One Page Express Companion


The One Page Express Companion plugin adds drag and drop page builder functionality to the One Page Express theme.

The One Page Express Companion plugin features include:

  • Beautiful ready-made homepage
  • Drag and drop page customization
  • 25 predefined content sections
  • Live content editing
  • and many other features


One Page Express Companion WordPress plugin, Copyright (C) 2017 Horea Radu
One Page Express Companion WordPress plugin is licensed under the GPL3 (

Unless otherwise specified, all the theme files and scripts are licensed under GNU General Public License.

The exceptions to this license are as follows:

  • Hammer.JS – v2.0.8 –
    Licensed under the MIT license (
    Copyright (c) Jorik Tangelder;

  • modernizr v3.3.1 –
    Licensed under the MIT license (
    Copyright (c) Faruk Ates, Paul Irish, Alex Sexton, Ryan Seddon, Patrick Kettner, Stu Cox, Richard Herrera

  • Spectrum Colorpicker v1.8.0 –
    Licensed under the MIT license (
    Copyright (c) Brian Grinstead

  • SpeakingURL –
    Licensed under the BSD3 license (
    Copyright (c) 2013-2017 Sascha Droste

  • Kirki by Aristeides Stathopoulos –
    Licensed under the MIT license (

  • Images

The following images used in the plugin are distributed under Creative Commons Zero license,

* sections/images/face2.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Mariya Georgieva

* sections/images/face3.jpg

* sections/images/face4.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Allef Vinicius

* sections/images/face5.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Juan Galafa

* sections/images/face6.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Tamara Bellis

* sections/images/face7.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Mariya Georgieva

* sections/images/face9.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Matthew Dix

* sections/images/face10.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Redd Angelo

* sections/images/face11.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Cristian Newman

* sections/images/feature-1.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Drew Collins

* sections/images/feature-2.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Oliur Rahman

* sections/images/feature-3.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Bram Naus

* sections/images/feature-4.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) frankie

* sections/images/project1.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) William Iven

* sections/images/project2.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Carlos Muza

* sections/images/project3.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Crew

* sections/images/full-height-column.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Olu Eletu

* sections/images/Travel_through_New_York_wallpaper-1920x1200.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Julian Alexander

* sections/images/drew-collins-155674.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Drew Collins

* sections/images/ir5likvfqc4-william-iven-1920x1275.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) William Iven

* sections/images/nordwood-themes-180852.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) NordWood Themes

* sections/images/rodion-kutsaev-184298-1920x1280.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Rodion Kutsaev

* sections/images/timothy-muza-572-1920x1281.jpg
Source: - Copyright (c) Timothy Muza

Images used as logo examples in the “clients” sections are distributed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0,

* sections/images/logo1.png
* sections/images/logo2.png
* sections/images/logo3.png
* sections/images/logo5.png
* sections/images/logo6.png
* sections/images/logo7.png
* sections/images/logo9.png
* sections/images/logo10.png

The following images are exported from Font Awesome

Font Awesome 4.7.0 by @davegandy – – @fontawesome
License – (Font: SIL OFL 1.1, CSS: MIT License)

* customizer/assets/icons/brush-hover.png
* customizer/assets/icons/brush.png
* customizer/assets/icons/check.png
* customizer/assets/icons/chevron-right.png
* customizer/assets/icons/close.png
* customizer/assets/icons/cog-white.png
* customizer/assets/icons/cog.png
* customizer/assets/icons/plus-black.png
* customizer/assets/icons/plus.png
* customizer/assets/icons/swap.png
* customizer/assets/icons/toggle-menu-active.png
* customizer/assets/icons/toggle-menu.png
* customizer/assets/icons/toolbar-cog.png
* customizer/assets/icons/trash-o.png
* customizer/assets/icons/trash.png
* customizer/assets/icons/up-down.png

The following images are the creation of Horea Radu and are distributed under the Creative Commons Zero License,

  • sections/images/quote.png
  • customizer/assets/icons/reorder-handler.png


October 17, 2019
Hello, I live in France and i found this theme after several research on wordpress CMS. I find it simple, great, intuitive and works with a grat deal of flexibility. Better customer support. I will use it surely for other sites. thank you! omrane
October 8, 2019
Great theme, even better customer support.I wanted to reduce the size of the inner header. Within a few hours I was given some extra CSS code to add that solved my query. Really please with the look, thank you!
September 10, 2019
First it destroys everything you had set up so far but thank God after deactivation of the plugin everything is back in place. It would be better to throw a warning first. Didn't tested it any further.
September 4, 2019
Happily using the PRO-version. Works very intuitive and with a great deal of flexibility. Great support, even providing customized CSS for specific issues.
May 30, 2019
I am not a huge wordpress fan. I was using this template and liked it so I thought I would try a "fancier One" What a nightmare. I spend lots of money and never got the site configured or edited. It really once that much fancier it was just more complicated, confusing and never worked right. It made me appreciate more how awesome this theme is. Yet the support is even better. I didn't realize how much I didn't know about WordPress because this theme does it all for you. And if by chance you do get stuck their support is right there helping out. I am never leaving again. It is a lesson learned. I got the best theme the first try and didn't know it. Now that I do I am very happy. Save yourself the nightmares start here and stay here. If you know WordPress then you will save Hours of time to do something better with your time.
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