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OrderStorm eCommerce Custom Files Manager

The plugin allows customization of CSS files in a separate folder for the OrderStorm eCommerce plugin.

1.0.14 [2016.01.27]

  • Updated the layout and styles for the Register New User template
  • Updated the layout and styles for the product image and color picker of the Product Details template
  • Updated the layout of the Product Categories template to allow a bigger maximum width for the products list images

1.0.13 [2016.01.11]

  • Added templates (and styles) for Register New User and Credit Card

1.0.12 [2016.01.08]

  • Changed OrderStormProductCategories.css to correct the location of no-image.png

1.0.11 [2016.01.06]

  • Changed the layout of the Product Details template and reformatted its Q&A section
  • Added a magnifying glass effect when hovering over the main image of the Product Details template's image gallery
  • Modified the responsive characteristics of the Angular.js-based Categories Menu Widget
  • Added a transparent 1-pixel no-image.png image file

1.0.10 [2015.12.29]

  • Modified the layout of the Product Categories template

1.0.9 [2015.12.23]

  • Added the Applications section to the Product Details template

1.0.7 [2015.12.18]

  • Updated templates for product and category pages, fixing bugs and upgrading styles and layout
  • Added templates for the new Angular.js-based Categories Menu Widget

1.0.6 [2015.11.04]

  • Version bump to rollback functionality

1.0.5 [2015.10.29]

  • Corrected conditionals for presenting the product image (or image gallery) in the category page template
  • Updated the template for the Automotive Applications Widget

1.0.4 [2015.10.23]

  • Added the category page and product details PHP templates, for easier customization
  • Added CSS and template files for an Angular.js-based component: the Automotive Applications Widget, loaded from an OrderStorm-hosted library, allowing for easier, more efficient and configurable templating and styling of this new type of component

1.0.3 [2015.10.02]

  • Removed CSS for "text" and "textarea" inline editing of product information

1.0 [2015.09.29]

  • Added styles for fixing the display of categories and subcategories
  • Fixed styles for products display

0.6.2 [2013.06.08]

  • Added styles for the new "product order form" functionality

0.6.1 [2013.05.29]

  • Added styles for new "Products List" product page functionality
  • Corrected syntax errors in many CSS files

0.5.7 [2012.08.13]

  • Added styles for the "ships free" notice on the product details template

0.5.5 [2012.07.07]

  • Changed CSS so Product pages can now use the product name as the WordPress page title
  • Added CSS for the color picker for product options
  • Fixed CSS comments syntax

0.5.4 [2012.06.09]

  • Changed CSS to facilitate style inheritance from the selected theme [2012.05.07]

  • Added CSS to fix the layout for product list items [2012.03.01]

  • Added CSS for showing a link to an OrderStorm administration page for editing product info, for users logged in their OrderStorm administration page.

0.5.2 [2012.02.28]

  • Added CSS for supporting inline AJAX editing of product information, in each product page, for users logged in their OrderStorm administration page. [2011.12.29]

  • Added CSS for product list pagination in the Product Category page [2011.12.04]

  • Name change for the file [2011.11.23]

  • Initial Release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.8
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 10+


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