Order and Inventory Manager for WooCommerce


Order and Inventory Manager plugin for WooCommerce is what it sounds like. It helps you collect all products that has reached their low stock threshold level in one single page. You can also create suppliers that you can assign to all your products.

Low stock page
Here is where all your products including products variants that has reached their low stock threshold level will be listed. You then also get the option to sort by supplier.

Create your suppliers and fill out all information about your suppliers so you have it saved all in one place. You can then assign suppliers to all your products so you know where you buy them from.

Filter products by supplier
With the new supplier assigned to your product you can now filter by supplier your products that has reached their low stock threshold level to easy create purchase orders.

Premium Versions

In the premium versions are where this plugin really shines. This plugin was created to make purchase order management a breeze to handle. You can easily create purchase order from the products that has low stock. Simply just download the purchase order file and send it to your supplier. When the products arrive, you can simply just mark them as received and the stock will automatically update with the number of ordered products.

But that is far from all it can do, here are some more things it can do to improve your WooCommerce experience.

  • Add supplier information to each product such as purchase price, product ID and pack size.
  • Pack sizes – This make it possible to give each product a pack size that will also be displayed to the costumer on the product page. The pack size also helps you when you are going to make purchases from your suppliers.
  • Order management tools – Have you ever started to pack an order to realize you did not have all products in stock? For all you who have many different products, you know it is impossible to keep track of all your products and how many is still in stock. Well with this plugin you don’t have to think about it. On the order page some very simple icons are added for each order that will show you if you have all products needed in stock to ship the order. It will even consider earlier made orders into the calculations. You can also filter out all these orders for very fast bulk management.
  • Set products as discontinued. When stock is empty, they will be disabled in shop but their page will still remain to maintain SEO traffic.
  • Admin Quick Search Bar – Don’t you just hate that you have to go to the order/product page to search an order or product? It now adds a quick search bar in the top that you can use wherever you are in the WordPress admin.
  • Inventory stock value – Each month the plugin records your whole stock value so you can keep track on how much your stock is worth. You cal also see the current value of your stock.
  • Physical stock quantity – Do you know how many of each product you really have in stock? Nope you can check that in WooCommerce, the value you see there is physical stock minus products in pending orders. This plugin adds that value so you can easy check to see if your physical stock is the same as the stock in your shop.
  • Limit access to sensitive information – You can control who will have access to your supplier info. Maybe you don’t want to share all your bossiness secrets to all you employees.

Interested in the premium features? You can read all about it the official OIMWC’s HOMEPAGE.


  • Page where all products with low stock are shown. You can filter products on suppliers.
  • Collect your active and finalized purchase orders all in one place.
  • Create and assign suppliers to all your products.
  • All products now has a ton of new data fields. Purchase price, pack size, supplier and much more.
  • Display the product packsize to the customer directly on the product page.
  • Update stock levels when products arrive by simply enter the qty or press the fully arrived button.


  1. Upload the ‘order and inventory manager for woocommerce’ plugin to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.


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Contributors & Developers

“Order and Inventory Manager for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Upgrade: Now order overview page includes all orders with custom order statuses.
  • Upgrade: Missing stock qty functionality that shows in the order preview and the order details page now works with custom order status also.
  • Fix: Bug when downloading PO file in different language while there is another language selected in the user profile.
  • Fix: Bug in the calculation of the physical stock when user tries to change stock directly from the product edit page.
  • Fix: select all checkbox missing in the orders listing page.
  • Fix: javascript error while selecting variations in variable product if there is any filter removed from the variable product page.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Upgrade: Added Supplier on the WooCommerce product page with the possibility to sort and filter by supplier.
  • Upgrade: New supplier info – Tax/VAT number and Contact person.
  • Upgrade: Added purchase order buttons directly to purchase order page.
  • Upgrade: GTIN number (EAN, UPC and so on) can now be added to each product. The GTIN number are displayed on product font page.
  • Upgrade: Purchase Order Status are now changed from Active/Finalized to Pending, Ordered, Receiving and Completed.
  • Upgrade: Added low stock threshold level for suppliers. When X number of different product types from the same supplier has reached low stock value a notification in the admin menu will appear. The supplier name will be marked red in the supplier filter list.
  • Upgrade: Added settings to change purchase order language.
  • Upgrade: Added settings to select what data to include in purchase orders.
  • Upgrade: Physical stock can now be directly changed.
  • Fix: Some orders had the wrong order status icon.
  • Fix: OIMWC e-mail template removed.
  • Fix: Select-lists are now alphabetically sorted.
  • Fix: Physical stock qty where not calculated correctly for custom order statuses. If you are using custom order statuses, please update your settings.
  • Fix: RankMath where not showing correct URLs.
  • Other: After a purchase order are created the user is sent to the purchase order page.


  • Removed credit card requirement to start trials.


  • Fix: Bug in the missing quantity status in order details page and order preview.


  • Fix: Bug in the fulfilled orders list filter.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Moved premium feature ‘Admin Quick Search Bar’ to free version of the plugin.


  • Initial release.