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Online Status inSL

Allows you to show your Second Life online status on any WordPress blog (multiple widgets and shortcodes are possible)

Uh oh! I have tried out earlier versions before, I did an upgrade, and now nothing works!

Sorry about that. The code was completely rewritten and now uses HTTP-in instead of XML-RPC, retrieves a bit more data from in-world (to be used on future versions), and stores information on the blog itself instead of external files on the upload directory (and even has some caching).

These were simply too many changes, and it was next-to-impossible to make the plugin backwards-compatible with 0.9.X. You will need to go back to your scripted object and drop the new script inside.

Updating to 1.2 will probably get a profile picture by default; change your widget and save again.

1.0-1.2.1 scripts might still work with 1.3.X widgets, but it's a safer bet to use the new LSL script.

1.3.X scripts should still work with 1.4.X widgets, but you will not get the ability to reset or delete the objects remotely. Pings should work.

I get a "status unknown" error

This happens when the dataserver in Second Life is slow in responding; there is a limit to the number of successive queries that it replies to. Usually, after the next refresh (every minute or so), it should retrieve the correct status (online/offline) and start working again. Since the in-world object caches entries, this might mean waiting for about one minute for the error to disappear.

I upgraded and now the widget does not update the status

Go in-world and touch the in-world object. It should re-register and everything should work fine again.

The LSL script cannot contact the webserver!

This might happen if you have a very unusual WordPress installation. You'll have to change the line in the LSL script saying "http://your-domain-name/wp-content/plugins/online-status-insl/save-channel.php" to whatever is appropriate for your blog.

I get errors on the LSL script

Make sure you really, really have copied it correctly... in some cases, quotes might be changed into typographical quotes; ampersands into \&amp\; or something like that. If all failed, contact me in-world, I'll give you a copy of the script (you'll have to change the appropriate URL for your blog though)

Nothing works!

Email me at gwyneth.llewelyn@gwynethllewelyn.net, I'll try to do my best to help, but take into account that some of your configurations might be very tough to debug and I might not be able to help you.

I get a lot of errors, but it sort of works...

I need more people like you to help debug me this! I have a rather standard configuration at Dreamhost and this works well with my blogs there. But I can imagine that stranger configurations will be harder to debug! Please try to figure out what version of WordPress you're using, what version of PHP is installed on your host, and if you have writing permissions to the "uploads" directory under wp-content

I want to style my messages, but the widget doesn't allow HTML tags

This is mostly for security reasons and to prevent users to make serious mistakes. You can use CSS to style your Online Status inSL widget instead; see the section on CSS.

When I deactivate the plugin and activate it again, the widget stops working/my avatar names disappear

If you deactivate the plugin and activate it again, all internal data with the online status is lost. You will need to go back in-world and touch the objects (or reset them) to send the information back to your blog. Note that the widgets will still be at the same places and keep the overall configuration except for the avatar name they're bound to.

Sometimes more than one status indicator gets deleted, but I just clicked on one

This should have been fixed now. Just go back in-world and touch your objects to re-activate them on WordPress.

I can't delete one of the status indicators on WordPress, even if I have removed the in-world object manually

From 1.4.0 onwards, you have more options to delete the status indicators (either just on WordPress, just in-world, or both). Keeping them in sync across plugin versions is a formidable task! Be patient...

The list of tracked objects is completely out of sync with what WordPress displays and I cannot delete some of the old objects

This will definitely happen if you have been using this plugin for a long, long time, and have several different versions. To make matters worse, the way the list of tracked objects is stored in WordPress has changed for 1.4.0, so many of your objects might become undeletable. In this case, all you can do is de-install and re-install the plugin, go in-world, and reset all your objects by touching on them.

I'm a relatively recent user and my profile picture didn't work

My apologies. New users have a "fake" last name, "Resident", which is however never used on profile pictures. 1.3.5 should fix this.

Can I get translations in different languages?

Starting with 1.3.5, you can. A default English .po file is supplied, so you can tweak it to your own language. I've added Portuguese as an example. More translations are welcome!

Will this work for OpenSimulator-based grids?

Not quite, but almost. Basically, you can certainly track if an avatar is online/offline on any grid (the tracking code is grid-independent). However, each OpenSimulator grid operator stores avatar profiles differently. This means that you won't get any fancy pictures, links to profiles, or to location — these are hard-coded to work with the Second Life grid.

If you just wish to have a text message saying "my avatar is online on grid X", then this plugin will certainly work.

In future versions, the options to extract profile data from OpenSimulator grids might have some extra settings, but it still won't work with every grid. Each grid really does this differently!

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 100+


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