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Photosmash Galleries is a photo gallery plugin that integrates with the native WordPress gallery allows your users to upload images.


Using PhotoSmash can be as simple as just adding this shortcode to a Post: [photosmash]

Here's how to get up and running:

  1. Download PhotoSmash and unzip?you should wind up with a folder named: bwb-photosmash
  2. Upload the bwb-photosmash plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  3. In the Plugins page of your WordPress Admin, activate PhotoSmash
  4. There are 3 ways to add new galleries to your posts: --1-- Under settings, go to the PhotoSmash options page and turn on Auto-adding of galleries. You can auto-add galleries to the top of each post or the bottom of each post by changing the drop down to the correct selection. Click Update Defaults button to save changes --2-- Also in the PhotoSmash options page, scroll down below the PhotoSmash defaults section and select New in the gallery drop down. Fill in the details you want to use for the new gallery, and click the Save Gallery button to create the new gallery. After the save is complete, select your new gallery from the Gallery drop down and click the Edit button to retrieve it. The code (like [photosmash=1] )for adding this specific gallery to any post or page will be in red beneath the Gallery drop down. Cut and past the code anywhere you like in your posts or pages. You can also specify multiple specific galleries within a single post or page by putting the tags with their ids in as needed. --3-- PhotoSmash can also create galleries on the fly for specific posts. Simply enter the following code anywhere you like in posts or pages and a gallery will be automatically created: [photosmash=] The code should include everything in red, including the braces and the = sign.
  5. To prevent a post or page from receiving a gallery when Auto-add is activated, insert the following tag anywhere in your post or page: [ps-skip]
  6. To add photos to your galleries, go to the post or page and click Add Photos link. I?m not sure what the size limit is right now. It may vary based on your php.ini settings.
  7. If you choose to let Registered users upload photos, their photos will be visible to Admins and the themselves only. Admins will be presented with buttons for Approve or Bury. Approve is self explanatory. Bury simply deletes the record from the database and deletes (unlinks in PHP terms) the files from the bwbps and bwbps/thumbs/ folders in the wp-content/uploads/ folder
  8. You will receive an email alert for photos requiring moderation. These alerts use a pseudo-cron like scheduling scheme that is triggered whenever someone views one of your blog?s pages. You can set the alert program to check every 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day, or not at all.
  9. To edit a photo?s caption, go to the PhotoSmash options page in wp-admin. Select the desired gallery from the drop down and click Edit. When the page comes back, the images for that gallery will show up at the bottom of the page. There will be text boxes beneath image allowing you to edit captions. Click save to save caption edits. Approve buttons will be present for images needing moderation. Delete will be available for all images.
  10. To integrate with Lightbox or Shadowbox, simply include the correct ?rel? information in the Gallery specific options on the PhotoSmash options page. You can set your general PhotoSmash default rel in PhotoSmash Defaults section so that any newly created galleries will automatically get the rel. For Lightbox, set the rel to lightbox. Shadowbox can use lightbox or shadowbox. To group a galleries images together as an album for Shadowbox, use something like: shadowbox[album] as the gallery?s rel.


PhotoSmash, like most open source applications, has benefitted from the millions of hours of development and bug crushing that the open source world has put in. Here are a few of the many projects that have influenced, informed, or otherwise enabled PhotoSmash. Thanks to you all!

  • Colin Verot - Upload Class - PhotoSmash uses this php class for handling image uploads - class.upload
  • Alex Rabe - NextGEN Gallery - the heavyweight champ of photo galleries in WordPress (an excellent choice if you don't need the features of PhotoSmash) - PhotoSmash borrows several ideas and a little code - NextGen Gallery
  • Milan Petrovic - GD Star Ratings - Milan granted PhotoSmash permission to use one of his star sets. He informs me that he plans to enable GDSR to rate images and links in the near future (so check it out to see if it's in there now!). I plan to add support for GDSR when this occurs. - [GD Star Rating](http://www.gdstarrating.com/ "Star Rating System for WordPress)

Requires: 4.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.3
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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