Payment Form and Online Credit Card Payments by vCita


Online Credit Card Payments by vCita is a simple and secure WordPress plugin, designed with service providers in mind!

The plugin integrates with PayPal, Stripe & Square, and lets you accept credit card and PayPal payments right on your website:

  • Allow customers to pay for your services online 24/7 from any device
  • Create multiple payment buttons and add them to website pages or posts using shortcode
  • Invite returning customers to pay for previous activities, appoints and services
  • Let customers book appointments and services online, and request an upfront payment
  • Issue price estimates and invoices, track payment status in real time and send client reminders
  • Record & track payments, manage your business income with a centralized dashboard
  • And more…

vCita’s online payment plugin can be integrated into your website as a payment form or a payment button in seconds – no coding required.

Both the button and the payment form provide a professional, mobile friendly online payment solution that is easy to use.
You can customize the payment form and request additional information regarding the client or the payment.

Funds are directly deposited in your PayPal or bank account and with no additional transaction fees.

View and manage all payments, contact form submissions and clients from the vCita Mobile CRM App for iPhone or Android


Online Payments By vCita is currently available in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Dutch

Payment Form with PayPal and Stripe plugin connects to your vCita account as well as your PayPal or Stripe account. You may create a vCita account directly from the plugin.
vCita offers a 14-day FREE TRIAL.

Key features of the Online Credit Card Payments by vCita plugin :

  • Add an interactive payment widget to your website.
  • Create online payment buttons and payment forms in seconds and add them to any page or post using shortcode.
  • Accept Credit Card and PayPal payments with your payment form, for any service or product.
  • Charge clients’ credit cards directly from your dashboard, easily collecting payment from anywhere.
  • More than 26 supported currencies – accept payments in any currency supported by PayPal or Stripe – See full list .
  • Have your funds deposited straight to your bank account – powered by Stripe.
  • Receive immediate email and mobile notifications with every contact form submission, and when a payment via PayPal or Stripe is made.
  • Manage all contact form submissions, PayPal and Stripe payments and contacts in one friendly system, available on desktop and mobile.
  • Send mobile-friendly price estimates from any device, let clients approve estimates online and convert them into invoices.
  • Issue customized invoices and email them to clients with an invitation to pay online with and credit card of PayPal

Payment Form with PayPal and Stripe :

  • Accept unlimited online payments (instead of only $300/month)
  • Get automatically notified of late payment and send reminders to clients
  • Send customized thank you emails with every accepted payment
  • Manage contacts across your team – assign leads and clients to staff members
  • Integrate vCita with QuickBooks
  • Integrate vCita with other accounting & billing systems such as FreshBooks and more using Zapier

More features available with Online Credit Card Payments by vCita plugin :

  • Add a PayPal or Stripe payment button to any page or post
  • Customize the payment button and payment form to perfectly match your website theme and design
  • Mobile ready contact form and online payment process that looks great on any device
  • Friendly online payment experience for your clients
  • Automatically recognize and greet returning clients, and alert them of outstanding payments
  • Convenient credit card payment processing or PayPal payments for your web or mobile site
  • Use an invoice template and generate invoices for your clients to pay online using credit card or PayPal
  • Keep an archive of contact form submissions and client payment history
  • Display a list of services and fees, and collect a payment before or after a scheduled appointment
  • Simply integrate PayPal or Stripe with your site using shortcode
  • Set the payment currency
  • Accept payments through your WordPress site in a secure manner
  • Set buttons with a predefined PayPal and Stripe payment amount, or let clients choose the amount within the payment contact form

Find out more about vCita online payments and invoicing templates

Online payment plugin is part of vCita’s all-in-one business management solution, which includes :

  • Online scheduling
  • Event and class registration
  • Online team calendar
  • CRM to manage your client interactions
  • Integrated email campaigns and SMS marketing
  • Invoicing system
  • A client portal for each client

Building WordPress sites for others?

Use vCita LiveSite on any WordPress website you build and manage all vCita plugins from one dashboard.

Join the vCita reseller program for web professionals.


  • Customize and add your PayPal Payment Button
  • Friendly payment experience for your clients - Mobile ready payment process that would look great on any device
  • Mobile Friendly payment experience for your clients
  • Manage all payments and invoices - One centralized dashboard to track your business income and track your clients' complete payment history

  • Issue invoices - Create and send invoices to clients, track payment status in real time and send reminders for late payments


Install Online Credit Card Payments by vCita

  1. Download “WP PayPal and Stripe Online Payments By vCita” and activate it.
  2. Connect your WordPress site with you vCita account. You may connect an existing account or create an account via the plugin by simply providing your Email address. This Email will be used for notifications from vCita only.
  3. Connect a payment gateway – either PayPal or Stripe, and Select your payment currency.
  4. Customize your payment button style, label and amount or title, and add it to any page or post using shortcode.
  5. To double the number of leads generated on your site, add the vCita LiveSite widget. Simply click on the LiveSite widget tab on the right and make sure it’s turned on.

Manage all payment on your Back office

The vCita back office allows you to easily manager all your customers and payments. To access your payments summary:
1. Click on “Back office” on the right navigation bar
2. Navigate to “Payments”

More options and instructions for adding vCita widgets to your WordPress site

Step by step instructions for implementing vCita widgets into your WordPress site are available in these support articles


How to customize my PayPal or Stripe Payment Button

The button automatically inherits your theme design, and you can easily customize using inline CSS.

How to connect my PayPal or Stripe account with vCita

We made it super easy for you! Click “Select Payment Gateway” to access a 3 steps wizard that will help you set everything you need to accept payments online.

How to manage my clients on vCita

Visit our FAQ & Support forum to find tips on how to get started with vCita CRM.

How can I customize my client records available on my CRM

  1. Click on the “Back office” and navigate to “Settings” > “Client Card”
  2. Define custom fields you wish to keep for each of your clients.
  3. Customize the field name and title which will be available to both you and your clients.

What is included in my vCita LiveSite pack?

vCita LiveSite Pack includes several modules that will transform your website into a LiveSite:
* Online payments
* Contact forms
* Online Scheduler
* “LiveSite Widget” – Unique widget that helps you capture twice as many leads on your website!
* BackOffice to manage all customer interactions.

Can I add the LiveSite Widget on a specific page?

Visit our support forum to see how to Add LiveSite on specific pages

What are vCita Terms and Conditions?

Please visit Terms and Conditions

What is vCita Privacy Policy?

Please visit Privacy Policy


March 20, 2017
I was looking for a free way to have an online form that accepts both Paypal and Stripe, based on the description this looks great but it's not so. It is designed for people that subscribe to vCita, otherwise the features and how much money you can collect per month is limited. I already subscribe to other CRM and booking services so I don't want to switch and pay more per month. I am sure that this is a great plugin for someone out there but not for me.
September 3, 2016
Last year I found vCita from a college friend and I absolutely loved the easy scheduling to get on her calendar. I loved it so much I instantly signed up and tested it, it worked great. 2 weeks later, I upgrade to the premium version as I really wanted to take advantage of everything. I'm a Microsoft Outlook Expert, people search the internet for "Outlook Expert" and find my website that has the vCita plug-in, which instantly adds a more professional appeal. I used to get emails from clients, now instead I get bookings right away and comments that lead to sales. Since last February, I have over 800 bookings and many more comments. vCita also has saved me many hours of booking appointments with my prepay clients and just over all, no more "Let's find a time..." back and forth. Now I just send them my link and it's in their hands to find a good time. I can't even believe I worked without it this long. The plug-in is so awesome, I put it in all of my SEO blogs as well as my main website and I use the pop up, which attracts folks to get on my calendar. AAAAA++++++. Don't change a thing here folks!
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Contributors & Developers

“Payment Form and Online Credit Card Payments by vCita” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Online Credit Card Payments by vCita Version 3.9.1

  • Updated to latest WordPress version

Online Credit Card Payments by vCita Version 3.9

  • Updated to latest WordPress version
  • Automatic marketing campaigns added: send automatic birthday coupons to your customers, define your trigger and create beautiful email campaigns for any special occasion.
  • Client portal updated
  • New image gallery & upload function: increase your brand visibility & look as pro online as in real life
  • Bug fixed

Online Credit Card Payments by vCita Version 3.8.5

  • Add Payment button to your Facebook page
  • Integration with Google Reserve
  • Bug fixed

Online Credit Card Payments by vCita Version 3.8.4

  • Security and privacy adjustments (full compliance with GDPR requirements)
  • New “saved items” library to add pre-saved services to invoices & estimates
  • New option to set and enforce your business cancellation & rescheduling policy
  • Two new staff permission types: Manager and Marketer (in addition to the existing roles of Administrator, Collaborator and User)
  • New option to add private documents to your client cards for internal use
  • New parameters for campaigns: insert clients’ names within your email & SMS campaigns
  • Add, edit and manage past group events & classes
  • New & improved Zapier integrations: new triggers, new actions and new search option

Online Credit Card Payments by vCita Version 3.8.3

  • Issue price estimates, let clients approve them online and turn them into invoices
  • Charge clients’ credit card directly from your dashboard
  • Collect partial payments for upcoming or for rendered services/appointments
  • Add your business terms and conditions to estimates/invoices
  • New automated client reminders for overdue invoices and for about-to-expire estimates
  • Schedule email campaigns to be sent out at a later date & time
  • Sticky custom fields for your online booking (ask returning clients for specific information until they fill it in)
  • A new dashboard to help you gain quick insights into clients, appointments, payments and your business’ day-to-day

Online Credit Card Payments by vCita Version 3.8.2

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.9
  • Set date-specific availability
  • Schedule recurring appointments
  • Create & share discount coupons
  • Improved invoicing & payment management
  • Full translation to Italian

Online Credit Card Payments by vCita Version 3.8.1

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.8

Online Credit Card Payments by vCita Version 3.8.0

  • Update plugin name
  • Enhanced export options
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Promote services and events via email & SMS campaigns
  • Mobile App performance improvements

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 3.7.1

  • Require a payment during scheduling
  • improved reporting

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 3.6.1

  • Record offline payments
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.6

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 3.6.0

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.5

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 3.5.0

  • Some UI improvements

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 3.4.0

  • Mark payments as paid when done while scheduling an appointment
  • Fixes to support PHP version 5.2.17

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 3.3.0

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.4
  • integrations with accounting & billing services using Zapier

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 3.2.0

  • New Mobile App
  • Some UI improvements

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 3.1.0

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.3.1

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 3.0.0

  • Introducing completely new interface with more options and functionalities!
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.3

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 2.1.0

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.2
  • Fixed some bugs

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 2.0.0

  • Completely New Button design!
  • Integration with Stripe – Now you can collect payments using Stripe and get payments deposited directly into your bank account!
  • Payment icons can now be added to the button for a more professional look
  • Enhancements to the settings page
  • More FAQ’s were added

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 1.2.0

  • New design for email notifications sent from vCita to you & your clients
  • More customization for the emails including branding colors and logo
  • New! Email signature option was added
  • Enhancements with scheduling settings to prevent appointments from being scheduled to far in advance

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 1.1.0

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.1
  • Added translations to: Spanish, Polish, French and Hebrew.

Contact form with PayPal and Stripe By vCita Version 1.0.0

  • First release