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Online Status inSL

Allows you to show your Second Life online status on any WordPress blog (multiple widgets and shortcodes are possible)

  1. After installing the plugin, go to the Settings menu and look at the option for "Online Status inSL". You should be shown a pre-formatted LSL script.
  2. Launch SL.
  3. Create an object in your land.
  4. Open the object, and go to the Contents tab.
  5. Create a new script inside (just click on the button).
  6. Delete everything in that script.
  7. Now go back to the WordPress admin page you've opened, and copy the script and paste it inside your LSL script in SL.
  8. Save the LSL script in SL; it should recompile.
  9. The LSL script will now try to contact your blog and register itself.
  10. You can go back to WordPress, go to Appearance > Widgets, and select the widget "Online Status inSL" by dragging it to one sidebar.
  11. Select the avatar name and (optionally) change the text that gets displayed.
  12. If you wish a SL profile picture, select "left", "right", or "center" for alignment. If you don't wish it, just leave the setting to "none".
  13. Refresh your blog; it should now show your online status!

To have multiple widgets for multiple avatars, just drag & drop a few more. In-world, each avatar needs to have their own scripted object. You can have two or more widgets for a single avatar (although this is pointless...).

Styling of each widget is possible via additional CSS (see FAQ).

From version 1.1.0 onwards, this plugin incorporates the Shortcode API. You can now embed tags inside posts and pages like this:

[osinsl avatar="Avatar Name"]

See the section on Shortcodes for more information.

1.2 includes the ability to delete tracked avatars from the admin page. This is mostly needed if you're doing a lot of tests, lost an in-world object and need to create a new one for the same avatar, and so forth. Note that you can have several online status indicators on different sims for the same avatar.

1.2 also allows an optional SL profile picture to be shown on the widget (or via shortcodes on any page or post). For this to work, you need to have set your SL profile to visible on the Web.

From 1.3.0 onwards, the plugin has been rewritten from scratch and the previous in-world scripts will not work any longer. Now the widget won't contact the in-world object any longer; instead, it works the other way round: every minute, the in-world object will see if the status has changed. If it has, it will send an update to the blog. If not, it won't do anything and just patiently wait. The blog will just read stored information from the WP database but not initiate any new communication. This should get pages with this widget to display much faster.

Thanks to Celebrity Trollop for the suggestion for changing this, and to the ever-patient Puitia for the many tests!

1.4.0 changed the way the list of tracked objects are displayed, using an internal WP API. It also includes more communication with the in-world objects, allowing them to be resetted, deleted, or simply tested to see if they're alive.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 90+


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