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Orbital Feed Reader

Read where you write. Orbital integrates a feed reader into WordPress. Blog directly from your feeds!

0.2.2 - Clean up

  • bugfix: installs all the tables on utf8mb4 collation
  • bugfix: infinite scrolling now works much better
  • bugfix: Use the new PressThis api for better BlogThis button.

0.2.1 - Polyglot

  • Supports translations
  • bugfix: WP_cron no longer updating feeds
  • bugfix: Installations with a non-edit user may crash
  • bugfix: Uninstall doesn't clean up.

0.2 - WordPress integration

  • Display Blogroll as a widget
  • centralize all $http in service
  • new keyboard shortcut feed switcher
  • Security: Add NONCE and Permission valdation to ajax calls
  • selectedFeedController should know read/unread pref
  • Move Mark Feed Read to feeds class
  • Extract Feeds and Entries to their own backend
  • Use the ajaxurl global variable so we don't have to localize the admin_ajax
  • bugfix: Add feed Title discovery to simplepie
  • bugfix: Toggling settings returns false
  • bugfix: fix the display of dates - FOCUS

  • bugfix: 4.0 introduces a strange box-shadow on focused elements.

0.1.9 - Born Free

  • Better import of large OPML files
  • Import feed tags in OPML files
  • Allow users to edit feeds from OPML before importing
  • Show opml export link to the user.
  • Public OPML export for not logged in users
  • Export tags in opml
  • Mark feeds private
  • Check export for private feeds!
  • Make the feedlist collapsible with tags
  • Add unread count to All feed
  • Better note that we are at end of entries
  • bugfix: Upgrading causes orphaned feeds
  • bugfix: fix read/unread toggling
  • bugfix: Private status for feeds not showing in feed editor - remove error message

  • bugfix: called a WP function too early for some cases

0.1.8 - Beauty Treatment

  • Flatten and improve the style
  • Move feed list to the left
  • Move the action bar into the wp admin_bar
  • Make sure admin bar items collapse properly
  • Actually looks half decent
  • Usable on android browsers ( might be iphone too)
  • Clean up logging - missing feedlist

  • bugfix: Strict php systems were blowing up feadlist get. Made the call more failsafe. - headline fix

  • bugfix: doubled headlines!

0.1.7 - Multi-User

  • bugfix: feed unread count is multiplied by tag count
  • Multi-user support
  • MU - a fresh install should install feeds for each user
  • MU - handle deleting a user
  • MU - support adding a new user - Tagfix

  • bugfix: bad unread count on some feeds
  • bugfix: unread count on feeds was multiplied by tag count for all feeds

0.1.6 - Tagging

  • Tag/Categorize feeds
  • bugfix: Shouldn't insert duplicate user entries
  • bugfix: Up shouldn't unmark read
  • bugfix: problem with inifinite scroll
  • bugfix: Show Read items doesn't untoggle
  • bugfix: fix parseint on chrome
  • bugfix: fix save to only use user_feed_id
  • bugfix: Publish Date still not being properly stored
  • bugfix: unsubscribe button isn't on newline

0.1.5 - Sort Order -

  • bugfix: The subscription window says RSS url, not URL or RSS URL
  • bugfix: Make the feed edit add refresh bigger! People must click!
  • bugfix: remove this y-indicator idea inspired by newsblur.
  • bugfix: fix layout issue
  • show feed title when autodiscovering feeds
  • Dynamically change sort order
  • Make sort order a setting
  • make the entries display according to my chosen sort order


  • fixed some issues with running the plugin on PHP 5.2
  • Pull created and updated date directly from the feed


read/unread issue


  • Fixed some JS files that were missing


  • Renamed the menu to Orbital with unread count
  • Added a pointer to the Orbital Menu item on first start.
  • Add a link to settings from the plugins page
  • Add a setting to auto quote text if nothing is highlighted.


First release. You should be able to

  • Add and remove feeds
  • Subscribe to new feeds with OPML
  • Edit the descriptions feeds.
  • Mark items as read or unread.

Requires: 3.9.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.7
Last Updated: 11 months ago
Active Installs: 40+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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