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Online Lesson Booking

This plug-in supplies the reservation-form and scheduler for the one-to-one online lesson.

See Change log (ja)/(en).


  • Bug fix caused by abolition of "WPLANG".


  • An incomplete file in Version 0.7.0 was complemented.


  • The option which invalidates a judgement of "Term of validity" was added into the plugin option page "OLBsystem:General".



  • When the user opened a page which needs login, the user is returned to the page just after the login.
  • The word in timetable which indicates the reservation state ('Open', 'closed', etc.) were changed to gettext.
    Those can be translated.
  • Small change in HTML. Some classes were added.


  • The contents of a “Cancellation form for teacher” page and schedule list were changed a little.
  • A detail of reservation which cancellation request already closed were linked in schedule list.
  • Some filters were added.


  • The mail address format of the reservation notice for the user was changed to "user@example.com" from "User <user@example.com>".
    Because a send error on wp_mail() occurs in several servers.


  • Record sorting of the "member's schedule" was corrected to an ascending order of time. (from descending order.)
  • The default "width" of some tables (timetable, calendar, etc.) in "front.css" were changed.


  • The bug of the notice mail of "reservation/cancellation" was corrected.


  • The bug in the deadline time calculation which receives reservation and cancellation was corrected.
  • The variable which can be used in the notice mail of reservation was added.
    "%USER_TERM%" is the member's term of validity.
    "%USER_TERM_REM%" is the remaining days of a member's term of validity.
    "%USER_TICKETS%" is the number of tickets which the member owns.


  • The update process of a teacher's profile item "website" was improved.
    The item will be updated by "bulk action (edit post) ", also by "Import".


  • Profile edit by a teacher was changed a little.
  • Change of the term of validity by an administrator was changed a little.
  • New information feed from "olbsys.com" was added.


  • The bug in the case of the profile edit and display by teacher user was corrected.


  • The filter hooks was added. Those are the receiver's addresses of the notice e-mail of reservation (or cancellation).


  • Malfunction was solved when used together with "Events Manager" etc.
    (The malfunction is 404 errors when the subpage below an "Events" page is accessed, for example.)


  • Small bug fix.


  • "Calendar" short code was added. On "Daily Schedule" pages, the date can be chosen from a calendar.
    The type of a calendar is two kinds. They are "monthly" or "weekly".
    » About Daily schedule (ja)/(en).

  • The teacher's self-portrait can be displayed on "Daily schedule".
    Set a "Featured Image" in each "post" of teacher information.
    » About Teacher's portrait (ja)/(en).


  • The message in a "Ticket-logs" was changed partially.
  • Bug fix


  • With the output of Short-code in contents, a translation file (.mo file) is read according to the value of current locale information (get_locale()).
    (For example, in the cases of multilingualization etc.)
    However, the translation files which are attached at present are only Japanese and English. Sorry.
  • Bug fix


  • Bug fix


  • Bug fix


  • The display style of "Ticket logs" was changed.
  • Also when the "Term of validity" is extended, it is displayed on "Ticket logs".
  • Bug fix


  • The limit of the number of reservation per month can be specified.
  • "Ticket system" can be chosen. It is the system of giving each member tickets and making a reservation by consuming ticket. If tickets run short, the member has to purchase.
  • Administrator can see the page which they use pretending to be a member or a teacher.
  • Some special pages were added and changed.
  • Some short-code were added.
  • Bug fix


  • "Members info" page was added one of special page


  • Table structure and processing were changed
  • "Admin only" widget was added
  • Bug fix

  • Small bug fix


  • first release.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-31
Active Installs: 200+


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