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PeepSo is the next-generation of Social Networking plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create your own Online Community in just a few clicks!.



  • New Login redirect improvements
  • New Default images for PeepSo Profile Avatars and Covers
  • New Redesigned Toolbar navigation
  • New Redesigned PeepSo Profile Widget navigation
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Support for GroupSo plugin.
  • Impr Notifications scroll to middle of the screen instead of top.
  • Impr Notifications scroll when inside a post view.
  • Impr Rename 'Extensions' to 'Addons' in PeepSo backend
  • Impr Nested comments not visible to guests
  • Impr PeepSo::get_user_id() is not needed
  • Impr Remove options from backend for notifications
  • Fix PeepSo pages creation during activation - date issues (scheduled)
  • Fix Comment textbox has too low height on Mobile view
  • Fix Error raised on form.js
  • Fix Hardcoded email footer.
  • Fix PeepSo page titles are hardcoded.


  • New Notifications for comments - SCROLL.
  • New Notifications for comments under posts - Nested Comments.
  • New Nested comments - follow the rules for showing the number of comments.
  • New Check if file directory is writable anywhere in wp-admin.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Notifications - right click and open in new window.
  • Impr Notifications - remove link highlights.
  • Impr Profile Widgets Style.
  • Impr Add email field in User Profile > Preferences > Basic.
  • Impr Preferences > Account Settings.
  • Impr Single activity view improvement.
  • Impr Nested comments and replies.
  • Impr Creating new post when a pinned post is present activity stream placement improvements.
  • Impr Remove Getting Started Page.
  • Impr Colors should be taken from the theme (eg. Pinned post ribbon).
  • Fix Only Admins should be able to PIN posts.
  • Fix Notifications don't show when on the page.
  • Fix "profile_like" notification - wrong link
  • Fix Bootstrap (?) styling conflicting with WP 4.6 wp-admin fonts
  • Fix Someone commented on user's cover
  • Fix Write on someone's wall - notification rewording
  • Fix 'Remove link preview' doesn't show when adding a link in EDIT post and comment
  • Fix Nested comments notification link is broken
  • Fix Remove fade out on notices - like when reposting
  • Fix If there are no notifications, it should say so in the popover.
  • Fix Dynamic sidebar wont load on specific pages.


  • New PeepSo Extensions Page
  • New Pinned Posts
  • New Nested comments - 1 extra level.
  • New add "nofollow" to URL fields in user profiles
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Compatibility with WordPress 4.6
  • Impr Revamped Stream Action Titles
  • Impr Refactoring: peepso() & template tags
  • Impr WordPress 4.6 Compatibility
  • Impr Notifications refactoring
  • Impr comment field should be read only while posting
  • Impr stream default action_text should be empty
  • Impr Send "Enable Account Verification" email to all admins
  • Impr stream AJAX calls are not aware of the context
  • Impr Option to share users profiles to other social networks.
  • Impr Show comments in batches not to show all at once.
  • Impr Security issue - review AJAX calls auth
  • Impr Add WSL Social Login buttons on the registration page.
  • Impr Rename / reorganize backend setting for Account Verification.
  • Impr Missing Email template for Share Post
  • Impr Spacing on the PeepSo Profile Widget
  • Impr Missing Preference for 'Like Comment'
  • Impr Use default Underscore and Backbone library
  • Impr Add peepso_after_login_form action - 3rd party plugins integration filter
  • Fix error notice on profile widget if there are no custom profile fields
  • Fix comment error while saving
  • Fix show 1 more commentS
  • Fix cannot post own site URL (own status update)
  • Fix "Community feed" text is hardcoded in peepso.php
  • Fix Members page Alphabetical sorting by name.
  • Fix Delete all activities on Admin still counts undeleted activity
  • Fix 'Remember me' checkbox on peepso login has no effect.
  • Fix 'Remember me' in login activity page view and widget checkbox misbehavior when checking it.
  • Fix Cannot change privacy dropdown on repost window
  • Fix 'someone liked your comment'- wrong link in email notification.
  • Fix URL fetching issues
  • Fix User keep receiving email and notification when their settings are off
  • Fix Hash issue on observer.js
  • Fix Notification page styling
  • Fix Comments on reposts causing errors.
  • Fix User A got notification even User A put a comment at own post
  • Fix Misspelled 'apperance' tab in Profile fields settings.
  • Fix cannot share own site URL
  • Fix Automatic updates don't fire all hooks.
  • Fix Missing Translation strings
  • Fix Upload directory reference shouldn't be hardcoded.


  • Fix Ajax Security Improvements.


  • Fix Exploitable AJAX endpoints allowing users to modify non-PeepSo user meta


  • New Core Profile Fields admin configuration.
  • New Open Graph and embedding support.
  • New Online Members Widget
  • New PeepSo Latest Members Widget
  • New Landing Page Image settings in PeepSo config.
  • New Temporary ban.
  • New Redesigned "Edit Profile" interface for users.
  • New Profile Completeness progress bar in user profile/about.
  • New Profile Completeness progress bar in PeepSo Profile widget.
  • New Add notifications to PeepSo Profile widget.
  • New Add title option to PeepSo Profile widget.
  • New Add option for users to hide their profile from all user listings.
  • New Add option to posts and comments to remove fetched link preview.
  • New Add option for linking WordPress profiles to PeepSo profiles on frontend.
  • New Add option to use "WP avatars only" within PeepSo.
  • New Activity ranking based on numbers of likes, comments, shares, views.
  • New Change 'Show All Comments' to 'Show X more comments'.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Reorganize user preferences on frontend.
  • Impr Change a phrase if no posts are on the stream.
  • Impr Improvements to feedback gathering.
  • Impr Simplified registration when confirming email address.
  • Impr Rendering links to PeepSo pages improvements.
  • Impr Separate email for 'Someone liked your comment'.
  • Impr Move comment delete icon to top right corner and remove 'Delete' text.
  • Impr Move 'email and notifications' settings to: 'preferences' page.
  • Impr Change 'About Me' to 'Edit Profile' in the Profile menu in toolbar and PeepSo Profile widget.
  • Impr Core refactoring of internal link handling.
  • Impr Improved API security and privacy handling of usernames, first names and last names.
  • Impr PeepSo config rearrangement and improvements.
  • Impr Performance improvements.
  • Impr Changing all GET ajax calls to POST.
  • Fix If there are no posts the notification is misaligned with tabs.
  • Fix Mailqueue emails problem when using Mandrillapp.
  • Fix Hide repositioning covers completely on mobile.
  • Fix Localization issues.
  • Fix Link fetching issues
  • Fix Double page title in page source.
  • Fix Change wording on 'read more' setting in config.
  • Fix Admin notification email when Admin Approval is set to 'yes' email tags generating "'s".
  • Fix Notifications to admin are stuck in mailqueue.
  • Fix Change wording in config of WSL integration.
  • Fix After cropping an avatar, the crop indicator stays in place.
  • Fix New User Registration email still stored at mail queue and not be sent immediately.
  • Fix Click option 'Edit post' more than once opens multiple editing fields.
  • Fix Mailqueue breaks if the user changes email.
  • Fix Editing a post or a comment that contains special characters doesn't escapes them properly.
  • Fix Cannot edit post on activity more than once.
  • Fix peepso_config conflict upon activating many plugins at once.
  • Fix Show 'RePost' link only on posts with 'Public' and 'Site Members' privacy.
  • Fix the unsubscribe link in the email footer.
  • Fix Words breaking in the middle.
  • Fix Clicking 'edit caption' many times results in opening the edit field multiple times.
  • Fix Page title containing apostrophe renders html code in emails.
  • Fix Page titles on profile pages should be consistent.
  • Fix Activating just PeepSo Core sometimes created an error of "unexpected output".
  • Fix Bootstrap datepicker being overriden by jQuery UI.
  • Fix Delete a comment from stream Photos/Videos gives a PHP notice.
  • Fix Unclosed html tag on Approved User email.
  • Fix Deleting a comment gives a PHP notice.
  • Fix Fix the Strict Standards warning on wp admin > users.
  • Fix Warning error on mailqueue after new user registration.
  • Fix Fatal error on php7.


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Imp Compatibility with WordPress 4.5


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • New Gathering feedback upon PeepSo deactivation.
  • New Opt-in stats gathering on PeepSo dashboard.
  • Fix User Full Name Token not working for registration email.


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • New WordPress Social Login integration.
  • New Gravatar support.
  • New A list of Pending Members PeepSo Dashboard.
  • New A list of Reported items to PeepSo Dashboard.
  • New Create a public endpoint for running the mail queue.
  • Impr Interface changes to the reported items page.
  • Impr Label gender and presentage color on User Demographics on PeepSo Dashboard.
  • Impr Reorganize the dashboard.
  • Impr Remove socialsharing, add repost config.
  • Impr Cleanup user roles and their descriptions.
  • Impr Fallback to username if there's no first name.
  • Impr Change wording in profile preferences.
  • Impr If every core PeepSo plugin installed, hide the list of plugins and bundle.
  • Fix Recent Members on backend empty and error
  • Fix RePost photo broken
  • Fix check_permissions doesnt always return bool
  • Fix Adding a shortcode to a POST changes url.
  • Fix Remove "email_register" template.
  • Fix Registration emails mixed up.
  • Fix posting activity fails for IPv6.
  • Fix Password recovery doesn't work with captcha plugins.
  • Fix Sidebar not showing on register page.
  • Fix Warning error depricated function on date function.
  • Fix Fetching links preview in FireFox.
  • Fix If user put "[peepso_profile]" as status update, all profile page will be 404.


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr User deletion Phase 1
  • Impr Too slow visual feedback is causing people to click 'like' multiple times.
  • Impr Change 'Share' / 'RePost' notification.
  • Fix Profile cover stretched with certain views.
  • Fix Multiple notifications for the same action.
  • Fix Cannot upload avatars when PHP's allow_url_fopen config is disabled.
  • Fix Conflict between PeepSo core and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin.
  • Fix Links fetching in comments leaves a gap, no image is shown.
  • Fix Remove the possibility to post images and videos on someone else's profile.
  • Fix Archiving posts with photos or videos is not hiding them.


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Version check speed on plugins list.
  • Impr Posting comments on mobile.
  • Impr Styling of Likes on posts, comments, profiles.
  • Impr User search - logic behind "total count" optimization.
  • Impr Checking minimum avatar size.
  • Fix Changing avatars from 'friends', 'photos', 'videos' views in profile caused error.
  • Fix Broken demographic stats in dashboard.
  • Fix Misalignment on the login screen in Safari on Mac OSX.
  • Fix Likes count doesn't show number of likes.
  • Fix Admin wp_list_table in mobile view.
  • Fix Adjustment of cover images in full and half cover views
  • Fix Notices displaying in wrong place in the backend > PeepSo > config.


  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Change the 'my orders' link in the backend of PeepSo config to a proper one.
  • Impr General compatibility improvements with WP 4.4.
  • Impr Design issues in backend on WP 4.4
  • Fix Activity infinite scroll keeps loading first page.
  • Fix Profile page and web title are not same.
  • Fix User cannot save profile when admin allows users to change username.
  • Fix Login modal when logged out.
  • Fix Use default WP user role when registering.


  • New Add setting to allow / disallow users to change usernames.
  • New Allow others to write on my wall.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Cleaned up assets and made overrides easier for every single image in PeepSo
  • Impr Add avatars to users' names when adding them to conversation in modal.
  • Impr Allow using '@' in usernames upon registration and profile edit
  • Impr Change validation on 'admin email' field.
  • Impr Styling for delete profile buttons.
  • Impr Right side with comments doesn't fit.
  • Impr Cannot changing avatar at about me page.
  • Impr User listing styling on new message modal in dark theme.
  • Impr Check if mailq is in the crontab.
  • Impr Remove the notice after repositioning the cover photo on profiles.
  • Impr Avatar change on mobile modal size improvements - cropping library.
  • Fix Misspelled 'received'.
  • Fix Guests see the option to block users.
  • Fix Blank confirmation message for delete profile.
  • Fix User search on toolbar.
  • Fix Page titles on profiles.
  • Fix User change role not working on WP 4.4
  • Fix Reposting modal styling
  • Fix gender count in wp-admin dashboard


  • New 'Read More' on posts and comments.
  • New Config section javascript validation and change indicator.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Cleaned up assets and made overrides easier for every single image in PeepSo
  • Impr Styling of PeepSo so it blends more with themes
  • Impr Profile and navigation changes
  • Fix When recent activity is set as home page single activity view doesn't work.
  • Fix Reset password email invalid token.
  • Fix Avatar modal styling issues on mobile.


  • New "hide my online status" profile setting in user profiles.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Fix Count mailqueue failures and only permanently fail after 5 times.
  • Fix Warnings when fetching links in Postbox.
  • Fix Email notification links display html.
  • Fix Errors when saving "advanced" config tab


  • New Dark theme.
  • New Show who’s online.
  • New ReCaptcha on user registration form.
  • New Reset notification emails content to default.
  • Impr Adjusting cover photo horizontally for panorama images.
  • Impr Resizing and compressing of cover images for performance.
  • Impr Reorganized Backend configuration settings.
  • Impr Generated new .POT file.
  • Impr Optimizing enqueue_scripts.
  • Impr Replace all GET ajax calls with POST.
  • Impr Licenses checking handling.
  • Impr Make sure that email notifications are sent using the html template.
  • Impr Config code refactoring.
  • Impr Banned users handling.
  • Impr Convert "link" tokens to elements in notification emails.
  • Fix Remove old activities.
  • Fix Notification emails content.
  • Fix Clean up filters and actions.
  • Fix Comment shown as a single activity.
  • Fix Keep line breaks the same way the text was entered in comments.
  • Fix Date picker width on "Twenty Fifteen" theme.
  • Fix Admin notification email not being sent when account verification is on.
  • Fix Cropped avatar quality loss.
  • Fix Can't modify the content of some email notifications.
  • Fix Notifications text, especially space before ':'.
  • Fix Layout on members page for long names.


  • New Automated updates for PeepSo and its plugins.
  • New Setting to use round / square avatars.
  • Impr Reorganized config page.
  • Impr Action buttons styling.
  • Impr Tweaks to the profile page styling.
  • Impr New way to load overrides for PeepSo styling.
  • Fix Missing checkbox on Terms and Conditions registration page.
  • Tested PeepSo on nginx servers.


  • New Option for administrators to ban users on frontend.
  • New Setting in the backend for PeepSo avatars to be used globally or not.
  • New Another way to load overrides for PeepSo CSS.
  • Impr Improved router.
  • Impr Increased font size of comments on stream.
  • Impr Change avatar styling from round to square.
  • Impr Friend related action buttons on profiles and user listings.
  • Impr Unified styling to square and sharp edges.
  • Impr Actions related to blocking users are moved to ‘cog’ with other misc actions.
  • Impr Username handling.
  • Impr Name and Last name fields to accept space and misc characters.
  • Impr Members page view in Safari on Mac.
  • Impr Move ‘connection timeout’ notice to browser console.
  • Impr Change the font that’s being used in PeepSo.
  • Fix Mail queue non-array paremeter error.
  • Fix Buttons for login and register on private profile not working for guests.
  • Fix Like button on profiles not working.
  • Fix Typo in the backend ‘Achieved’ changed to ‘Archived’.
  • Fix Email topics not handling special characters.
  • Fix Handling missing oEmbed images when sharing links on stream and in comments.
  • Fix Dividing and breaking words on stream in comments, messages etc. between new lines.
  • Fix The ‘x’ in postbox for removing preview of fetched links not working.
  • Fix Comment input box not resetting to default size after posting a comment with more than one line.
  • Fix Moved hardcoded language strings to .POT language files.
  • Fix Opening links in new tab not working as expected.
  • Fix Postbox not resetting after posting status updates.


  • Impr See 'self' in search results.


  • New oEmbed handling
  • New New Members Page filtering and sorting.
  • New Timezones handling per user.
  • Impr Purge Content default setting changed to ‘0’.
  • Impr Add loading indicator when searching members on Members Page.
  • Impr Dashboard graph for user engagement improvements.
  • Impr Notifications layout.
  • Impr Added a 'loading’ indicator when the postbox is fetching a link preview.
  • Impr Members page settings for default sorting added on the backend configuration page.
  • Impr More granular time of posting indication 'a moment ago' etc.
  • Fix Displaying profiles of users with 'space' in usernames
  • Fix Added PeepSo and supporting plugins' .pot language files.
  • Fix Long Terms and Conditions text is not scrollable in the modal.
  • Fix {sitename} tag does not parse the site name.
  • Fix Notification count misaligned in mobile view.
  • Fix Notifications on mobile are sticking out of canvas.
  • Fix Long links and text breaking styling on Activity Stream posts.
  • Fix Line breaks in comments should be kept.
  • Fix When a slug is changed it shouldn't break PeepSo pages.


  • New All members page
  • New Getting Started screen with essential information.
  • Impr Make the input box for path file system wider.
  • Impr Administrator area code improvements.
  • Impr Dashboard plugins list improvement.
  • Impr Changed default settings in admin for "Emails" section.
  • Impr Spacing improvements in Postbox.
  • Impr Replaced the image on the login screen.
  • Impr After blocking a user, redirect to Activity Stream.
  • Impr Improved comments styling.
  • Impr Friends, users search improvements.
  • Fix Notification popovers displaying too high in submenus.
  • Fix Widgets not initializing properly for all licensing scenarios.
  • Fix Profile on toolbar doesn't show submenus when in /friends or /photos or /videos views.


  • Fix Issues with WordPress mobile app login when PeepSo is activated
  • Fix A rare occurrence of blog post listing displaying underneath a single activity view
  • Fix Disabled an incomplete Open Graph implementation


  • New Add "Register" link to "mini-profile" widget.
  • Impr Registration confirmation emails need to skip mail queue and be sent immediately.
  • Impr Licensing improvements.
  • Impr PeepSo Avatars outside of PeepSo.
  • Fix Blog posts showing under profile sub-pages.
  • Fix Remove "view profile" link from blocked users listing.
  • Fix Logging in from PeepSo Me widget with wrong credentials doesn't provide feedback to user.
  • Fix Powered by PeepSo Showing more than once.
  • Fix Likes rating setting fixed for profiles.
  • Fix PeepSo overriding themes' styles outside of PeepSo.
  • Fix Avatar should NOT change until "done" is clicked.
  • Fix Uploaded avatars not contained by the wrapper.
  • Fix Vimeo videos not playing inline on stream.


  • Dashboard PeepSo Plugins check which are activated.
  • Remove "Fancybox 2.0′ and use custom code.
  • Videos don't play in Firefox.
  • Renamed menu items in the backend.
  • Contain the notification popovers and make them scrollable within their own boundaries.
  • On new install, assign proper PeepSo Roles to existing WordPress users.
  • Remove the "drag and drop" cursor from backend options and the styling.
  • Can't like an individual photo from a batch upload in modal.
  • Can't report a picture from modal, when uploaded in a batch
  • Can't repost a picture from modal, when uploaded in a batch
  • Sending a photo in a private message puts those photos in widgets and under profiles.
  • Remove the option to add videos from PostBox in messages.
  • Remove the privacy option from messages PostBox.
  • Entered message doesn't stay when switching between video and photos in messages PostBox.
  • Photo attachment to messages breaks message list.
  • Photo thumbnails improvements and optimisation on the Activity Stream.
  • CSS improvements of the Activity Stream.
  • Can't tag people in comments in modal in photos.
  • Fetching thumbs from websites returns black thumbnail.
  • Compatibility of special characters in name / last name fields.
  • Improved Licensing.
  • Improved PeepSo Versioning.
  • Optimized assets, minified JS.


  • Initial release

Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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