Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions


Paid Member Subscriptions is membership made easy.

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It offers a complete membership solution, allowing you to accept member payments, manage members, create subscription plans and restrict access to premium content.

Integrates with WooCommerce, allowing you to restrict product viewing and purchasing to members-only as well as offer special discounted product price based on subscription plans.

To start simply create a new page and give it an intuitive name(e.g. Member Registration) and add the following shortcode: [pms-register].
Publish the page and you are done!

Shortcodes for Member Registration, Login, Content Restriction and managing Membership Plans

You can use one of the following shortcodes:

  • [pms-register] – adds a front-end user registration form where members can sign-up for a membership level
  • [pms-login] – to add a front-end member login form
  • [pms-restrict subscription_plans=”9,10″] Special content for members subscribed to the subscription plans that have the ID 9 and 10! [/pms-restrict] – to restrict content based on subscription plans or logged in status
  • [pms-account] – allows members to edit their account information and manage their subscription plan(s)
  • [pms-subscriptions] – output subscription plans form and allow users to subscribe to new membership plans (use subscription_plans shortcode parameter to display only certain plans)
  • [pms-payment-history] – adds a front-end table with the member’s payment history
  • [pms-recover-password] – adds a recover password password form, that enables users to reset their password if needed

Please browse our plugin description page for more information regarding shortcode parameters and plugin modules.

Membership Modules:

Content Restriction

You’ll find it quite simple to restrict entire posts, pages or custom post types or just portions of them.

Restrict Content offers you options to:

  • display content based on logged in status
  • show content to members only, based on their subscription plan(s)
  • partial content display by using [pms-restrict][/pms-restrict] shortcode

Membership Payments

Accept PayPal payments from your subscribers. You can keep track of all member payments, payment statuses and purchased subscription plans.

Hierarchical Subscription Plans

You can create an unlimited number of hierarchical subscription plans (eg: free, silver, gold). Each subscriber can choose a membership plan (subscription) during the registration process.
Also, existing members can upgrade their subscription plan from their account page.

You can setup subscription plans to have free and/or paid memberships on your site.

Members Management

Have an overview of all your members and their subscription plans. Easily add/remove members or edit their subscription details.

Member Emails and Messages

Customize default member emails and setup member messages sent/displayed on certain user actions.

Free Trial and Sign-up Fees

You can configure your subscription to have a free trial period and a sign-up fee, allowing you to have more control on your subscription setup. Click to view which payment gateways support this feature.

WooCommerce Integration

Paid Member Subscriptions integrates beautifully with WooCommerce, allowing you to do the following:

  • Create a Members-only Store – restrict access to the Shop page to members-only
  • Restrict Product Viewing and Purchasing – control who can see or purchase a WooCommerce product based on logged in status and subscription plan. Easily create members-only products.
  • Offer discounted product prices to members – offer special product prices to members based on their active subscription. Set membership discounts per product or subscription plan.

Powerful Add-ons

Paid Member Subscriptions has a range of premium Add-ons that allow you to extend the power of the membership plugin:

Basic Add-ons (available in the PRO or Hobbyist version)

  • bbPress – integrate Paid Member Subscriptions with the popular forums plugin, bbPress, to restrict your forums and topics.
  • Global Content Restriction – add global content restriction rules to subscription plans, based on post type, taxonomy and terms
  • Discount Codes – create an unlimited number of discount codes and offer percentage or flat rate based discounts
  • Email Reminders – create multiple automated email reminders that are sent to members before or after certain events take place (subscription expires, subscription activated etc.)
  • Navigation Menu Filtering – dynamically display menu items based on logged-in status as well as selected subscription plans

Pro Add-ons (available in the PRO version only)

  • Recurring Payments for PayPal Standard – accept recurring payments from your members through PayPal Standard
  • PayPal Pro & PayPal Express – accept one-time or recurring payments through PayPal Pro (credit card) and PayPal Express Checkout
  • Stripe Gateway – accept credit card payments, both one-time and recurring, directly on your website via Stripe
  • Content Dripping – create schedules for your content, making posts or categories available for your members only after a certain time has passed since they signed up for a subscription plan
  • Multiple Subscriptions per User – setup multiple subscription level groups (e.g. Physics, Math) and allow members to sign up for more than one subscription plan, one per group (e.g. Physics Beginner and Math Advanced)





  • Basic Information page for Paid Member Subscriptions - membership plugin
  • Subscription Plans listing from Paid Member Subscriptions - membership plugin
  • Adding a New Membership Plan
  • Member Registration Page - front-end membership plans listing
  • Member Login Page - front-end user login form
  • Member Account Page
  • Member Lost Password Page
  • Restrict Content - posts, pages, custom post types
  • Members Management
  • Add New/Edit Member on your Membership site
  • Membership Payments
  • Settings - setup PayPal payment gateway used to accept payments
  • Settings - Content Restriction Messages
  • Settings - customize default member emails
  • WooCommerce integration general settings
  • Product discounts and restriction settings for individual product
  • WooCommerce shop page restricted on the front-end
  • Display of member discounted products in the front-end


  1. Upload the paid-member-subscriptions folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create a new page and use one of the shortcodes available. Publish the page and you’re done!


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the paid-member-subscriptions folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create a new page and use one of the shortcodes available. Publish the page and you’re done!
What type of membership sites can I create?

Here are some examples of what you could sell from your membership site: premium tutorials, newsletter, magazine, database, online community, software, apps, videos, ebooks, audio files, discount codes, fan clubs, consulting, coaching etc.

Can my members pay using a credit card?

The subscription plan payments are handled via PayPal Standard. Your members will be able to pay for the membership via their credit card or their PayPal account. More payment gateways are supported via Add-ons.

Can I offer both free and paid memberships at the same time?

Yes, you can have both free and paid memberships on your site.

Can I restrict access to premium content allowing only paying users to view it?

Yes, the plugin allows you to restrict content and make it available to paid members only.

Where can I find out more information?

For more information please check out Paid Member Subscriptions documentation.


Great support

I have great experience with their support which is the reason I gave it a 5 star. After thorough use of the plugin, there are still a few things that can be improved. Overall, its very easy to use.

Perfect plugin for memberships!

Title says all, we were able to setup webshop with woocommerce and this plugin helped us with setting up discounts for specific user classes, monthly membership subscriptions and restriced content inside particular pages and posts. It’s really flexible, full of features, and it’s working as it should.

Lastly, I spotted a minor bug which was addressed accordingly by a support staff member the next working day and it was also successfully fixed in the next few days.

All the best from my side, you’re doing amazing work here!

Great plugin, Super Support

The plugin was great to use and included a lot of functionality from other plugins that I was then able to remove. Even better than the plugin itself was the support before I had even purchased. Georgian stuck with me throughout and helped me extend the plugin to suit an unusual request! Thanks!


I’m trying to get independent and get rid of Patreon, Adsense and all other big parties who try to influence publishers. So I stumbled upon this plugin. The free version works as advertised on premium Newspaper theme.

I will update this review the pro version has been fully tested.

Best of all of them, compatibility & support!

After having tried the rest I opted for Paid Member Subscriptions because of it’s compatibility and I’m very glad I did. It does exactly what I need because it is flexible and so can be implemented pretty much anywhere. Integration with WooCommerce was key for me and the ability to have an auto discount is great. The addons (Pro) are a pretty neat way to extend it’s functionality even further by taking reoccurring payments and so on, although the free addons were helpful too. I can verify that the support is also top notch, I had an issue and got a swift response to which the developers addressed in a timely fashion. I don’t think you could ask for much more than that, their the Full Package. Thanks & keep up the good work!!!


Too complicated, not enough instructions to help setting it up and the code to restrict content didn’t even work for me.
Work smarter not harder! Considering the other plugins out there are simple and easy to use, this plugin is not worth the time and headaches to build with creating pages and codes to where it’s even near functional (or in my case, not).

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  • Fixed: Saving a subscription plan breaks subscription plans hierarchy


  • New: Added support for YouTube video embeds into restriction messages.
  • Fixed: Activation emails not being sent properly for some payment gateways.
  • Fixed: Adding an upgrade / downgrade to subscription plans would mess the order of the subscription plans.
  • Fixed: The styling of WooCommerce’s messages would be applied to restriction messages, instead of the default styling.
  • Fixed: Member payments history table pagination would break in some scenarios.
  • Misc: Member payments history table status column are now translatable.


  • New: Added new payment action hooks: pms_payment_insert, pms_payment_update, pms_payment_delete
  • New: Added new member subscription action hooks: pms_member_subscription_insert, pms_member_subscription_update, pms_member_subscription_delete
  • New: Added new payments list table filter for entry actions: pms_payments_list_table_entry_actions
  • Fixed: PHP notice conflict when using Profile Builder Pro and Paid Member Subscriptions
  • Fixed: [pms-restrict] shortcode not displaying restriction message when user is logged-in, but does not have a subscription attached
  • Fixed: [pms-restrict] shortcode not displaying the custom message set for the current post
  • Fixed: Sorting members in the admin area as it was not working
  • Misc: Deprecated following payment action hooks: pms_payment_inserted, pms_payment_updated, pms_payment_deleted
  • Misc: Deprecated following member subscription action hooks: pms_member_subscription_inserted, pms_member_subscription_updated, pms_member_subscription_deleted


  • Fixed: “ip_address” database table column had a character count of 32, smaller than the needed for IPv6 addresses, resulting in payments not being added to the database
  • Fixed: Recover password shortcode was being echoes instead of being returned


  • New: Added action hook to payment history table so that developers can add extra columns
  • New: Added action hook to member account for the member subscriptions so that developer can add extra member subscription actions
  • Fixed: Removed trial end field from member subscription edit page if there aren’t any payment gateways that support trials
  • Fixed: Canceled member subscriptions can be renewed before the default 15 renewal period


  • New: Modified the Checkout Extra Fields API naming to Form Extra Fields API
  • New: Added support for “required” parameter for the Form Extra Fields API
  • New: Added Form Extra Fields API support to the edit profile form
  • Fixed: “pms_get_current_page_url” filter did not apply correctly


  • Fixed: Email notifications were not being sent properly. Instead of sending the custom emails set in the settings page, the defaults were being sent.
  • Misc: Small code clean up.


  • New: Added administrator email notifications for member subscription status changes.
  • Fixed: Issue with subscription plans not being displayed on Profile Builder register forms.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with Paid Member Subscriptions restrict content meta-box and custom post types created by PODS plugin.


  • Fixed: Fatal error that happens on registration when checking for an amount in payment data.


  • New: Added supported for payment meta information and provided a basic API to get, add, update and delete payment meta data
  • New: Extended member subscription meta information basic API to handle add and delete member subscription meta data
  • New: Implemented the Checkout Extra Fields API, which permits developers to easily extend Paid Member Subscriptions checkout sections and fields
  • Misc: Refactored the member admin interface to greatly improve performance


  • Fixed: If the register automatic billing information fails, the member subscription is being added as active, which should not be the case, it should be added as pending.
  • Fixed: Members subscribing for an unlimited plan do not have access to the restricted content
  • Fixed: Canceled member subscriptions now expire on the proper expiration date


  • Fixed: Unlimited time subscriptions and trial subscriptions that expired prematurely
  • Fixed: Fixed PHP notice of undefined $payment variable when registering to a free subscription plan
  • Fixed: Subscription Plan field from Profile Builder was not displaying in the edit profile custom forms
  • Fixed: Abandoning a subscription removes the user role associated to the subscription plan tied to the subscription
  • Fixed: “Something went wrong. Could not process your request.” message being displayed in the admin screen after saving a post
  • Misc: Improved pms_get_member_subscriptions() function to accept a better set of arguments
  • Misc: Removed the subscription plan sorting tags added in Profile Builder plugin, due to the fact that they are not supported


  • New: You can now add HTML into the description field of the subscription plans
  • Fixed: PayPal Standard Payment Gateway issue when registering from a Profile Builder custom form
  • Fixed: Issue with “Processing, please wait…” button text appearing before the button, not on the button
  • Fixed: When a member’s subscription expires, the user role of the subscription plan will now be removed
  • Fixed: Upgrading to a subscription plan removes the user role that is attached to the old/downgrade subscription plan
  • Misc: Small refactoring to move utility functions in their own separate file


  • Fixed: Issue with subscription submit button on Chrome browser.
  • Fixed: Issue with Profile Builder compatibility when Profile Builder’s email confirmation option was active


  • Notice: This is a major update! Please read and follow the Update Procedure to maintain full functionality.
  • New: Added support for subscription plan free trials.
  • New: Added support for subscription plan sign-up fees.
  • New: Added option to set the automatic renewal option for each subscription plan, if the active payment gateways support the renewal functionality.
  • New: Added Abandon Subscription action to mimic the Cancel Subscription action.
  • Fixed: The Cancel Subscription action will now only cancel the members subscription without removing it completely.
  • Misc: The Member Account shortcode has been improved to display more information about the user’s subscription.
  • Misc: The admin Edit Subscription screen has been improved, to offer more flexibility for setting up and editing the details of a subscription.


  • New: Allow only logged-in users or members to view your WooCommerce products by restricting access to them, the same way as you restrict content
  • New: Allow only logged-in users or members to purchase your WooCommerce products
  • New: Add special automatic discounts to your WooCommerce products that only your members have access to


  • Fixed: Major issue regarding content restriction for attachments


  • Fixed: Issue regarding the from email address. The from email address set in the Settings page would be replaced for all emails sent, not only the ones sent by Paid Member Subscriptions.
  • Fixed: Content restrictions for attachment pages did not work.
  • Misc: Added “pms_get_subscription_plan_upgrades” filter on the return values of the function that gets the subscription plan upgrades available for a subscription plan.


  • New: Added German, Italian and Portuguese translations
  • Misc: Small refactor on the email system


  • New: Added logout_redirect_url to the login shortcode
  • Misc: Extended with 12 hours the cron job that verifies if a subscription should be set as expired


  • Fixed: Currency is now being displayed properly on forms.


  • Fixed: Issue with HTML elements not being saved in the e-mail and content restriction messages fields from the Settings page
  • Misc: Payment dates are now displayed by taking into account the website’s timezone
  • Misc: Display correctly the currency symbol in the Payment History shortcode


  • Fixed: Subscription activation e-mail was being sent instead of the expiration e-mail when a subscription would expire
  • Fixed: Fixed security issues and performed a security audit


  • New: Added option for members to cancel their pending subscriptions from the account page
  • Fixed: Redirect to PayPal compatibility issue when registering from a Profile Builder form
  • Fixed: Content Restriction shortcode now displays the default message set in the Settings page
  • Misc: Removed the cancel subscription option if the website does not have HTTPS


  • New: Added custom and general redirect as a method of restricting access to the protected content.
  • New: Added [pms-logout] shortcode for easy placement of a logout link.
  • Misc: Extended the ability to search for members by custom user meta in the admin Members page.


  • Fixed: PHP fatal error on certain versions of PHP


  • New: Custom restriction messages per individual post basis
  • Fixed: PHP 7.1 warnings when using certain shortcodes without any parameters
  • Fixed: Compatibility error with Profile Builder plugin when registering a new user while using the E-mail Confirmation feature and choosing an e-mail address as the username
  • Fixed: Retry payment, renew subscription, upgrade subscription and cancel subscription did not work when using a page built with Page Builder by SiteOrigin plugin
  • Misc: Restricted post preview now displays only text. Shortcodes are no longer processed due to security reasons.
  • Misc: pms_member_check_expired_subscriptions() function has been rewritten for increased performance.


  • New: Added conditional function pms_is_post_restricted() that verifies if the current post has access restriction for the current user viewing it. An $post_id can be provided as the first parameter to check if the current user is restricted from accessing the post with the id = $post_id.
  • New: Added new insert() method for the PMS_Payment class. Deprecated add() method from PMS_Payment class.
  • Fixed: Recover Password functionality works now for users that have multiple words as their username.
  • Fixed: Changing tabs in plugin Settings page doesn’t lead anymore to 404 error, when JavaScript isn’t loaded.
  • Fixed: Scheduled posts don’t lose Content Restriction meta data anymore when automatically changing status from Scheduled to Published.


  • New: Added ability to search users by typing their username in the Add Member Information page.
  • Fixed: pms_member_payments table does not have a primary key. A column named ‘id’ is now the primary key for this table.
  • Fixed: Retry Payment success messages were not being displayed to the member after the payment process.
  • Misc: Restricted Posts Preview option now permits the use of shortcodes in the preview.


  • Fixed: pms_get_payments() function did not return complete data for a payment.
  • Misc: JavaScript refactoring for improved performance and readability.
  • Misc: jQuery UI Smoothness is now served over https.
  • Misc: Deprecated several methods of the PMS_Payment class.


  • New: Subscription Plans compatibility with Profile Builder’s conditional logic rules.
  • Fixed: Undefined index PHP Notice for Default Payment Gateway when first installing the plugin.
  • Misc: Refactored parts of the payments system to improve performance.


  • Fixed: Payment Expiration date was not set properly in certain situations.
  • Fixed: “Headers already sent” warning in certain conditions on Reports Page.
  • Fixed: Bug where payment did not end up as Complete when using a 100% discount code.
  • Fixed: Manual/Offline payment gateway error when registering through Profile Builder.
  • Misc: Small code refactoring for integration with AffiliateWP.


  • New: Changed PayPal’s endpoint to the new and supported ones.
  • Fixed: PHP warnings on first activation.
  • Fixed: Single site activation of the plugin on a network installation would create custom database tables for all sites.
  • Misc: Added various hooks in the Payments and Members list tables for extensibility reasons.


  • New: Added new Reports page where the administrator cand view a summary of the total earnings and payments for a given period.
  • New: Added ability to filter members by Subscription Plan in the admin Members page.
  • Fixed: Upgrading a member’s subscription plan from the admin interface would add the user role of the new plan to the member without removing the one of the old plan.
  • Misc: Completing a Manual Payment from the admin interface will now activate the member’s subscription automatically.


  • New: Added option to display a preview of the restricted posts to users that are logged-out or that are not subscribed to a plan.
  • Fixed: Plugin is no longer displayed in the admin menu for users that are not administrators.


  • New: Paid Member Subscriptions and Profile Builder are now compatible when using Profile Builder’s E-mail Confirmation feature


  • New: Added manual payment gateway
  • Misc: Small text formatting fixes


  • New: Added an Uninstall tool that removes all custom data saved by the plugin in the database


  • New: Added a WP Dashboard payments summary box, with a brief income report for the current month, current day and also a list of the latest completed payments
  • Misc: Small refactoring to the redirect to success page from Profile Builder forms
  • Misc: Small code clean-up and new comments added to certain class properties and methods


  • Misc: Code clean-up and small refactoring


  • Fixed: Password Reset security issue


  • New: Added a Recent Payments table in the edit screen of the member for a quick view of the member’s latest payments
  • New: Added new developer hooks in the pms_get_payments(), pms_get_members() and pms_get_users_non_members() functions
  • Fixed: WordPress database warning when using the search form the Payments admin screen
  • Misc: Minor admin CSS improvements


  • New: Added the “pms_payment_updated” developer hook after a payment was updated.
  • New: Added the “pms_email_subject” and “pms_email_content” developer hooks to filter the subject and content of an e-mail before sending it.
  • Misc: Refactored the code that manages the content filtering


  • New: We now load the plugin translation from the current theme in the folder local_pms_lang if it exists otherwise normally from the plugin dir
  • New: Added “refunded” status for payments
  • Fixed: PHP warning that appeared in [pms-payment-history] shortcode
  • Fixed: Content restriction bug that permited access to the post’s excerpt on archive pages


  • New: Admin option to select whether the currency appears before or after the subscription’s price
  • New: Added HTML “id” parameter to all forms outputted by the plugin


  • New: Added new shortcode [pms-payment-history] to display the user’s payment history
  • Fixed: Subscription price and description show up once again on front end forms when only one subscription plan is present
  • Fixed: Fixed issues with PMS_Email class that throw PHP notices


  • New: Admins can now edit payments from the WordPress admin area
  • New: The user’s last login time is now saved in the ‘last_login’ user’s meta, for usage by add-on developers
  • Misc: Member Subscription start time is saved now as the current time, not the one at the ending of the day
  • Misc: Extended the PMS_Email class with new functionality


  • New: Added a new developer hook “pms_update_check” that executes when the plugin updates automatically
  • New: Refactored display of the subscription plans when only one option is available from single input radio field to hidden field
  • Misc: Discount Code code is now saved in the payments table and is displayed in the admin area for each payment that was made with a discount code
  • Misc: Minor front-end CSS improvements


  • New: Added a delete payment action in the admin Payments table
  • New: Added two new hooks for the subscriptions plan table in account short code
  • Fixed: Subscription Plan custom user role is now added only on plan activation
  • Misc: Minor CSS fixes


  • Added front-end JavaScript helper functions for add-on developers
  • Small refactoring to better integrate future payment gateways


  • Small refactoring to better integrate future payment gateways


  • Added possibility to load translations
  • Small refactoring to better integrate future payment gateways


  • New PayPal IPN validation system
  • Refactoring to better integrate future payment gateways


  • Small refactoring to better integrate future payment gateways


  • [pms-restrict] shortcode has new attribute “display_to” which can take the value “not_logged_in” to show content only to logged out users
  • [pms-subscriptions] now redirects the user back from the payment gateway to the website
  • Added new hooks for increased functionality options
  • Minor CSS changes
  • Minor bugs and improvements


  • Fixed issue where PayPal IPN was not working on certain servers
  • Fixed bug where the slug of any post could not be modified
  • Added new hooks for increased functionality options
  • Various minor bugs and refactoring


  • Added plugin update checker method


  • The IP address of the user registering a payment gets saved for each payment
  • Fixed bug where post slug could not be changed
  • Added new hooks for renew, upgrade and retry forms


  • Added ‘redirect_url’ attribute to the [pms-recover-password] shortcode


  • Fixed issues with payment gateways functions


  • Refactored the general payment gateway processes to better integrate future payment gateways
  • Fixed logout redirect issue that was interfering with Profile Builder
  • Changed e-mails mime type to text/html


  • Changed [pms-new-subscription] shortcode to [pms-subscriptions]
  • Added Bulk Add New members feature


  • Minor modifications in the readme file
  • Minor bug fix for [pms-account] shortcode
  • Updated functionality for the [pms-new-subscription] shortcode


  • Initial release.