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Online Status inSL

Allows you to show your Second Life online status on any WordPress blog (multiple widgets and shortcodes are possible)


  • New backoffice display, using WP_List_Table. This makes it more portable to future versions and is 100% compatible with the overall look & feel of WordPress
  • In-world script now allows remote reset/deletion requests. Older objects will silently fail with reset/deletion requests, but the rest of the functionality will still work!
  • You can now ping in-world objects to see if they're active and/or your WP database is in sync. This will work with older scripts, too
  • Objects that have the current version will have its version number coloured green; older (but functional) versions will be displayed in yellow; ancient versions (which will not work) will be displayed red
  • Status display on the plugin backoffice is coloured green for online, red for offline
  • You can now use bulk actions to ping/delete/reset/destroy objects
  • Several sections of the code were reshuffled, and lots of comments added


  • Changed the way avatar names are selected: now it's by object key, not avatar name (to allow avatars on OpenSim grids to be tracked)
  • Because 1.3.7 didn't fix the deletion error, new code was developed using the above changes; this might invalidate previous versions! (Because objects are now tracked by object key and not avatar name, previous settings might have invalid data)
  • Avatar profile pictures do not use align=XXX tags but instead the class gets aligncenter, alignleft, alignright for consistency with WP, current themes, and recent CSS versions
  • When selecting an avatar name on the Widget, it displays region and position (to allow avatars with the same name in different grids to be easily selected)
  • Added objectkey option for the shortcode (to deal with avatars with the same name in different grids)
  • Added fancy banner
  • Added a few extra translations (they only appeared on in-world HTTP-in responses, not on WP)
  • Confirmed compatibility with WP 3.9
  • Users upgrading directly from 1.0 (or earlier versions) should now manually delete the channel.inc file under wp-content/uploads


  • Minor retweaking of the logic for deleting online status indicators from the admin page


  • Fixed tiny bug with incompatible function names with other plugins of mine


  • Added support for multiple languages. Portuguese was added. Translators welcome!
  • Fixed issue for avatars with "Resident" as their last name (links to profile images were broken)
  • Fixed minor programming issues and alt/title tags for the images for full HTML compliance


  • Completely changed the communications protocol. Now no HTTP-in calls are used. This makes the widget much faster to show on pages, and should lead to less "status unknown errors". Thanks to Celebrity Trollop for proposing a much simpler way to the code design!
  • Additionally, shortcodes were not really working unless there was also a widget on the blog. The change should now fix this.


  • Fixed lack of return code on HTTP requests to in-world objects, probably caused by timeouts. Thanks for Puilia for checking it and to Celebrity Trollop for providing a simple fix (I've also added 60 seconds of timeout instead of the default of 5)


  • Adds SL profile picture to the widget, to the backoffice, and to shortcodes
  • Added the ability to delete entries from the database
  • Changed LSL script to be inside a textarea for better layout
  • Fixed shortcode bugs and added new options
  • Fixed incorrect saving of serialized settings and added maybe_unserialize to deal with warnings when serialization was not required (happened when multiple widgets were used)
  • Added target="_blank" on links to avatar profile and object location
  • Removed dependency on cURL


  • More URL bug fixes, solved with rawurlencode


  • Fixes a bug on links when in-world object names have single quotes in the names


  • Implements the Shortcode API for embedding the status on a page or post (with its own CSS classes)
  • Added further snapshots to help out the installation process in Second Life


Major upgrade! Note that the old version of the LSL script will not work any longer! You need to replace all in-world scripted objects manually

  • Uses HTTPRequest and HTTP-in instead of XML-RPC
  • Supports multiple avatars and multiple widgets
  • Options are now saved using the WP mechanism instead of using external files
  • Uses a caching mechanism to reduce the number of requests to the simulators
  • Added CSS div and span for the widget to allow restyling


  • Added some contributed code by SignpostMarv replacing obsolete attribute escaping code
  • Added smaller screenshot
  • Added a FAQ Q&A for "status unknown"


  • First release.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 100+


5 out of 5 stars


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