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Participants Database

Build and maintain a fully customizable database of participants, members or anything with signup forms, admin backend, custom lists, and CSV support.

  • fixed bug where readonly fields were not saved in the signup form

  • added support for setting the "target" attribute in templates #1363
  • readonly form fields can be used in the signup form

  • aux plugin access level is now filterable
  • improved user feedback on admin list operations
  • fixed settings page bug in PHP 7 #1443

  • improved compatibility with email expansion kit
  • forward compatibility with PHP 7

  • replaced missing script

  • fixed syntax error for sites running PHP 5.3 #1423

  • added filter for modifying the record edit URL #1426


  • new "with selected" edit feature in admin list #1416
  • developer ads can now be disabled #1418
  • long TLDs in emails now validate #1413
  • attachment handing in the PDb_Template_Email class #1412
  • plus signs in search terms #1406
  • avoid printing label tags for empty titles in record and signup forms #1397

  • fixed duplicate field bug when adding new record #1411

  • fixed bug saving timestamps in the admin when using a display format PHP can't natively parse #1408, #1409

  • last_accsessed value left untouched when editing the record in the admin #1405
  • readonly dropdown fields now use value title #1404
  • total shortcode field value summing bug fixed

  • aux plugin option passed through translation filter #1358
  • edit_record_page shortcode attribute fixed #1387
  • fixed file and image field display bugs #1391, #1393, #1390
  • help text shown in read-only fields

  • fixed bug that prevented regex validation from allowing a blank value

  • fixed bug that affected installations with very large (>100) field counts #1373
  • fixed bug affecting some values stored as 3-d arrays #1365 #1372

  • fixed bug in date parser while using intl date parser #1367
  • replaced anonymous function in version check #1357
  • update notice detail now shows complete and current information #1355

  • fixed bug in date parser while using intl date parser
  • replaced anonymous function in version check
  • update notice detail now shows complete and current information

Version is a bugfix release for all users * fixed bad call in regpage_setting_fix Bug #1317 * added pdb-form_element_html filter * JS bug in aux_plugin_settings.js Bug #1352 * better implementation of HTML5 client-side validation for aux plugins * read-only field can now be used for private link recovery #1342 * added Participants_db::write_participant API method #1353

  • fixed settings class warning on plugin first activate #1346
  • record_edit URLs in emails #1343
  • email obfuscation leaves un-obfuscated email visible if linking is off #1344

  • fixed private method access issue for PHP version 5.3 #1323
  • gracefully handles servers that don't allow remote URLS opened as files #1324
  • added Participants_Db::do_action method

  • fixed reference to $this in anonymous function #1321
  • template class now properly handles array values #1321
  • apostrophes and quotes in search terms were failing in some cases #1319
  • global $post access should be checked for availability #1318
  • plugin setting initialization issue with new installs #1322

  • added Belarusian translation
  • updated German/Swiss German translations
  • fixed incorrect update/import record counts on CSV import #1290
  • list search/sort/pagination now uses JS scroller when AJAX is enabled #1299
  • fixed bug in the PHP version checker #1309
  • bare https links now get the correct linktext #1311
  • password field is now blank instead of trying to show the hash #1315

  • bugfix restores missing settings submit button

  • fixed issue where the private ID was not saved if the user wasn't logged in #1303
  • added setting to suppress scroll anchors (fragments) in pagination links #1298
  • fixed list query error with multiple search terms #1302
  • allow dropdowns and other single-value fields to be used as the primary email address #1301

  • fixed issue where the private ID was not saved if the user wasn't logged in #1303
  • added setting to suppress scroll anchors (fragments) in pagination links #1298
  • fixed list query error with multiple search terms #1302
  • allow dropdowns and other single-value fields to be used as the primary email address #1301

  • Fixed issue where default email headers were used instead of the plugin settings #1296
  • fixed bug where the CSS error maker for a match field wasn't cleared when the field value is a match #1293

  • fixed data-offset bug in admin list #1289
  • fixed CSV timestamp import bug #1292
  • fixed non-working single_record_link attribute in list shortcode #1291
  • fixed bug in template class that made stored values unavailable in some contexts #1287


  • adds numeric field type
  • adds support for add-on plugins
  • refactoring and standardization of email-related code
  • refactoring of all date-related code
  • Further adjustments to time rendering to compensate for difference between server and local time
  • added pdb-shortcode_present hook, several other useful hooks and filters
  • all display strings are passed though a gettext call, but only if the global PDB_MULTILINGUAL is set to true
  • plugin cleans up it's own transients and options
  • alternate directory structures are now supported automatically
  • improved messaging on setting up upload preferences
  • enforced minimum PHP version 5.3
  • single and record query var names are now user-alterable
  • improved date parsing
  • fully implemented template email class
  • aux plugin update support
  • list shortcode filter values can use & | reserved characters
  • added support for 'search_fields' list shortcode attribute
  • image data caching for better performance
  • added API filter to rich text processor
  • API filter for multiple field matches on new records
  • API filter pdb-captcha_validation
  • API filter pdb-before_admin_delete_record triggered on record delete
  • added 'pdb-initialized' hook for use by aux plugins
  • replaced use of get_currentuserinfo()

  • fixes broken AJAX search on some systems
  • valid timezone setting is enforced
  • prevents activation if PHP version is less than 5.3
  • several minor bug fixes

fixes bug where list pagination drops search

bug fixes: * field/groups deletions in some translated versions * email sending with multi-page signup forms * showing time with timestamps in the admin * otherselect when more than on per form * dynamic fields getting re-set in record edit form * strict search setting

new: * added "multi-dropdown" form element * several efficiency optimizations, wider use of data caches * allow use of "simple" multi-field frontend searches

fixed issue where remote search controls weren't targeting the correct list instance

bug fixes: list pagination not refreshed with AJAX searches missing object in PDb_Update_Notices class fixed db error when user search overrides shortcode filter

implemented -1 list_limit value to show all records

bugfix: CAPTCHA not showing previous solution CAPTCHA help text not shown horizontal scroll setting on admin list

added top scrollbar to horizontal scroll elements in admin

fixed bug with dropdown- and checkbox-other fields


bugs fixed: slashed numeric dates not parsing correctly total shortcode not totaling data default images broken value titles not shown in lists


minor bug fixes


  • database optimizations for large data sets
  • scripts and stylesheets loaded only on active plugin pages
  • code support for multilingual sites
  • improvements to multi-page form handling
  • improvements to internationalized date handling
  • bug when using a single-field form fixed
  • plugin now supports custom translation files and most translation plugins
  • CSV import now allows delimiters and enclosures to be set by the user
  • better support for values titles in search results
  • better support for custom search forms
  • new shortcode attributes for forms: "autocomplete", "edit_record_page" and "submit_button"
  • improved security on user input and form submissions
  • improved security on admin functions

  • security patch for CSV download
  • added Ukranian translation

  • compatibility with WP 3.9 and PHP 5.5
  • plugin admin menu visibility now controlled by plugin admin roles

  • fixed checkbox lock bug

  • fixed transaction errors when MySQL is in a strict mode
  • checkboxes may now use value titles
  • AJAX search response now uses template defined in the shortcode

  • added otherselect.js to handle dropdown/other fields
  • fixed bug in dropdowns when value is numeric 0

  • readonly displays for dropdowns, radios and multiselects
  • record updates leave private ID unchanged
  • new setting to enable alternative sessions management if PHP sessions is not working
  • fixed bug in PDbTemplate class that would return empty fields in a list

  • undeclared property $readonly_fields error (this time for sure!)

bug fixes:

  • undeclared property $readonly_fields error
  • record updates not getting timestamp set
  • problem with list search results not coming in in some cases
  • readonly fields in form context now have "readonly" attribute instead of "disabled"
  • record form now shows captcha if named in the shortcode "fields" attribute
  • checkbox series now completely wrapped in checkbox group wrapper

Added Serbian translation

  • field group tabs use group name if no title is defined for the group
  • HTML entities can be used in all field option ("values") definitions
  • fixed long field/group name bug. Names can be up to the maximum 64 characters
  • cleaned up plugin function spillover into other admin pages
  • better compatibility with pre-3.8 WP installs
  • signup and record shortcodes won't try to validate unincluded fields
  • all form submissions are validated for all users except plugin admin in the admin section
  • in admin, last used settings now retained: sort field, sort order, search field, search operator
  • better support for multi-page forms, user can't complete form by going back to the first page
  • links and other HTML now allowed in field titles and help text
  • field option titles used in all contexts


  • more visual compatibility tweaks with 3.8 WP admin redesign, dashicons
  • bug fixes
  • plugin classes are now only included on pages with plugin shortcodes
  • settings page feedback messages working
  • fixed possible class/function collision with other plugins using WP_Session
  • now compatible with HTML5 form element types
  • bulletproofing, collision avoidance



  • admin compatible with WP 3.8
  • plugin no longer relies on PHP sessions
  • better compatibility with international characters in form validation
  • fixed datetime bug with missing server timezone value
  • updated POT file, internationalization complete
  • added Norwegian translation
  • bug fixes


** BETA RELEASE ** second round of bug fixes:

  • absolute image URIs will now display correctly
  • frontend list sort preferences are now heeded
  • 'the_content' filter applied to rich text if enabled in settings
  • improved link field data handling on import, doesn't require valid URL
  • missing results on AJAX search bug fixed
  • values of zero no longer considered empty
  • date fields now stored as BINGINT datatype so it can be sorted correctly
  • language files recompiled to correctly show selectors in the manage database fields page
  • zero-division bug in Pagination fixed


** BETA RELEASE ** first round of bug fixes:

  • frontend record edit submissions going to admin
  • list_limit cannot be set to override pagination
  • restored legacy public method Participants_Db::get_image_url()



Please back up before installing

For critical production sites I recommend you try this new plugin version first in a development site.

  • complete overhaul of the entire plugin
  • new classes to handle templating and plugin updates
  • added infrastructure for add-on and premium plugins
  • dozens of bug fixes and code hardening for more reliable performance in your particular installation

New Features:

  • file upload field allows any type of file to be uploaded
  • resend private link for users who've lost theirs
  • math captcha sets a simple test for a human user
  • custom CSS setting for easy presentation tweaks
  • wildcard characters allowed in searches
  • total shortcode shows total records and more
  • search shortcode to place search controls anywhere
  • groups attribute in shortcodes to show only selected groups of fields
  • date range filters in the admin list
  • expanded API for more ways to customize functionality
  • “busy” spinner image for AJAX-powered searches so the user knows something is happening while the data loads
  • labeled selection items for better readability

  • reworked class autoloading to avoid conflicts
  • 'list_query' filter now happens before the length of the list is calculated so if it is altered, the length will be correct
  • 'list_query' filter no longer includes the pagination limit statement

  • improved date formatting for numeric non-American style dates (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • fields omitted from the signup form are no longer validated, making it easier to construct different signup forms
  • more control over search/sort dropdowns in the list display (see template)
  • signup, record and single shortcodes now have the "fields" attribute
  • list shortcode filters now correctly filter multi-select fields
  • lists may now be sorted by more than one field in the shortcode
  • list shortcode filter statements may now include "or" operators
  • read-only text fields show the default value when empty
  • adds several API hooks and filters

Taking defensive precautions against other plugins in the admin: * admin.css is more specific about styling tabs * no longer using .ui-tabs-hide class to show/hide tabs


  • single record link doesn't get wrapped with anchor tag in some cases; works reliably now
  • script handles were conflicting with some other plugins; script handles are now namespaced
  • admin menu hook was conflicting with some other plugins; admin menu hooks are now more specific
  • readonly fields were erased when record was edited in the frontend
  • all date displays are now internationalized
  • page links with some post types were incorrect; now using "get_permalink()" for all page links
  • PDb_Pagination class was conflicting with some other plugins; renamed to PDb_Pagination
  • checkbox fields now allowed for single page link
  • default images are now not given full-size link
  • checkbox fields now allowed for single page link


  • readonly date fields no formatted
  • better handling of multivalue fields
  • internal date fields now correctly formatted
  • improved safeguards against JS code collisions on the admin pages
  • bug where hidden fields cause other fields to be dropped from the display fixed
  • better handling of hidden dynamic values
  • AJAX list filtering no longer loses pagination element


  • internationalized dates are now displaying consistenyly on all screens
  • email headers are now set on a per-message basis to avoid conflicts with text-only emails
  • several bug fixes relating to date localization
  • added Slovak translation by Branco Radenovich


  • added image delete checkbox (doesn't delete file, only database reference)
  • image handle file validation avoids costly CURL calls in validating files
  • improved list AJAX javascript
  • fixed admin page name conflict with some plugins
  • international characters now work properly in user searches
  • internationalization of date display
  • image uploads now won't overwrite existing files of the same name by adding an index to the name

  • fixes several issues brought up by the WP 3.5 release:
  • admin section tabs
  • plugin icon
  • $wpdb->prepare new regimen

  • bugfix for admin list javascript bug that deletes all records on a page if you try to delete a record


  • AJAX search/sort internationalization
  • fixed pagination issues with WP query-string page links
  • improvements and expanded commenting in pdb-list-detailed template
  • added database update failsafe to ensure database is in sync


  • improvements to single record display template and stylesheet; less likely to break
  • better notations and help text
  • several minor bugfixes
  • uploaded images and files pathing is now harder to break
  • AJAX list searches are now compatible with pagination


  • fixed bug that prevented a new uploads directory from being created in some cases
  • it is now possible to have two different list shortcodes on the same page
  • using WP auto formatting is now optional on rich-text fields
  • fixed incompatibility with PHP 5.4


  • fixes for several reported bugs


  • now using templates for all shortcode output
  • added 'read only' attribute for fields
  • added random sort for list output
  • added "match other field" validation option for field double-checks
  • added default sort order for the admin list
  • hidden fields can now capture cookie values as well as server values, WP user data, etc.
  • placeholder tags may now be used in email subject lines
  • new form element: "Rich Text" a textarea element with a rich text editor
  • new form element: "Password" stored as a WP-compatible hash
  • added 'search results only' functionality for list shortcode
  • list searches now update the list without reloading the page (using AJAX)
  • you can define a "default image" to show when no image has been uploaded into a record
  • CSV export now requires admin privileges
  • improved handling of rich text content displays

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 21 hours ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


5 out of 5 stars


28 of 73 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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