This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

PCo Image Widget Field



PCo Image Widget Field allows developers to add multiple image fields to custom widgets.

By calling pco_image_field() inside your widget’s form() function, you will be able to give your users a way to add images via the WordPress Media Frame.


There are just a few strings to translate. However, it would be great to have more languages available. Please contact us to add your translation to the plugin!

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  • Select your image.
  • Media frame opens. Pick your image and click update.
  • Save your stuff.
  • And output the image in your widget.


  1. Add the plugin by either downloading the folder and uploading it to the wp-content/plugins directory or install it from the Control Panel using Plugins->Add New.
  2. Activate PCo Image Widget Field from the Plugins menu using Plugins->Installed Plugins.
  3. Put pco_image_field( $this, $instance ); inside your Widget’s form() method.


It’s possible to add settings to the function by adding a settings array as a third argument: array( 'title' => 'your-title', 'update' => 'your-update-text', 'field' => 'your-image-field' ). Here are what each setting does…

  • title – The title text in the upper left corner of the Media Frame. Defaults to ´Image´
  • update-text – The text on the update button in the lower right corner of the Media Frame. Defaults to ´Update Image´
  • field – The field name. Change this if you need multiple images in one widget. Defaults to ´image_id´

Note that this plugin will not save your widget data or show your image anywhere on the front-end. It will simply store the field inside the $new_instance array and wait for you to save the widget. Once the widget instance is saved, you will be able to retrieve the image id from the widget data.


Will this work for WordPress versions earlier than 3.5.0?

No. This plugin was build to make the Media Frame more useful.
Older versions of WordPress will have to use thickbox instead. You can use the Widget Image Field plugin instead, but it’s recommended that you update your WordPress installation instead.

Will this automatically add an image field to my widget when I install it?

No. This plugin just creates the building blocks.
You will have to manually add the function pco_image_field( $this, $instance ) inside your widget.

But I cannot code

Sad. Try these alternatives instead: Image Widget or Simple Image Widget

This plugin was build to let developers easily add an image field to their widgets. If you have a developer available this will be an easy task.

I have added the function but it returns warnings and kills my script. Eh?

Make sure the plugin has been activated. Adding a function that doesn’t exists will produce a PHP warning and kill the script. To prevent these errors you can use a function_exists before calling pco_image_field().

What if I don’t declare any fields to the settings array?

You don’t have to define the settings array. The default field is image_id, and is recommended for simplicity.

What if I want to create multiple image fields inside my widget?

Define the field in the setting array. For example:
pco_image_field( $this, $instance, array( ‘field’ => ‘my_image_id’ ) );
pco_image_field( $this, $instance, array( ‘field’ => ‘my_next_image_id’ ) );
pco_image_field( $this, $instance, array( ‘field’ => ‘my_last_image_id’ ) );

The image will not save

Save your field inside your widgets update().

None of my data is saved

There is a problem with your widget.

It seems like it’s saving my data but I don’t get anything on the frontend?

Then you will have to output the image in your theme.
Get the image id from $instance['image_id']; and use a function like wp get attachment image();.

Well your plugin conflicts with…

Let us know!
Please add a new ticket inside our support forum!

Too much hard coding 🙁 . I need a hook/functionality for…

Please add a new ticket inside our support forum and tell us about the feature request you need!


Wow! You developed very useful thing!

Man, really, you implemented two of my ideas for plugins! =) ( Image Widget Field & Kint ) I am glad that these ones I won’t create, but will develop something else! Thank you, your plugins are awesome!

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Contributors & Developers

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  • Adds german translations (props @dbanck, #5


  • Fixes display of inputs


  • Trigger customizer whenever an update to an image field has accoured


  • Make sure this plugin works together with the customizer


  • Better handling of styles
  • Responsiveness in regards to mp6
  • Global: $pco_iwf – Globalization of the plugin object
  • Filter: pcoiwf_preview_size – Change the preview size if you’re using wider widgets


  • First release