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Centrora Security™

Protect your WordPress site with Centrora Security. Also recommended for multiple sites security management.


  • Fixed incorrect status message in malware removal function
  • Fixed Google Drive and One Drive return URL error after server moved


  • Update Centrora server IP address to allow API access


  • Fixed: Fixed firewall rules cannot be updated when server is using CloudFlare service


  • Enhancement: Improve file upload function to have better user experience


  • Enhancement: Improve file upload function to have better user experience


  • Enhancement: Hide errors for all situations
  • Enhancement: Add extra protection on data folder


  • Fixed: Language file not loaded properly for scheduled virus scanning.


  • Fixed: The syntax for OEM version does not work in PHP version 5.3 that caused some websites not working properly
  • Added: Administrator URL protection for both WordPress, Joomla and Suite versions
  • Added: Security Manager Account management section to add a security manager account to manaage Centrora Security
  • Enhancement: Enhanced CSS and UI support for OEM partners
  • Added: Security warning message in configuration page to enable the Centrora System plugin for Joomla and Suite users
  • Bug fixed: Suite version only – fixed errors showing in the administrator menus
  • Bug fixed: Suite version only – JFactory not found error when loading the language tags


  • Added: Added file upload logging function for premium users
  • Enhancement: Enhanced the panel for allowed file extensions for file uploads


  • Fixed: Fixed the Firewall checking warning message shows incorrectly when the firewall is turned on


  • Enhancement: Improve the virus scanner and scanner report to use stricter patterns to avoid false alerts


  • Enhancement: Change the virus scanner to use stricter patterns during the scanning to avoid false alerts


  • Added: Brand New Look and feel! - We took valuable feedback from you our customers and revamped the look of Centrora Security. Give it a go, we think you will love it!
  • Added: Help text to give users a better understanding of each configuration setting
  • Added: Strong Password Enforcement under Firewall configuration settings
  • Added: A What's New section where you can view News of security and other related posts from our own security consultants - learn what you can do to harden your site's security
  • Enhancement: Merge Firewall Configuration Functions
  • Enhancement: Improved firewall configuration settings layout - Rearraged & simplified configuration settings
  • Enhancement: Reducted duplicate functions under Firewall
  • Enhancement: Improved site navigation speed
  • Enhancement: Changelog view under what's new to get details of each release
  • Enhancement: Improved Dashboard design (Phase 1) - expect more to come!
  • Fixed: Audit page fixes to "Fix" button
  • Fixed: Other minor visual bug fixes
  • Fixed: Minor JS fixes for data pagination


  • Enhancement: improve firewall scanner to avoid an warnning error when returning scanning results
  • Enhancement: improve virus scanner to detect PHP injection scripts faster


  • Fixed: Fixed firewall version not updated when using the Update Signature function
  • Fixed: Fixed virus Pattern update was not successful for some servers when using the Update Virus Pattern function


  • Enhancement: Improved the returned message after the firewall signature is updated.


  • Fixed: Fixed the signature update function in Advance Firewall Panel
  • Fixed: Fixed backup panel not showing up properly in some servers with PHP version lower than 5.4
  • Fixed: Minor fix for Javascript functions
  • Updated: updated the Danish language file


  • Added: Add Google Drive backup
  • Added: Feature Requests #91: Back up function Offer other Options for Low server memory constraint users
  • Added: Support for larger file size uploads (cloud backup)
  • Added: Feature Requests #124: Add manual update function in the admin backend
  • Added: Feature Requests #167: Add download virus pattern function to virus scanner section
  • Enhancement: Improved backup Upload time - Faster More efficient Cloud Backups.
  • Enhancement: Split backups for manageable file sizes
  • Enhancement: Backup option for timeout constraint servers (during filesbackup )
  • Enhancement: Improvements #119: Reorganise Menu System for better navigability
  • Fix: Scheduled backup function fixes
  • Fix: Bugs #85: Creating Backup Zip fails for some users
  • Fix: Bugs #127: Premium Subscription multisite login Issues
  • Fix: Bugs #161: Email template mass
  • Fix: Minor UI fixes
  • Fixed: Fixed warning error: "Undefined property: stdClass::$ischecked in fwscanner.php"


  • Fixed: Fixed Quarantine file failed issue in Joomla component version


  • Fixed: Ban IP page css not loaded properly for some websites


  • Fixed: duplicated IP in IP management


  • Enhancement: Improved firewall scanner class to remove miscellaneous warning errors
  • Enhancement: Improved firewall management codes to avoid duplicated IP showing in the IP management section
  • Enhancement: Added variable validation funciton on backup path variable in backup management section
  • Enhancement: Improved Dropbox and One Drive Authentication function


  • Fixed: Schedule Tasks hour selector saving the wrong time on the server.
  • Added: Added email template restore function.


  • Added: New and Improved Schedule Task: Set and forget, get notified,
  • Added: Feature Requests #120: Scheduled backup function
  • Added: Feature Requests #123: Add Ondrive backup
  • Added: Feature Requests #130: WooCommerce Support on Variables Scanner
  • Added: Feature Requests #137: ADD OEM Login Page
  • Enhancement: Cloud backup folder structure now includes better support for multiple sites backup
  • Enhancement: Schedule Scanner minor UI Improvements
  • Enhancement: Save backup time of new backups made
  • Enhancement: Schedule Task toggle Activate/Deactivate
  • Enhancement: Improvements #121: Dashboard Links to Data
  • Enhancement: Numerous other minor Enhancements and fixes
  • Enhancement: Improvements #126: Check Session: Login Status
  • Fixed: Schedule Scanner failed for a few users
  • Fixed: Bugs #122: Dashboard popup error, on low resource servers.
  • Fixed: Bugs #125: Dropbox Unlink Account Fails to Relink later
  • Fixed: Bugs #129: Fix Audit my Site broken actions
  • Fixed: Bugs #132: Fix CronJobs Msg: Link for "contact support team" in WP
  • Fixed: Bugs #142: Virus Scanner Maximum Database connection saving error
  • Fixed: Several minor tweaks and fixes


  • Enhancement: Improve the IP Mask function in the Add IP Form
  • Fixed: Some whitelisted variables are still being scanned in Basic Firewall
  • Fixed: Fixed 'PhpmailerException' class redeclaration issue


  • Added: Feature Requests #87: Add self unblock support
  • Added: Feature Requests #90: OEM user access control
  • Added: Feature Requests #92: Ability to edit alert notificaiton email template
  • Enhancement: Improvements #96: For admin to receive emails, adding the domain in the email so the administrator knows which domain the attack is from
  • Enhancement: Improvements #97: Add units on traffic map and fix Facebook like box errors
  • Enhancement: Improvements #106: Improve the block page layout and design
  • Enhancement: Improvements #108: Only send email out when the domains are matched in the attack
  • Enhancement: Improvements #115: Log in page improvement and bug fix
  • Fixed: Bugs #89: Virus Scanner Cronjob Stops
  • Fixed: Bugs #93: Language codes missing in Admin email panel
  • Fixed: Bugs #102: IP address not showing correctly when suite installed on Mac
  • Fixed: Bugs #109: Windows server support (from Scott)
  • Fixed: Bugs #110: Subscription Logout 500 Internal Server Error
  • Fixed: Subscription checkout JQuery tag
  • Fixed: Various other minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed: Fixed Windows server cannot add IP into the database issue - Credits to Scott Berry (www.processingpoint.com) to report this issue
  • Fixed: Fixed IP cannot be added into the IP Management panel when there is a 0 on the left side of each part of the IP address


  • Enhancement: Improve file permissions and virus scanner custom scanning directory function
  • Fixed: Fix premium service page cannot login issue


  • Added: Feature Requests #7: Dropbox Backup
  • Added: Feature Requests #14: More functions in Scan Report
  • Added: Feature Requests #71: Add a filter into the IP management section to filter IPs for specific type of variable
  • Added: Feature Requests #84: Add directory tree map into the virus scanner
  • Added: Feature Requests #86: Add a function to insert the oem customer id into the Configuraiton table
  • Added: Feature Requests #90: OEM user access control
  • Enhancement: Added the direct access link to the IP address that is reported as spammers by the spammer detection function.
  • Enhancement: Improvements #76: Add Subscription modal to the premium service
  • Fixed: Bugs #45: Export IP to CSV
  • Fixed: Bugs #46: Geo Data progress bar goes beyond 100%
  • Fixed: Bugs #69: Foreign Language not showing properly
  • Fixed: Bugs #73: Virus scanner cannot complete virus sccanning
  • Fixed: Bugs #88: Suite Administrator Menu Visual Bug
  • Fixed: Bugs #95: Cannot add domains in Administrator Management


  • Fixed: fixed ajax action 'addorder' and 'getPaymentAddress' not added into the ajax library for the subscriptipn controller


  • Minor Enhancement: improve new email notification function to increase efficiency
  • Minor Enhancement: improve updater to update to 4.5.0


  • Fixed: Bugs #15: IP management some flags are missing for some websites
  • Fixed: Bugs #53: Fix variable cannot be added to suite / joomla in some websites
  • Fixed: Bugs #55: In a specific website website, the variable Whitelist not working
  • Fixed: Bugs #56: In a specific website, the OSE Security Suite cannot upgrade to Centrora Security Suite
  • Fixed: Bugs#57: In a specific website, user cannot login premium service
  • Fixed: Bugs#63: In a specific website, Virus scanner cannot complete virus sccanning
  • Added: Feature Requests #16: Add an email notification when the backup is completed
  • Added: Feature Requests #24: Add One Click fix for file permissions functions
  • Added: Feature Requests #44: Add multiple email alert receivers facilities
  • Added: Feature Requests #49: Add landing page to show all features for the premium service
  • Added: Feature Requests #72: Add database versioning to ensure smooth database updates
  • Added: PDO class activation codes in the php.ini activation section for suite version
  • Enhancement: UI #50: Change the one column login UI to two columns UI
  • Enhancement: UI #51: Add a button to the activate my premium page to smooth premium service activation
  • Fixed: Bugs #15: IP management some flags are missing for some websites
  • Fixed: Bugs #53: Fix variable cannot be added to suite / joomla in some websites
  • Fixed: Bugs #55: In a specific website website, the variable Whitelist not working
  • Fixed: Bugs #56: In a specific website, the OSE Security Suite cannot upgrade to Centrora Security Suite
  • Fixed: Bugs#57: In a specific website, user cannot login premium service
  • Fixed: Bugs#63: In a specific website, Virus scanner cannot complete virus sccanning


  • Added: Backup function for database and files for the whole WordPress and Joomla website
  • Added: File permission function to change the file permissions of the system
  • Added: Added email for the virus scanning cronjob when the scanning is completed
  • Fixed: In Windows server, the IP cannot be added into the database
  • Fixed: Virus Cronjob cannot be completed in some servers


  • Fixed: Scanning specific path not working properly on some servers


  • Enhancement: adjusted maximum threshold function to block an IP address so it will block the IP once it exceeds the threshold instead of blocking the IP in the next time
  • Added: Added single thread scanning function so the scanning can be performed on some servers with strict database connection requirements.
  • Added: Backup, Clean, Delete function in scanning report
  • Fixed: Scanning specific path not working properly on some servers
  • Fixed: Fixed Autoloader not working when the firewall is activated globally in the php environment where local php configuration is not allowed


  • Enhancement: Improved virus scanner
  • Added: Added CURL method to download the update package
  • Added: Added Backup, Clean, Backup Clean function for virus scanning report
  • Added: Added Activation with Activation code function for premium services


  • Added: Added highlight of the virus scanner report
  • Enhancement: Enhance the firewall function to ignore json format request variables


  • Enhancement: Forced display_errors to be disabled when running the Centrora Firewall for all instances
  • Enhancement: MainWP Extension to support some commercial MainWP addons


  • Enhancement: Improved MainWP Extension so it checks if the extension is enabled in the Child websites


  • Enhancement: Changed MainWP Class loaded inside wordpress backend


  • Enhancement: Improved virus scanner so it can scan a larger amount of files in the system
  • Enhancement: Improved virus scanner for cronjob virus scanning functions
  • Enhancement: Minor CSS style improvement to enhance the UI
  • Added: Added MainWP Extensions Support
  • Fixed: Fixed the Composer class has been declared in some Joomla websites


  • Enhancement: Improved user interface
  • Added: Cron job for virus scanning (automatic daily virus scanning)


  • Enhancement: Separate the Firewall Configuration Page and the Firewall Rules Fine-tuning page
  • Enhancement: Added explanations of each ruleset in the basic firewall to let customers know more about the how Centrora Security


  • Fixed: Custom Ban Page cannot be saved successfully on some servers.
  • Added: Added version check and plugin update function


  • Fixed: Mailer not sending email correctly when SMTP is on
  • Fixed: Login panel not working when in Security Suite mode for Joomla websites
  • Added: Added Custom Redirection function for users who has a custom ban page
  • Fixed: Fixed Warning Errors in Anti-Spamming function
  • Fixed: Fixed the email notification being sent even the Configuraiton Option 'Receive Centrora Firewall / SafeBrowsing Update Email' is set to Off


  • Fixed: Fixed warning error reported by AlanP57: Undefined index: option in wp-content/plugins/ose-firewall/vendor/oseframework/wordpress.php on line 50


  • Enhancement: Further Improved Anti-Spam function for registration form which blocks the spammer directly


  • Added: Added Anti-Spam function for registration form


  • Fixed: Fixed Configuration Window being covered by the left administrator menu in WordPress CMS - Credits to Tina Granzo (www.citybeautifuldesign.com)
  • Fixed: Fixed typo error in Virus Scanner panel - Credits to Tina Granzo (www.citybeautifuldesign.com)
  • Fixed: Fixed typo error in .htaccess activation codes
  • Enhancement: Further Improved Alert Email


  • Improved: Improved Alert Email
  • Fixed: Fixed Virus Scanner cannot be loaded in Google Chrome in some servers


  • Improved: Further Improve virus scanner to avoid server timeout issue for some resources limited servers


  • Improved: Improve virus scanner to avoid server timeout issue for some resources limited servers


  • Improved: Improve respond actions for virus scanner to hanle network error
  • Improved: Added restrictions on SQL user connection for Virus scanner, so it will queue until the connection is released to avoid heavy mysql server load
  • Improved: Improved language tags in the virus scanner
  • Improved: Improved Development mode detection function to avoid errors for some servers


  • Added: Added rule to protect WordPress Admin Ajax file being attacked by LFI attack
  • Improved: Improved Dashboard layout


  • Improved: Improved security badge widget
  • Added: Added Badge Status Checking in Audit panel


  • Added: Added Safe Browsing Checking Information table in Audit panel
  • Added: Affiliate Tracking Code Input Form in Audit Panel
  • Fixed: Administrator email address not show up corretly in Firewall Configuration form.


  • Added: Added System Pre-requisities check before framework is loaded


  • Added: Add debug mode to avoid exeption handler catche global errors


  • Enhancement: Improve javascript for account validation function in the login panel


  • Fixed: Fixed dashboard not Javascript function not correctly in Google Chrome version 39.0.2171.65
  • Fixed: Fixed Google 2-Step Verification Configuration not showing correctly in version 4.0


  • Enhancement: Improved scanning class to harden protection and avoid IP spoofing
  • Enhancement: Improved dashboard section to avoid CSRF attack
  • Fixed: Fixed error warning for WordPress website with lower version


  • Added: Added PHP version to check ensure the PHP version (5.3.0) requirement is fulfilled.


  • Fixed: Account action not loaded properly in My Premium Service Panel


  • Enhancement: Completely rewrite User Interface which is fully responsive
  • Enhancement: Completely rewrite framework to reduce database connection and memory usage
  • Enhancement: Completely rewrite framework to enhance efficiency in detecting hacking attempts
  • Enhancement: New virus scanning architect to simultaneously scan all types of viruses in the server which makes the scanning faster and consume less CPU sources


  • Fixed: Fixed incorrect database export download link issue


  • Fixed: Fixed database export download link returns 0 issue.
  • Enhancement: Enhance the virus scanning function to ignore the parent path of scanning path


  • Fixed: Fixed a bug casued by the conflict setting in Country blocking and Basic Firewall configuration


  • Fixed: Fixed database table cannot be created in WordPress4.0
  • Fixed: Fixed database table cannot be created (duplicate key error) when the database of the WordPress installation is shared with other WordPress installation


  • Fixed: Fixed session error when the WordPress is integrating with Magento
  • Enhancement: Improved virus scanner class to avoid multiple process being created
  • Added: Added dropbox backup function in backup section


  • Fixed: Fixed the ip2long function overflow issue for 32bit servers
  • Enhancement: Improved the manage IP javascript functions


  • Added: Added Custom Scanning Path in Virus Scanning section


  • Added: Added Import IP function in the IP Management Section
  • Added: Added Export IP function in the IP Management Section
  • Enhancement: Add page size and sorting filters in the country section


  • Enhancement: Improve database class to reduce database connections
  • Enhancement: Improve backup page interface
  • Enhancement: Improve Converter function to work with array variables
  • Enhancement: Improve IP block function to fit with the scanning result in SQL Inject Me Firefox Addon


  • Enhancement: Improve the IP Management Grid so the title and IPs can be copied
  • Enhancement: Added Schedule Virus Scanning function for Premium service users


  • Fixed: Fixed virus version not showing correctl issue in the Virus Scanning section


  • Enhancement: Added advanced virus patterns in virus scanning section


  • Enhancement: Added the page size alternation field in the IP management panel
  • Enhancement: Added the function to close the SafeBrowsing window
  • Enhancement: Added the data reload function for the order ascending / descending field
  • Enhancement: Improved the javascript to be compatible with the https protocol
  • Enhancement: Improved the variable filter function for Advanced Firewall function


  • Enhancement: Added sorting filter and page size field in the IP Management Panel
  • Enhancement: Added database object closure in the firewall scanning object to reduce redundant database connections
  • Enhancement: Updated Advanced Firewall Version


  • Fixed: Fixed the Daily Audit Report not sending out on some servers bug
  • Enhancement: Added PHP Configuration Audit in Daily Audit Report


  • Fixed: Fixed the Basic Rule title not showing correctly in the basic firewall rules section
  • Enhancement: Improved the receive Centrora Firewall email function for premium service
  • Enhancement: Improved the convertVariables function to convert variables when they are array
  • Enhancement: Added the check Database ready function to the badge widget to avoid errors
  • Enhancement: Added the PHP configuration checking in the Daily Audit Report
  • Enhancement: Added PHP security enhancement function in the configuration section


  • Fixed: Fixed the index undefined warning error in the getDisableFunctions function in Audit class


  • Enhancement: Updated the email fucntion to reduce duplicated emails being sent when an attack is found
  • Enhancement: Updated all files to add 'Direct access denied' function to enhance security
  • Enhancement: Extended the time difference for the safe browsing status checking
  • Fixed: No sender information in the alert email when attack is detected
  • Added: Added the Change All Country function into the Country Block page
  • Added: Added the receive Centrora Firewall email option in the scanning configuration
  • Fixed: Fixed the multiple countries status change function not working correctly in Country Block Page.
  • Enhancement: Improved Scanning Configuration layout
  • Added: Added PHP Configuration Auditing function to enhance overall security


  • Fixed: Fixed configuration page not showing correctly on non-English websites
  • Fixed: Fixed records cannot be deleted issues in Admin-Email Mapping section


  • Added: Added API Configuration View in Configuration section.


  • Added: Added option to turn on and off Daily Audit report
  • Updated: Updated the firewall rules version
  • Fixed: Fixed a minor warning bug in the installer for checking country database
  • Fixed: Fixed a minor warning bug in the getSafeBrowsingStatus function in the Audit class
  • Enhancement: Improved the virus scanning function to reduce overall memory usage
  • Enhancement: Improved Configuration model to avoid warning errors in PHP strict mode
  • Enhancement: Improved CountryBlock model to avoid warning errors in PHP strict mode
  • Enhancement: Improved CountryBlock class to reduce duplicated download of SQL files if it has been downloaded
  • Enhancement: Improved Variable function to work with both Joomla and WordPress
  • Enhancement: Improved ClamD class to avoid warning errors in PHP strict mode
  • Enhancement: Improved Firewall Statistics class to work with both Joomla and WordPress
  • Enhancement: Improved getSafeBrowsingStatus function to avoid warning errors in PHP strict mode
  • Removed: API Key in configuration section depreciated since this version.


  • Fixed: Remove old url and Update url links in the firewall badge
  • Added: Added safebrowsing checkup function in dashboard
  • Updated: Updated the remote login class to allow automatic status update for premium service users
  • Fixed: Fixed development mode auditing function bug


  • Fixed: Removed WordPress version in the signature checking function in the audit class
  • Fixed: Minor bug: the getConfiguration by type function has an error in the SQL query in the statistic class
  • Enhancement: Added Subscription plans and enhanced checkout procedure in advanced firewall setting section


  • Fixed: Blank Dashboard page due to table not installed
  • Added: Added daily audit report to inform administrators about the status of the security status of the website.


  • Added: Added the Get Advance Firewall Rules function into the Advance Firewall Dashboard
  • Added: Added the daily automatic update of firewall rules in the advanced firewall section
  • Added: Added the daily automatic update notification for firewall rules in order to notify adminsitrators about the updates
  • Fixed: Wrong help link in the scanning report page


  • Added: Add back API field in the configuration section for some users to test the API function.


  • Updated: Update the Local File Inclusion rule to reduce false alert


  • Fixed: Removed views from the database that caused the database backup and restore interruption
  • Enhancement: Updated database uninstallation function to clear all Centrora tables


  • Fixed: On some servers, the virus type table interrupts the installation process
  • Fixed: Token missed in the databse uninstallation page.


  • Security Enhancement: Anti-CSRF checking for all admin tasks, credits to Juan Manuel Fernández (juanma@quantika14.com)


  • Added: Pattern and Pattern ID in Scanning Report


  • Removed: Advanced Firewall setting panel
  • Removed: Advanced Firewall checking in Dashboard Panel
  • Fixed: Google Authenticator function keeps showing disabled even it is enabled in Dashboard
  • Added: Country Blocking Panel and Download function
  • Added: ClamAV integration into the Virus Scanning Function


  • Fixed: IP cannot be deleted in the IP Management Panel


  • Removed: Removed the installation of views in the database
  • Fixed: Fixed the configuration cannot be saved in windows server
  • Fixed: Fixed virus scanner cannot work on Windows server
  • Added: Change username for the 'admin' account in Dashboard


  • Enhancement: Change some wording in the dashboard to clarify the meaning of the menus
  • Enhancement: Add ‘fix it’ button at the end of every warning bar.


  • Enhancement: Enhance dashboard layout
  • Enhancement: Removed unnecessary database connections
  • Added: About page to show all short links to the pages in the plugin
  • Enhancement: Change the remote login function to fit Centrora Panel 1.0.7


  • Enhancement: Use the default WordPress Contact email address in the ban page instead of the default value created in the Centrora SQL file
  • Removed: removed the duplicated createTable.sql file in the data folder


  • Fixed: On some servers, the auto loader function cause blank screen.
  • Fixed: On some servers, the PDO connection exceeds the maximum number of connection configured in MySQL setting. Adding datanbase connection closing codes to resolve it.


  • Enhancement: Added the version number in the dashboard
  • Enhancement: Updated the remoteLogin class to work with Centrora Panel 1.0.5
  • Fixed: On some websites, the adminsitrator's email cannot show up in the Admin-Email Mapping Panel


  • Fixed: On some websites, the checking of Development mode causes a blank screen
  • Fixed: Missing closing tag for the warning message for development checking
  • Enhancement: Warning message style improved
  • Enhancement: Clarified warning message for the advance firewall setting


  • Fixed: On some websites, the adminsitrator's email cannot show up in the Admin-Email Mapping Panel
  • Fixed: Ajax class missed the ORequest Class when Centrora Panel calls the functions in the class
  • Enhancement: Added a function to check if allow_url_fopen is turned on for a website
  • Enhancement: Added a function to check if Developement mode is turned on for the website
  • Enhancement: Added a function to check if the advanced firewall setting is turned on for the website
  • Enhancement: Removed duplicated 'Advanced Firewall' field in the scanning configuration panel


  • Enhancement: Improved Dashboard Layout to have more user friendly navigation
  • Enhancement: Improved Configuration Layout to have clearer navigation for functions like advanced firewall setting, country block and Google Authenticator
  • Enhancement: Checked if the user has used other Google Authenticator plugin than Centrora Google Authenticator before loading the Google Authenticator plugin
  • Enhancement: Remove the permission denied message for Country Block Page


  • Enhancement: Removed the secret word wording from scanning configuration page
  • New: Added Advance Firewall Setting function


  • Enhancement: Improved Backend User Interface
  • Enhancement: Re-designed Virus Scanning Engine, virus scanner is now 20x faster
  • Enhancement: Improved Backend User Interface
  • New: Added Database Backup function
  • New: Central Security Management Integration with Centrora Panel
  • New: Added File Upload Scanning function
  • New: Added Google Authenticator (2 step authentication) function


  • Fixed: temporarily fix the admin-email mapping not being able to fix in Google Chrome browser
  • Fixed: fixed the 'Constant OSEAPPDIR already defined' error
  • Enhancement: Enhance the YiiBase library to avoid open_basedir restriction for the library autoload function


  • Fixed: further fix for some websites the administrator lists cannot be shown in the Admin-Email Mapping section.


  • Fixed: admin-email mapping delete function not working in some servers because the JSON encoded ID value is escaped
  • Fixed: admin-email mapping add linkage function showing incorrect return message even the linkage was added successfully


  • Fixed the admin-email mapping controller for the incorrect return messages for the Ajax message box.


  • Fixed some websites the administrator lists cannot be shown in the Admin-Email Mapping section.


  • Enhancement: Remove the HTML Purifier auro register function in order to solve the 500 error issue in some server.


  • Enhancement: Added menu bar into the control panel for easy navigation
  • Enhancement: Improved firewall statistic library to reduce PHP warning errors
  • Enhancement: Improved virus scanner library to reduce PHP warning errors
  • Enhancement: Improved oseAjax class to support Joomla CMS
  • Enhancement: Improved oseDatabase class to support Joomla CMS
  • Enhancement: Improved oseEmail class to support Joomla CMS
  • Enhancement: Improved oseInstaller class to support Joomla CMS
  • Enhancement: Improved oseRequest class to support Joomla CMS


  • Enhancement: Improved Germany Language Translation. Credits to Alexander Pfabel
  • Enhancement: Added the debug mode option in the configuration panel to turn off error displaying function in the frontend. Credits to Wombat


  • Enhancement: Added the function to check if the curl_exec is enabled for a hosting account, if so, the Stop Forum Spam function will be disabled.
  • Enhancement: Improve the backend css file to adjust the font-size to match default wordpress font-size. Credits to Alexander Pfabel
  • Enhancement: Improve the badge seal layout and background images


  • Enhancement: Added Germany Support - credits to: German translation by Alexander Pfabel (http://alexander.pfabel.de)
  • Fixed no data issue in Admin Email Mapping config page, Credits to shadowood, and itpixie
  • Enhancement: make the Admin Email Mapping Editing window closable


  • Add back i18n multiple language solution library, some environment requires this. Credits to joedeagnon


  • Significantly reduce package size
  • Fixed Class 'CHtmlPurifier' not found error during database creation section. Credits to mikeotgaar
  • Fixed wrong warning message shown in Variables management. Credits to shadowood, and kamill
  • Fixed Virus Scanner Panel: no progression bar during scan. Credits to shadowood
  • Fixed Virus Scanner Panel: no progression bar during scan. Credits to shadowood
  • Fixed incorrect format for option 'File Extensions' in the virus scan config page. Credits to shadowood
  • Fixed incorrect sizing for scan file size box. Credits to shadowood
  • Enhancement: remove GeoIP database tables requirements, significantly reducing Database size. . Credits to shadowood


  • Remove Secret Word Descriptions
  • Fixed non-English website not able to load javascript language files issues


  • Fixed Badge update issue
  • Fixed Virus database update issue
  • Fixed Database keeps display not ready issue


  • Improved front-end protect seal showing function
  • Rewrite the whole plugin to implement the MVC structure


  • Improved front-end protect seal showing function
  • Improved front-end protect seal CSS style


  • Fixed the log table not created properly issues on some servers


  • Fixed a typo in the security seal


  • Updated Chinese and Germany languages, credits to Mr Alexander Pfabel
  • Fixed the Class 'osewpScanEngine' not found issue for some servers


  • Added Stop Forum Spam Anti-spamming checking, keep your blog spam free
  • Added Security Protection Badge, shows the confidence of your website security to your clients
  • Added the logs of virus scanning to show the scanning records in the security protection badge



  • Updated the codes to make it work with multiple websites (credits to scottnath, http://wordpress.org/support/profile/scottnath)
  • Improved function to check admin accounts
  • Fixed PHP warning errors for undefined OSE Firewall setting variables


  • Updated Chinese and Germany languages, credits to Mr Alexander Pfabel



  • Added four protection modes: OSE Firewall only, OSE Security Suite only, OSE Firewall plus OSE Security Suite and Development mode (protection temporarily turned off)
  • Added a server IP field to avoid false alerts due to empty user agent
  • Fixed the field 'Detect Directory Traversal' not being saved properly issue
  • Added custom banning message field and custom banning message function
  • Enhance OSE Banning page appearance
  • Enhance Javascript injection detection pattern to avoid false alerts
  • Added OSE Virus / Malicious codes scanning function


  • Added Germany Translation language
  • Added the maximum tolerance parameter, so the attacker will be blocked automatically after X times of attack


  • Added French Translation language


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.5
Last Updated: 2015-9-16
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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