALTER a couple of tables
  • CHG: Useless queries removed
  • CHG: Few i18n strings modifications
  • CHG: Multiple notifications are now possible
  • CHG: UI improvements (css & js)
  • FIX: Better UTF-8 characters management
  • FIX: Better directories management (create/delete)


  • NEW: Create the logos folders automatically if don't exist
  • CHG: Few code fixes
  • CHG: Reduce queries in the Editor
  • CHG: Update database version
  • CHG: Delete SQL constraints


  • NEW: Possibility adding logos to every club
  • NEW: Display a mini logo - if exists - in the table
  • CHG: Teams ordered by country to be more user-friendly


  • FIX: The formula to calculate the number of fixtures has been updated
  • FIX: We cannot show a fixture if the favorite team is empty in front-end
  • FIX: Redirected to the current fixture when adding a match/result
  • CHG: Show a notice if the home and away team are identical
  • CHG: Show a notice if a team is twice in a fixture
  • CHG: Add a couple of new language strings and update the .pot file
  • CHG: An irrelevant query in the results page has been removed
  • CHG: The saving button has been moved in the fixtures page
  • CHG: The bonus/malus input accepts now negative figure
  • CHG: The bonus/malus calculation method is now inverted
  • CHG: Rename the bonus/malus to be clearer
  • CHG: Delete the attribute unsigned in the penalty field
  • CHG: Database Version option has been upgraded to 1.2.1
  • CHG: Overall UI lifting


  • FIX: Drop 2 brackets causing issues in matches and results
  • CHG: Remove last hardcoded strings in the editor
  • CHG: Improve UI in the matches and results pages


  • NEW: French Translation
  • NEW: PHPLeague.pot is now available
  • FIX: Activation and deactivation methods are now static
  • CHG: Remove last hardcoded strings left even those in the menu


  • FIX: ALTER a few fields in order to accept NULL value by default
  • FIX: No more blank row when inserting matches in a "odd" league
  • CHG: Database Version option has been upgraded to 1.2
  • CHG: Activate method has been modified with the above


  • FIX: The home/away table are now showing only the accurate data
  • FIX: Possible to add numbers/dashes/points in the league name
  • FIX: Possible to add numbers/dashes/points in the club name
  • FIX: Little more security controls in the league's settings section
  • CHG: Add security controls in the club's information edition mode
  • CHG: New rule to validate the above preg_match('/^[A-Za-z0-9_\-. ]{3,}$/', $name)
  • CHG: Move the rendering method in a dedicated library


  • NEW: PHPLeague button available in the editor
  • NEW: New roles available (manage_phpleague and phpleague)
  • NEW: Possibility to have an odd number of teams in a league
  • CHG: Improvements during the results generation


  • NEW: Possibility to rename a league and change his year
  • CHG: Display table once generated
  • CHG: Remove setting/competition/season tables
  • CHG: New fields in the league table from old tables
  • CHG: Remove last hardcoded strings left
  • CHG: Enhance plugin security by using nonces
  • CHG: Administration interface improvements (essentially the pagination)
  • CHG: Minor PHP & SQL improvements
  • REMOVED: pagination_fixtures() has been removed


  • Initial release!

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 500+


4.4 out of 5 stars


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