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Organize Series

A plugin for managing the article series you write.


  • Drop use of PHP4 style constructors
  • Enqueue styles properly. (ht Michael Cannon )


  • Fix broken series-toc widget with list option.
  • Add argument to series_toc_paginate() function for setting pagination type.
  • escape add_query_arg()


This release primarily ensures Organize Series is compatible with 4.2 (especially with some of the taxonomy api changes).

  • Fix broken series filter on posts page with WordPress 4.2
  • Ensure compatibility with taxonomy api changes coming with WordPress 4.2


Along with verifying that Organize Series work with the latest WP version there are a couple bugfixes and an enhancement in this release.


  • fix bug where users without 'manage_series' capability were able to add additional series in the post editor.
  • fix numerous php notices and warnings with WP_DEBUG on.


  • Series can now have their parts set on draft, private, and scheduled posts (and the parts will stick).


DO NOT UPGRADE TO THIS RELEASE UNLESS YOUR INSTALL OF WORDPRESS IS AT VERSION 3.7 An important fix for WP3.7 users is included in this release. The bug affected being able to actually attach posts to a series (or update posts attached to a series). Please upgrade asap if you are using WP3.7. If you are on earlier installs of WordPress this version of Organize Series WILL not work - so make sure you update to WP3.7 before using this version.

I pushed this release out sooner than planned because of the above bug so there are some things that I planned for this release that didn't make it in. However, here's all the things that did make it in:

  • fix for saving posts to a series in WP3.7
  • fix for editing a post with a series using quick-edit clearing series info
  • some more series part numbering fixes (when series are draft or scheduled)
  • fix for adding existing post to an existing series not sticking
  • fix for organize series sometimes causing plugin activation errors for other plugins when they are activated
  • fix for improper enqueuing of Organize Series scripts and add cache busting so any changes replicate with new versions of Organize Series.
  • fix some PHP notices and warnings
  • fix for series icon not saving
  • remove display of series navigation on a static frontpage (ht schneidr ) - this was via a pull request on github, join the party!

New Feature

  • whatever is set as the "Series Custom Base" in the series options page not only becomes the series endpoint when permalinks are on but ALSO now the queryvar (?series=) when permalinks are off. This gives a lot more flexibility for how "series" are referred to on your site (with the side effect of also being able to eliminate conflicts with other plugins using "series" as the query_var).


A few fixes in this release

Bug Fixes

  • fix for the issue where editing a post caused the series to reorder itself (see the report here)
  • fix style issue for text field in "Post Title in Widget" series meta box.
  • fixed some "undefined offset" errors when adding a new post (seen with WP_DEBUG on)
  • fix for issue where a post could not be removed from a series via Quick Edit, which also fixed adding posts to a series in quick edit
  • changed the method for loading orgseries css styles/scripts to properly use wp_enqueue_scripts hook.


Alot of fixes and a couple new features with this release! We're also a bit late, but we've tested Organize Series with WordPress 3.5 (and 3.5.1) and verified that everything works well with the latest verison of WP. Read on for the goods.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Jetpack plugin that caused the series-meta strip to disappear on single post pages when the Jetpack sharing module was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Series icon (image) was not getting saved on the first save while creating a new series on the Manage series page.
  • Various minor compatibility fixes for WordPress 3.5 (and 3.5.1)
  • Various fixing up of PHP notice/warnings throughout the plugin. (8 fixes)
  • A problem with posts losing series information when saved within the Editorial Calendar plugin exposed an issue with how series information is saved with posts. This was fixed and will apply to any plugins that use apply_filters('save_post')


  • Paging on Series Table of Contents page This is been a much requested feature and we're pleased to make it available. This release introduces a new option in the series options page for setting how many series are displayed in the table of contents. As well, we've released a new template function series_toc_paginate() that allows you to indicate where you want the pagination links displayed. You can see an example of the new function in the updated seriestoc.php file included with Organize Series. Note: if you are using permalinks, make sure you regenerate your permalinks either by saving the series options page or visiting the WordPress permalinks setting page and saving the permalinks. That will flush the wp_rewrite array and make sure paging works as expected.
  • Ability to change "Other Posts in Series..." text in Series TOC widget This is another requested feature from users. Basically in the Series Table of Contents widget, you now have the ability to modify the text that is displayed in the widget when a single post belonging to a series is viewed. Some users have been using Organize Series for "Issues", or "Chapters" and this allows you to keep the language consistent.
  • More css styling options Eventually we're going to have an addon available that allows you to style series elements in the backend. In the meantime, we've dropped in a couple of .css options for you to try with your theme. One is for dark themes, and one is for light themes, and then there remains the default one that has always been included with Organize Series. You can try out and select the new .css options via the Series Options page.


Sorry folks... I released 2.4.2 with some bugs that needed fixed. If you're not using the Organize Series Custom Post Type addon you don't need to upgrade but if you plan on purchasing and using it then you need this version of Organize Series.


  • added filters and modifications to allow the new Organize Series Custom Post Type addon to work (you can obtain the addon at OrganizeSeries.com). The addon makes it possible to use Organize Series with custom post types.


This release is primarily a "spit-and-polish" release that fixes up nagging little bugs in Organize Series. However, we did slip in a few new features!

  • multiple php warnings, error notices were fixed.
  • fixed bug with add new button in Organize Series not working (on edit posts page)
  • properly escaped html on series navigation characters
  • in Series Options page, added in a link for helping with translating Organize Series.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added in an "orderby random" option for the Latest Series widget.
  • converted all variable language domain references to concrete string (proper usage).
  • fixed up some usage of deprecated wp functions.
  • using plugin_dir_path() instead of plugin_basename() in certain cases.
  • changed xlmns namespace for the "series" term from "unfoldingneurons.com" to "organizeseries.com"
  • NEW FEATURE: Series part ordering now tracks unpublished posts in a series with helpful ui on the administration side. Coming in a future release we'll also provide a way for you to show readers all the planned posts in a series.



  • WP 3.0 introduced new way of adding meta boxes. This release adopts that format.


Bugfixes and WP 3.3 compatible. I was hoping to get a new feature in this release but ran out of time and thought it more important to get a bugfix out. Hopefully a new feature by Christmas :)

  • fixed a bug with improper inclusion of series id. This primarily surfaced when using %token_replace% for certain items (with add ons) but may have caused problems elsewhere as well. ht to ldsphilosopher for the catch.
  • fixed a .css error that messed up tiny-mce editor
  • changed the way series_icons get uploaded so the url text field is disabled (makes less likely for mistakes).
  • fix to make sure js in series.js is loaded on document ready
  • fix for series_icon not getting properly saved in some circumstances (when creating a new series)
  • selected series icon is cleared when the submit button is pressed for the "Add Series" form.
  • changed wording of "Upload Image" to "Select Image" for the add new series form. Better reflects what happens.
  • minor fix for pue-client.php to hopefully fix PHP errors in certain cases.
  • switched usage of jquery .live() to .on() because .live() is deprecated in jquery 1.7
  • adding 'series' custom column via 'manage_posts_columns' hook will only fire when the displayed post list is for the "post" post_type (since by default Organize Series is only setup for the "post" post_type);


  • major fix to a flaw on the automatic upgrades backend for addons. Current implementation has your site firing off the api to ping OrganizeSeries.com far to frequently than necessary and thus creating unneccessary overhead for your site.


  • ensure full compatibility with WordPress 3.2


Bugfixes and backend changes

  • OrganizeSeries addons are using a new framework I developed for automatic upgrades which are now served from Amazon S3 (reducing load on OrganizeSeries.com). This affects the core plugin because some of the framework is included with the core.
  • New Organize Series API key field displayed for all users of Organize Series. If you have purchased an addon and at least the basic support purchased you will receive an API key that you enter in this field to enable automatic updates via the WordPress backend of purchased addons (which are not hosted on the WordPress repository).
  • changed the way the series_navigation templates work so the &lacquo and &racquo aren't hardcoded. In the process I made things more flexible...
  • %previous_post_custom% and %next_post_custom% tokens are now deprecated (however existing users of those tokens will still find they work - for painless upgrades).
  • %next_post% and %previous_post% tokens now take their values from the Custom Next Post Text field and the Custom Previous Post text field. If those fields are empty then the corresponding post titles are automatically added.
  • The "Custom Next Post Text" and "Custom previous navigation text" fields are now token enabled. Default settings show '%post_title% >>' and '<< %post_title%' for corresponding fields. The entire contents of these fields will still be linked to the next and previous post.


Note that Organize Series requirements have been bumped to WordPress 3.1 from WordPress 3.0. It should still work on WP3.0 but it will no longer be supported for versions prior to WP3.1.


  • fixed SSL error when Organize Series is used on a WordPress install using https:// ( props Scott Elkin )
  • Removed the hardcoded "<<" for the series_toc browser title. This leaves it up to the user to control the characters used via the "Series Table of Contents Title" field in the Series Options page
  • fixed scheduled, pending, and draft posts not updating the total parts in a series when being published. This bug has resurfaced various times with different versions of Organize Series. I think I nailed it's coffin shut this time!
  • The Organize Series news feed in the Series Options page was using a deprecated file in WordPress. It's now using the simple-pie class. Also of note is I changed the location of the news feed in the sidebar along with adding a plug to rate Organize Series on WordPress.org (if you're reading this, please help promote Organize Series by rating it or indicating it works for your WordPress version. Your help with this will help gain more users and in turn help with development incentive. Thanks!)
  • Image Uploader for Series Icons (via the "manage series" page) should now properly display the "Use as Series Image" button. If it still doesn't appear fixed, make sure you refresh your browser caches so the new javascript file gets loaded.

Minor New Feature

  • A settings link has been added to the Organize Series listing on the Plugins admin page. This makes it much easier to get to the Series Options page after activating/updating the plugin.



  • fix for series-toc-title not sticking for the page title on the series-toc page.

  • fixed php warnings on series-options page related to undefined/isset variables.

  • fixed a typo affecting automatic upgrades for Organize Series Addons.

  • fixed a few deprecated functions hooking into WordPress.



  • fixed bug where filtering the posts on the edit post screen excluding series did not return expected results

  • Also fixed the reported bug where site searches only returned results in series. Searches should work as expected.


Bugfix release

  • fixed typo with update routine that could affect some updates from earlier versions.

  • fixed wp_postlist_display() so if it's being used manually it respects the setting for auto_tag_toggle in the series_options page. (ht charles)

  • changed the required capabability for viewing the series options page to 'manage_options' from the custom 'manage_series'. 'manage_series' capability was assigned to editors along with administrators. The options page should really be limited to administrators as usual.

  • fixed potential 401's happening with search engine robots on pages containing the series widget if the series_url was changed from the default 'series' via the series options page. (ht tang )

  • fixed a bug with get_series_posts() that in some cases results php errors.


Bugfix release

  • version 2.3 resulted in some problems in certain cases for people upgrading from an earlier version of Organize Series. This release should take care of that for those of you with the problems.

  • fix for potential function name collision with other plugins. (see report here)

  • removal of wphelp info since it is being discontinued.


Bugfixes and Behind the scenes updates:

  • One of the major changes in this version of Organize Series is that the "series_part" custom field is now hidden when creating or editing a post. The series meta-box is still there, and series parts still use custom fields but I've taken advantage of a little known feature in WordPress to clean things up on that page.

  • This version brings in a couple more hooks and filters and also lays the groundwork in other areas for some more future addons planned for Organize Series.

  • This version also fixes some minor bugs and streamlines the way things work behind the scenes (especially the Quick-edit feature on the edit.php page).

  • Improved the usability of the "add new series" input in the series-meta box on the create/edit post screen. When adding a new series it will appear at the top of the list of series instead of at the bottom as before.

  • For those of you using template tags for custom implementation of Organize Series (i.e not having it automatically done via the series options) the following changes have been made that are important to take note of:

    • wp_postlist_count(): Previously you could just use wp_postlist_count() in the loop and get the number of posts in the series that a post belonged to without passing the series id (i.e. wp_postlist_count('39') where "39" is the id of the series)). Now if you can still have Organize Series to dynamically figure out the series id but to do it you need to do this -> wp_postlist_count(false,true);

    • wp_series_part(): Previously you could just use wp_series_part() in the loop and get the part the post was in a series that a post belonged to withouth including the series id (see how it worked for wp_postlist_count() above). Now, to do this you need to use the following format -> wp_series_part(0,0,true)

    • wp_series_nav(): Same changes as above two functions. To have the nav dynamically generated without knowing the series_id for the series a post belonged to, use the following format (leaving other options at defaults) -> wp_series_nav(null,true,false,false,true)

  • You can view all the specifics of the changes and cleanup that's been done via this changeset


Bugfix release AND full compatibility check with WordPress 3.1

  • Organize Series is fully compatible with the upcoming version 3.1 of WordPress.

  • Fixed a bug with the ajax form in the series meta box on the edit-post.php page. When creating a new series using the form the new series would be created BUT not automatically selected. Also you wouldn't be able to attach the post to the new series until the page was reloaded. This is fixed.

  • The Series dropdown in the SeriesTOC widget would not redirect to a series archive page when a series is selected (in certain cases). This has been fixed.

  • Some other bug fixes for certain cases where a "FATAL ERROR..." message would appear.

  • a naming convention change. On WordPress version prior to 3.1 you will see the name of the menu item for the Manage Series page as "Series". With WordPress 3.1 this will go back to "Manage Series" which is what it was prior to this release. The reason for the difference is I'm using a new paramater available for the taxonomy api (menu_name) so I can clean up what the General Taxonomy name is (from "Manage Series" to "Series"). This WILL affect any users who have localization files. If you start using Organize Series 2.2.9 with the 3.0 branch of WordPress make sure you revisit your translation files once you upgrade to WordPress 3.1 to make sure all the translations are correct.


minor bugfix (not a necessary update unless you are using any premium addons for Organize Series)

  • Automatic Upgrades framework for addons had a bug that surfaced in certain cases.


Some more bugfixes:

  • renamed a class related to the automatic plugin updates (for premium orgseries addons) that conflicted with another plugin. I should've been more unique... If you experienced errors when activating a newer version of any Organize Series addons, this was why. You should be good to go with this update.

  • fixed a bug with the get_series_link() function that would produce an error if you didn't include a paramater.

  • some more minor cleanups of the readme.txt file.


Some houskeeping in this release along with including the framework to enable automatic updates for addons released on OrganizeSeries.com


Two more bug fixes:

  • fix for scheduled posts not retaining a set series part number.

  • fix for "<<Manage Series" showing up in the browser title when a series archive page is displayed. I've completely removed that text and now just the "Series: {series title} << {Blog Title}" is showing up.


Display Bug Fix

  • version 2.2.3 had a bug that affected the display of series icons on public facing side of your website. This has been fixed.

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-12
Active Installs: 4,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


1 of 5 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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