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Orbisius CyberStore

Orbisius CyberStore plugin allows you to start selling your digital products such as software, e-books, reports in minutes.


  • Tested with WP 4.1


  • Added Orbisius news widget
  • Added widget to show the author info
  • Tested with WP 4.0.1


  • Fixed: invalid hash due to WordPress being installed in a non-standard folder which moved uploads dir somewhere else.
  • Fixed: some warninngs were shown when debugging was enabled. Our plugins don't do that. Ever.
  • Smiled more during the development of this release. If anybody is reading this tweet to @orbisius ;)
  • Tested with WP 4


  • Passing product info to the filter that is called to displayed post transaction info
  • Some settings couldn't be saved e.g. render price or title
  • testing with WP 3.9.2


  • Found and fixed a very hidden but which was showing some notice on plugin activation
  • Tested with WP 3.9
  • Fixed tinymce for wp 3.9


  • Added some more links to tutorials


  • Added a link to the settings page in the dashboard
  • Fixed the tweet's suggested text (was relevant to another premium plugin of ours)
  • Added some more links (to support forums, add, products) to the dashboard page.


  • Fix: the transactions were incorrectly cleaned up resulting in invalid download hash.
  • Added a link to the video tutorials playlist


  • Added links to add product and products on the add product page
  • Moved the form into 'orb_cyber_store_container' div for all product types
  • Changed example in add product
  • Somebody extension list was left turned off by mistake


  • Removed .htaccess as it was cause the plugin not to work with some apache servers
  • Added an index.html file in the data folder in case the .htaccess file doesn't stop people.
  • Added new filter orb_cyber_store_ext_filter_email_template_vars which allows you to add or remove replace variables such as %%PRODUCT_NAME%%


  • Added a new db table fields: file_ext_src, meta_info, attribs
  • Removed some unused settings variables
  • Passed through a self generated invoice field that includes the site name and date and time of the transaction
  • Added System Note field
  • Made add/edit to stay on the same page
  • Made product titles click and to lead to edit product
  • Added more mime-types so the download option can server files with the correct type that means less warnings that it is a binary/executable file
  • Refactored code and centralized the paygw params and test mode detection.
  • Using curl by default to validate a transaction and if it doesn't work then try fsockopen
  • Loading a minified CSS in the admin
  • Added an option to select if the price will be shown above the Buy Now button
  • Added price rendering for variable products too.
  • Moved the currency field near the paypal email
  • Combined a few misc checkboxes into one row to save some space
  • Reduced the custom params that are sent to paypal. Send only to most necessary onces.
  • Passing product_name as a custom parameter to paypal
  • Re-organized add product so it's super simple and advanced things are in the advanced hidden section, optionally toggle-able
  • Fixed a weird bug that was deleting the product hash. The hashes are recreated when the new db is instantiated.
  • Added a download link in the add/edit product
  • Added an info icon to alert when the product has variable pricing as the variable info is hidden in the advanced section
  • Showing which products has variable pricing in CyberStore | Products
  • Fixed the way tinymce button was implemented


  • Added link to extensions on the dashboard


  • Improved Add product page


  • Improved UI


  • Passing logged in user ID and email (if any) to the custom params
  • Fixed: download is sent only on payment and not on other IPN events e.g. refund, new_case (dispute) etc.
  • Passed product record after txn in 'orb_cyber_store_ext_after_txn' action
  • Tested with WP 3.8.1


  • Pro-active fix: if the currency is entered in lowercase paypal will return an error so the plugin will auto-uppercase it.
  • Added support for free products.
  • Added a success message when saving the Settings of the plugin
  • Tested in WordPress 3.8


  • Added links to support forum in the settings
  • Updated the readme so it shows that the plugin has been tested with WP 3.7


  • Tested with WP 3.7
  • Added explicit file unlocking due to php not unlocking the files anymore in close
  • Changed to reader's lock in ::read() method.
  • Fix: show load only on the button that was clicked, not on all of the buttons (if there are more than one on a page).
  • Added some cool filters and action(s).
  • Added filters:
    • orb_cyber_store_get_product
    • orb_cyber_store_get_products
    • orb_cyber_store_paypal_url - can be used to change the paypal url
    • orb_cyber_store_post_download_file
    • orb_cyber_store_ext_filter_extra_params - hidden parameters added to the payment form
    • orb_cyber_store_paypal_custom_params - params sent to paypal in the 'custom' field
  • Added action:
    • orb_cyber_store_process_payment which will be called instead of paypal


  • Added support for shortcodes in the email message
  • Fixes and improvements.
  • Added filters: orb_cyber_store_ext_filter_email_to, orb_cyber_store_ext_filter_email_subject, orb_cyber_store_ext_filter_email_message, orb_cyber_store_ext_filter_email_headers
  • Added actions: orb_cyber_store_ext_before_send_mail, orb_cyber_store_ext_after_send_mail


  • Tested with WP 3.6.1
  • Updated readme to include the available extensions
  • Fixes and improvements


  • Removed some methods that were causing lots of debug messages. e.g. is_feed
  • Shortcode attribute to render price
  • Fixed: when adding a product it did't return the correct ID but just 1 for all new products.
  • Added some product field defaults -> add product was outputting some notices
  • Added a filter before serving the file for download that way the file can be changed by a filter


  • fix: using plugin name instead of it's internal slug
  • Made the insert/update to return the ID of the product so I can create the shortcode.


  • Fixed: Orbisius CyberStore wasn't working well with older versions of itself (former DigiShop)
  • Added functionality (through extension) to make the order email text field into rich text editor
  • Tweaked the donation box in the dashboard. Looks better centered.
  • Made some text boxes larger (in settings)
  • Fixed paypal link to currency codes
  • Removed parse old code option because this plugin has to read another db table and do lots of work.
  • Fix: update/add was failing if no attachment was provided.
  • Made active checkbox to be checked when adding a new product by default ... saving one click
  • Changed some error messages (download link expired etc).
  • Added the return code (200 -> OK) in case PayPal calls the site again ... wp_die returns status 500 which makes paypal to call the site many times -> which leads to people being self spammed
  • Orbisius CyberStores > Settings : checking if a value exists and explicitely set it to 0 if not
  • Made possibly transactions logs to be listed within the settings ONLY if logging is enabled AND files are less than 500KB.
  • Made some fixes ... WP was emitting some warnings when DEBUG is on


  • Tested with wp 3.5.2
  • Added extensions support
  • Added option to optionally parse old digishop shortcode - this doesn't load the products from old db though.
  • Removed the settings option. Just top level menu is OK.


Fixed when updating a product the status message was showing as error that happened only when replacing the filename

Misc Fixes.


  • Added info about the changed support
  • Corrected links to the donation email
  • Tested the plugin with WP 3.5.1


added a secure hop URL field in the settings.

1.1.1 =

fixed a hard to find bug when validating the txn

1.1.0 =

fixed the error about get instance ... the plugin was crashing when options were saved

added shipping address checkbox if it should be required or not (both a global setting and per individual products)

made the settings page more compact by hiding the advanced options by default and show them of from another show/hide button

added please wait


added checkbox to select if the form submission should be done in a new window

fixed a call that was breaking because was referencing a different plugin of mine

added a link to my free e-book

1.0.7 = * put css classes on the buy now button in case people want to apply styles to it.


  • Added a check for invalid input. The plugin stops working if it receives invalid input e.g. text instead of a number (applicable for IDs)
  • Implemented file sanitization method ... leaves only nicely formatted filenames. If the filename is totally cleaned up then it'll use a default name
  • Turned autocomplete input box for Price in Add Product
  • Fix: If the file exists when adding a product append a number (timestamp) before the extension
  • Fix: some people reported that they or their clients got lots of emails. The plugin will not process it a transaction if PayPal calls the plugin for 2nd or more times
  • Added download expiration within 48 hours for new orders.
  • Showing the annoying messages when sandbox mode is turned on to appear only on the plugins page(s)
  • Added a limit to the downloaded files 3 per hash


  • fixed: passing an extra variable which caused PayPal transactions not to validate
  • Address Settings > sandbox IP which if supplied with enabled sandbox will enable sandbox mode only for that specific IP address.


  • made the payment form to submit to the blog and then the WP site will redirect to PayPal
  • added files to be supplied as external URL
  • functionality to call another URL after a transaction
  • added option to customize the submit button's image
  • added info about what to backup in FAQ.
  • added Products link in the Plugins section
  • fixed the IPN part
  • added trailing slash to the blog ...
  • showing transaction status message (positive/negative) at the top in addition to the old message.
  • added uninstall script to clean stuff up after plugin removal
  • added sanbox paypal email in the settings (useful when testing with sandbox)
  • added .htaccess in data/ folder
  • added aggressive logging. the log file is made up hash and date for harder guessing. It should not be accessible because of htaccess
  • rearranged settings menu screen
  • showing the max upload size (hosting dependant)
  • fixes and tweaks


  • n/a


  • Added some fixes with the downloads.
  • Chrome users were getting download interrupted.
  • Added a link to the files (e.g. when the admin has to manually send the download link)
  • Added a newsletter box in the settings


  • Fixed: Notification was not sent to the payer


  • Newsletter and donation boxes.
  • Show product status and icons if a file has been attached


  • Initial Release

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.5
Last Updated: 2014-12-31
Active Installs: 200+


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