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Adds shortcodes [blogurl], [posturl], [templateurl], and [childtemplateurl] for WordPress 2.6 and up. Use [blogurl] to generate your site URL. It offers the parameters “slash” and “noslash” (to add a trailing slash; [templateurl] and [childtemplateurl] also support this), as well as “uploads” to produce the URL of the uploads folder and “wordpress” to produce the URL of your WP files. Use [posturl id=3] (replace “3” with a post ID) to generate the permalink for any post.


  • [blogurl] will generate

  • [blogurl wordpress] will generate the URL to the root of your WordPress files, if they are in a different location than your site root

  • [blogurl noslash] will generate

  • [blogurl uploads] will generate

  • [blogurl uploads noslash] will generate

  • [posturl id=375] will generate the correct permalink for the post with an ID of 375; for example, <a href=”[posturl id=375]”>post about this plugin</a> would generate post about this plugin

  • [templateurl] will generate the URL to your parent theme’s root

  • [childtemplateurl] will generate the URL to your child theme’s root


  • WordPress 2.6 or higher


Unzip blog_url_shortcodes.php to your WordPress plugins folder. It should work out of the box, but you can tweak some settings in the plugin file itself if needed.


Please visit the plugin page at with any questions.


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